Written for the Writers Panel as part of SizeCon[micro].

A Vial Reaction

Leoni giggled as she shimmied her legs so her panties would slip down to the floor. She hooked them on her toe and with a little kick sent the polka-dotted underwear square into her hamper.

“Yes!” Leoni congratulated herself, giving a giddy fist pump. Now fully nude she turned to pick up the small suitcase at her ankles. She kept her knees locked and bent at the waist – even though she was alone Leoni practiced picking things up from the ground like this because she felt it looked sexier naked than crouching. The light of the window cast across her bed, the floor, and highlighted the light curve of her buttocks.

With a little grunt more for show than effort Leoni placed the case on the bed. Her thin brown fingers played with the worn leather of the handle, and traced the odd rounded lines of the molded plastic. Leoni couldn’t quite get a feel for what decade the suitcase had been made in, it was a mishmash of styles.

“You’d better be worth half a paycheck!” the young woman muttered, lying it flat on the bed and opening the clasps. Before opening it Leoni paused and stepped back.

If her source had been right her greatest erotic fantasies could be in this suitcase. Leoni had learned from years of buying ebooks, comics, VODs, and so on that sometimes the anticipation of what she was getting made her hornier than the actual thing. She wanted another moment with this flutter in her stomach, this warmth growing in pulses in her pussy, the hardening of her nipples – before she was brought down to the reality of what was inside.

Leoni nibbled her bottom lip and drew a hand to one breast. The full fatty orb nicely filled her palm, and Leoni rolled a dark brown nipple between her fingers. She started to slide a finger through the umber curls atop her mons, getting so close to slipping into her-

“No, I need to get this done!” Leoni scolded herself, whipping her hands down to her thighs. With one big stride she moved to the case and opened it up.

Inside, nestled in their own velvet-lined divots, were a selection of vials. They were small, merely an inch or so tall, and a quick poke proved to Leoni that there were multiple layers of the little glass bottles on both sides of the case. Each was plugged with a cork, had an aged paper label, and contained any number of colorful liquids in each.

“Ooo, maybe she was right…” Leoni giggled. She brought her hands to her cheeks in joy, and as she looked over the choices before her Leoni let her fingers gently toy with the raven strands of her blow out. When she couldn’t decide on a vial to start with Leoni clapped a hand over her eyes and blindly selected one.

Her pick now tight in her grip Leoni peaked through her fingers and then squealed in delight at the sloshing pink fluid. The label was straightforward;

SAY: “ORGASMIC ______”

“Yes, yes, yes, okay! What do I want?!” Leoni mused as she popped out the cork, “How about…Orgasmic Feet!” She then quickly threw back the pink brew like a shot.

The tingling across the bottom of her feet started immediately. Leoni was instantly aware of the short nylon bristles of the carpet pressing against her soles. She fidgeted as the sensation became more distinct, the weight of her body pushing her feet into the floor creating a similar reaction to someone blowing on her breasts. Leoni curled her toes and the shift sent a jolt of pleasure to her pussy.

“Oh, that is fun…” Leonie laughed. She looked at the little vial still in her hand and saw that the cork had mysteriously returned – and the pink fluid had magically refilled!

“Now that is convenient…”

Leoni bent forward to return the vial, and as she did so she felt the distribution of weight shift along her feet. The balls of her feet were now supporting much of her, and the sensation of shifting was like a finger sliding along her labia. Leoni shuddered as her pussy flushed.

“Mmm, don’t want to get too distracted yet…” the young woman muttered. She gently let herself fall onto the bed, and then sat with her legs over the side of the mattress so her heels were all that were resting on the carpet. They were more sensitive than before, but not as overwhelming as her arch or toes.

“What next…”

Leoni’s hand flew over the vials before grabbing another at random, this time filled with green.

“Now that is interesting…” Leoni mused as she read its description. The label said;


Leoni shot back the vial before she’d considered anything more. As she put the little refilling glass back in its empty spot Leoni considered how small it was.

Like before the changes came on quickly. Leoni felt a tingling wash over her skin – and then her body felt tight. Like her entire form was wrapped in latex, but it was her skin itself pulling tight on her muscles and fat. Then that tension released as her bones started to compact in on themselves, pulling her tendons and flesh along with them. It was exhilarating, like the sensation of winning an award.

