The Modern Metamorphoses Podcast is co-hosted by Dan Standing and Alex Fort and explores metahuman and transformation themes in modern media. It is available wherever you get your podcasts! Published on the last #TFTuesday of every month! #ModMeta!

Read Alex Fort’s Thesis!
Read Mr. Fort’s thesis, Sex and the impossible: stigma and sexualities of online fantasy fetish content creators, here:
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What Do We Talk About On ModMeta?
Our general discussions center around material that is;
A) an example of transformation subject/s found in pop culture media widely published or generally available anywhere, and/or
B) a years old historical touchpoint published to phsyical media worth mentioning in perspective to the transformation genre.
With rare exception do we discuss recent niche works with digital-only distribution. If you have something like that you’d like featured on the podcast please see the next topic.

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To remain transparent and balanced we do not accept “review copies” in exchange for reviews or advertising time. Sponsored material is discussed in an identified and specific portion of our podcasts.

Episode 1 – Mood Boobs!
Dan and Alex discuss Rolfe Kanefsky’s mini-flick MOOD BOOBS, and Dan starts the ModMeta book club with Tyra Banks’s MODELLAND.

Episode 2 – Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Dan and Alex explore transformation themes in 1997’s MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION! Also discussed are Lyssa Drak from the GREEN LANTERN comics, and the first five chapters of Tyra Banks’ MODELLAND.

Mr. Standing and Mr. Fort can be reached at: