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Demonology Part II.I

by Jim Gordon

Once Julie started the ritual it flowed out of her like an unstoppable torrent of water. She surprised herself as she read the unfamiliar words in her sexiest voice. She paused long enough to consider which demon she wished to summon – the arousal one seemed harmless enough. Without stumbling she uttered the phrase to summon an arousal demon. As she approached the end of the ritual an inquiry pushed into her mind and she began to panic – she hadn’t considered what to bind the demon to. Scanning the room her discarded panties almost jumped out at her. Without thinking she scooped the panties up off the floor and directed the ritual into them.

Julie felt a huge release of energy, she suddenly felt drained. Looking around the room there didn’t appear to be any results from her summoning. She laughed to herself about how silly the entire idea was.

Just as she considered going to bed she heard the lock of her dorm turn. Scrambling, she pulled on the panties in her hand, stashed the book and her vibrator, and spun around to greet Rebecca.

In fact, she spun around too fast. Thanks to a little too much wine Julie knocked into Rebecca, causing both of them to tumble onto the floor.

Lying in a jumble of limbs, Julie blew a lock of Rebecca’s red hair out of her face. Giggling an apology for the encounter Julie tried to untangle herself from the taller woman only to fall into her, again, smashing her head into Rebecca’s grapefruit sized breasts. From this Rebecca groaned, and she disentangled herself and rubbed her sore chest, “So you’ve been into the wine then. Does that mean you’ve changed your mind about going to the party tonight?”

Shaking her head Julie replied, “I’ve just got one last assignment. I need to learn therapeutic pressure points and be able to demonstrate them tomorrow.”

Rebecca shot Julie an unimpressed look, “You know you won’t be able to learn them all by tomorrow, especially while drunk.” Julie made puppy dog eyes and whimpered at Rebecca. Rolling her eyes Rebecca relented, “All right, setup my table and strip, while I get myself a glass of wine. We’ll see what we can do.” As in an afterthought Rebecca looked to the clock, “I guess neither of us is going to the party.”

As Rebecca poured herself a glass of wine Julie pulled her roommate’s massage table out from behind the bed. Julie almost stumbled as she felt a flutter against her labia – this was unexpected, as nothing other than her panties had come anywhere near her crotch. Julie quickly pulled up the hem of her dress and threw it onto her bed and examined her panty-covered vagina. Everything looked fine, but it was starting to feel as if her panties were humming against her labia. Julie’s investigation was interrupted by Rebecca, who took a gulp of wine and complained, “Play with yourself on your own time. Hurry up and get on the table.”

Sticking out her tongue Julie unfolded the table and laid face down. Taking another sip of wine Rebecca began explaining the various therapeutic pressure points she had learned the previous year. Julie tried to listen, but every time Rebecca touched her the panties vibrated a little faster. Julia could feel her clit rubbing against the hard surface of the table through the thin fabric.

Rebecca finished her first glass of wine and left Julie on the table to pour another. She had caught the unmistakable scent of Julie’s musk, and recalling the startled state she’d found her roommate in Rebecca mused that Julie was terrible at hiding her masturbation. In fact, the dorm often reeked of Julie’s musk when Rebecca finished her late class but she’d never been so close to catching Julie in the act.

Taking a moment to sip her second glass of wine, Rebecca thought back to a woman she’d had to massage as part of her practicum. The volunteer had gotten aroused by the massage, and had such a wonderful smell of arousal that Rebecca had been unable to help but feel her lower lips moisten themselves.

Back on the table, Julie felt the panties grow momentarily warm. Rebecca noticed a change in the air. The scent she so clearly remembered from her practicum now filled the room. Rebecca felt a flush in her own loins as she considered how great Julie smelled.

Returning to the table Rebecca had a naughty thought. She’d read about one other pressure point in a less traditional book in the library. Without warning or explanation Rebecca pressed down hard on Julie’s sacrum. Julie’s eyes shot open as she let out a surprised scream of pleasure. Something was different this time, her panties were definitely vibrating, preventing her arousal from subsiding post-orgasm.

Feeling mortified at what she had just done to Julie, Rebecca quickly offered, “Um, so, switch places with me and show me what you learned.” Without pause, Rebecca kicked off her pumps, shimmied out of her black skirt, and threw off her princess cut floral blouse. Without thinking, Rebecca discarded her bra as well.

Julie slowly pushed herself up off the table and Rebecca took her place. Julie was really finding the constant buzz of her panties distracting, especially since they weren’t allowing her the closure of any afterglow. She covertly tried to pick at the fabric of her panties, to pull it away from sensitive lips and clit. Try as she might she couldn’t separate the fabric from her skin, and when she caught some and tugged it felt as if she was pulling on herself directly.