Leoni’s size reduced in inches for every second, and she had little ability to react. Her ass slid down the sheet of the bed and over the side of the mattress, taking some of the bedding with it. Soon her shoulder blades were rubbing that same spot, then the back of her afro was dragged upwards as she shrank downwards!

Leoni could only gasp in the pleasure of all of it as air gusted around her in the vacuum she was leaving behind. She lost her rear support as she shrank below the bottom of the box spring, and Leoni stumbled forward trying to stay upright – which meant she was stepping down pretty hard on her newly erogenized feet.

“Oh, ah, fuuuuck!” Leoni gasped. She was waving her arms around, doing everything she could to rationalize the instinct to not fall over while also bouncing back and forth between feet that were sending lightning strikes to her slit. At the same time the carpet fibers that had once tickled the bottom of her soles in the hundreds were now starting to come up around her ankles like blades of grass.

Finally, as the speed of her reduction slowed to a halt, Leoni’s foot caught a long brown hair tangled in the weave of the carpet fibers. She could avoid landing on her tiny ass no longer and plopped with gentle thump! that sent her breasts bouncing upon her ribs.

Both in shock and the horniest she’d ever been Leoni just sat for a moment, taking in all she’d experienced. A hand reached to her pussy, splitting her womanly curls and diving in for her tiny clit.

“Mmm, yeah…” the shrunken woman hissed as another hand went to her breast, her nipple the hardest it had ever been. She pinched it tightly as she shifted her thumb to her clit and pushed two fingers into her deepest pleasures. Leoni’s little ass ground into carpet, cradled by the enormous fibers pushed out from under her like she’d fallen into a garden of cattails and reeds. Her feet were shifting back and forth as she tried to sit upright without the support of her hands, her sensitive soles dragging across the enormous nylon strands.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m so small…this is amazing…I’m so small…” Leoni gasped, looking up at her bed towering over her. Her hand was swinging in and out of her flowing recesses like a metronome set on allegro. Soon her body was locking up, her toes sending the final bursts of arousal as they curled in on themselves, and Leoni let out a piercing squeak of unprecedented bliss as she came and sprayed a droplet of womanly juices amongst the nest of carpet fibers.

There was silence.

As she started to ease into her afterglow Leoni’s mind cleared. She took a more critical assessment of her circumstances. Thankfully the vials refilled, so all she had to do was get to the size changing one again and think herself back up to her prior height…which was five-eight, right? Or was she five-and-seven inches?

Leoni waved away the uncertainty – she could always check her driver’s license if she needed to be that accurate. She looked over to the corner of the sheet that had fallen to the floor over the bed with her as Leoni had shrunk. She just needed to climb it and fix all of this.

Not fully trusting her limbs so soon after an orgasm of that magnitude Leonie made her way through the nylon “grass” on hands and knees. Arriving at the sheet she considered the height of the bed…pretty tall given her inch-or-so height, but she’d been one of the few in high school who could do the rope climb, and she’d kept herself in good shape since then. Plus, what could she possibly even weigh now? Leoni was confident that she could do this.

Standing up the little woman hissed and clenched her eyes from the pleasure that putting weight on her feet was sending to her still-damp pussy. Thankfully it wasn’t as intense as what she’d experienced under the gravity at her full size. She grabbed the sheet, easily pulled herself upwards, and then pinched the lower fabric between her feet like she had done in gym class.

“Oh, hmmm…” Leoni cooed as she put the pressure on one foot to hold the sheet in place. Her slit was certainly being stoked by the tight contact against her sole. Pushing through it Leoni shifted her hands upward, gripped the sheet, and pulled herself higher.

The material dragged under her foot. It was like a lover passing a ten-inch tongue over her clit. Leoni’s pussy was instantly aflame. It was too distracting, and she relaxed her grip so she could slide back down – and climaxed with another streaking cry as she plopped atop her butt onto the sheet on the ground.

“Godddd, that felt gooooood…” Leoni gasped. She grabbed her feet and massaged them, twitching at the post-orgasm attention to her sensitive soles.

As this second orgasm passed Leoni was optimistic. She’d experienced what she’d be dealing with as she climbed. She knew she could make it. Before the end of the day Leoni would be back to her normal height. She barely weighed anything, it wouldn’t be too hard to get back to the case and its vials.

It would just be a lot more fun than Leoni could have ever expected…