Holly, Lena, and Julie waited for the taxi to pull away before they joined hands, let out a long withheld group giggle, and then kissed each other’s eager lips. They’d told the inquisitive driver that they were just friends staying together at the quaint country house for a college reunion. But all of that was just a cover so they wouldn’t be subjected to the series of questions that always followed when the three said the they were in a polyamorous relationship.

Lena and Julie had already been a couple when they’d met Holly. The duo had been members of their gym for a few months when they signed up for a personal trainer. Their hearts had fluttered the moment they saw Holly’s curves glistening and bulging within her lycra sports bra and shorts. Holly had been the utmost professional throughout their lessons, but Lena and Julie always left feeling their utmost horniest at being told what to do by this goddess.

They wanted that feeling outside the gym. Especially in their bed. Finally, one night, they invited Holly out for a drink after her shift – and the duo found that Holly had been wanting to do the same ever since meeting them. They’d been a trio ever since.

The ride from the airport to their little rented bungalow had been maddening, each of them wanting to caress and pinch the toned legs each of them had on display, Lena and Julie in matching Daisy Dukes and Holly in a pleated purple mini skirt. Lena and Julie enjoyed styling their brown hair similarly and wearing the same outfits, which meant both were sporting tied off white button-down shirts that bared deep cleavage of their barely-there breasts. Holly was the stacked one of the trio, her black tank-top all that was covering her grapefruit-sized tits, whose relatively small nipples barely tented the fabric.

The three pulled apart, licking their lips and appreciating the taste of strawberry, cherry, and bubblegum lip balm that each was wearing. Holly brushed back her short blonde hair and pulled Lena and Julie to either side of her. She slipped one hand into each of their shorts’ back pockets and Lena and Julie crossed their hands behind Holly so they could each grip one of her ass cheeks. Together they took a deep breath of country air and looked over the little slice of the rural hamlet they’d have for the weekend.

“It’s beautiful,” Lena mused.

“I told you,” Julie laughed, “The pictures didn’t do it justice.”

“Yeah, but we haven’t seen the inside,” Holly added.

Ready to do some nesting the three unhooked their arms, grabbed their bags from the curb, and used the key code to go into the house.

As promised when they made the reservation the farmhouse had rustic charm and updated amenities. Chickens and old cast-iron kitchen apparatuses were the main decor surrounding a stainless steel electric stove, refrigerator, dish washer, trash compactor, and deep sinks. The house wasn’t huge, the first floor only consisting of a front living room, the kitchen, a half bath, and a mudroom where the clothes washer and dryer were.

The trio carried their luggage upstairs and found what they were most eager for, the big master bedroom with its high-posted king bed. They tossed down their bags, opened the windows to let in the cool breeze, and then collapsed together onto the bed. Giggling and petting commenced as they celebrated being on vacation together. As their petting got heavier, and each lover felt their already excited loins falling deeper into desire, Holly let out a sigh as she sat up.

“I think, before we get into this big clean bed, I need to shower the airport funk off of me,” the blonde announced as she pushed herself out of the bed. Julie and Lena whimpered, even more so as they watched their lover pull her shirt over her head. Holly’s juicy round boobs rolled out of her shirt and smacked her ribs with an inviting whump, and as she pulled the shirt over her head and shook out her blonde locks Holly grinned at her companions.

“Well, c’mon, it’s not like I have to do this alone.”

That was the nature of the relationship, Lena and Julie doing everything together as if they were practically one person with Holly leading them on to new delights. This delight involved the three taking hands once more and prancing over to one of the main reasons they’d chosen this particular house for their vacation – the walk-in shower more than big enough for the three of them.

A trail of discarded clothing led to the shower as body wash and warm water cascaded down all three lovely ladies. Six hands explored each other’s bodies, caressing breasts, pinching butts, tweaking nipples, and teasing slits. 

Holly’s generous breasts received the most attention. The two petite brunettes were always eager to worship the magnificent tits with their hands and mouths, the soft flesh enveloping their faces as they suckled Holly’s nips. Holly loved how Lena and Julie made her boobs feel, and she suspected that if they could play with her pleasure pillows nonstop all day they would – which was true.

All three could feel themselves at times lingering dangerously close to cumming in the shower, but they knew each other’s tells well enough to deny the orgasms. All three sensed how they wanted to draw out the evening’s pleasures.With her shorter hair Holly had to do much less actual showering, and stepped out to let Lena and Julie finish up, shivering from the cold air and at how tauntingly close her orgasm was. Wrapped in one of the fluffy white towels Holly wandered idly around the bedroom exploring whatever caught her eye. Drawn back out to the hallway she looked down at what she had at first dismissed as a closet door, but now she noticed it had a sign affixed to it which read LOCUS AUTEM TRIA VOTA.

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