Rebecca was growing impatient, “I’m here to help you, not watch you twiddle with yourself.” Startled to action Julie jumped onto the massage table and straddled Rebecca. Without thinking about it she brought herself down hard against Rebecca’s sacrum, grinding back and forth against it as she mimicked Rebecca’s earlier lesson about therapeutic pressure points.

Rebecca found herself gasping under Julie’s pressure. She wasn’t pushing hard enough to send Rebecca into an orgasm, but it certainly felt great. As she watched Rebecca writhe under her Julie considered how much hotter this would be if Rebecca wasn’t wearing panties. With her own panties beginning to warm Julie corrected her previous thought; it’d be hotter if Rebecca could never wear panties.

A flush of heat pushed Julie to crest another wave of pleasure. This time even Rebecca felt the warmth against her back, and it felt good. Her lingering thoughts on it were interrupted as Rebecca realized she could no longer feel her own panties. She was about to protest the unauthorized stripping when Julie slammed her pelvic bone down hard on her sacrum.

They were both pushed into a simultaneous orgasm.

As Rebecca recovered Julie slid off of her. The panties wrapped around Julie’s hips and slit would not relent. Her aroused and booze addled brain finally had enough clues to connect the dots, and Julie remembered the ritual – it had worked! Glancing over at where she had hidden the book Julie considered how to reverse her situation.

Sniffing the air, Rebecca was the first to speak, “So, that happened, I really need a shower.” A thought that Rebecca had never expected entered her mind, and she said it before she could consider it, “Care to join me? I mean-” Rebecca instantly shook the verbal slip out of her head, “Do you have to as well?”

In truth Rebecca was far too exerted to want to shower, but she needed to get out of the room. As her statement had just proven she needed to get away from the smell of Julie’s arousal and clear her head. Julie, amidst shallow panting, nodded, Yes. Within moments the pair had gathered their shower items. Rebecca briefly looked around for her panties, but not finding in a timely enough manner them she grabbed a new pair. The girls left their rooms in robes, one with underwear and the other without.

As the duo entered the showers it was clear that all but one stall was occupied. Despite the new local Rebecca continued to have difficulty thinking clearly. The thick cloud of Julie’s arousal was still hanging over them, and its muskiness hadn’t allowed Rebecca’s own pussy to cool down. Rebecca’s thoughts slipped to how hot it would be to have sex in the shower stall, not knowing who in the occupied stalls would know what they were doing. Julie felt her panties warm once again, her slit demanding attention. She reached out for Rebecca’s hand and pulled her into the remaining stall.

Each girl quickly dropped their robes, Julie’s panties the only clothing remaining between the two of them. With a smirk Rebecca slowly started sliding the panties off of Julie – her ease at doing so would have surprised Julie if she hadn’t been so eager for the attention so soon to be paid to her bared pussy. Julie’s gaze drifted down to Rebecca, more specifically Rebecca’s breasts.

A story was drawn to the front of Julie’s mind, one she’d read on the internet about a woman whose breasts grew every time she orgasmed. Now kneeling on the tile Rebecca drew the panties off of Julie’s foot they both felt a hot burst from the fabric.

Not caring what that meant Rebecca dropped the panties to the floor and pushed Julie against the stall wall. Still on her knees Rebecca found the thick scent even more intoxicating with her face pressed into it. Clumsily at first, but gradually improving, Rebecca worked her mouth on Julie’s pussy. Julie couldn’t help but quickly orgasm again, having long ago lost count of how many times she’d come that day.

Julie felt completely drained, but was grateful that the panties were no longer vibrating against her. As she looked down at Rebecca she had an overwhelming urge to return the favor. Julie pulled her lover up, but instead of kissing her lips dropped to the floor to kiss a different set. Her mouth found Rebecca’s clit, and it didn’t take long before Rebecca was pushed over the edge. Wave after wave of pleasure burst through Rebecca’s flesh, and she barely registered the sensation that settled in her tits. By the end of it her mind was so mushy that the additional jiggly weight atop her ribs went unnoticed.

Julie finally felt relief from her arousal as afterglow washed over them both. Rebecca’s knees had nearly collapsed out from under her and she was desperately holding the shower nozzle and trying to recover. Their new-found intimacy had not waned, and as Julie’s hands washed Rebecca’s bosom she could’ve sworn that her roommate’s breast had grown a bit larger – not that she had any past experience like this to use as a true comparison. As Rebecca’s fingers began their own wet ministrations to Julie’s chest, Julie found her thoughts lingering on other things. As the pair finished washing they heard moans coming from several of the other stalls.

Cleaned, in a fashion at least, the pair’s hands stumbled for their robes. Rebecca pulled the panties she’d brought as Julie gathered the rest of their stuff items – she didn’t desire to put on any undergarments any time soon. As they stepped out of the stall Rebecca felt a breeze against her pussy – her panties had disappeared. Not taking the time to investigate the pair hurried back to their room.

Not thinking much of it Julie had left her panties where they had fallen, under a bench in the shower.

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