by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

Quick Actions and Unheard Words

Knowing that neither Jenna nor Joy could object to their clothes being taken – and technically they would be wearing them anyway – Kora keyed in and borrowed a black skirt and a red frilly top that just managed to hold in her breasts. She’d wanted something looser to allow for whenever she might next grow, but that had not been an option. She’d pick something up better suited for further growth sometime later.

Jenna and Joy, meanwhile, were totally happy to be bundled together in Joy’s shirt. The tightness meant that they were pulled together in a fantastic cleavage that allowed them to rub up against each other physically in addition to mentally. They hummed away inside, enjoying the caress of the material and skin.

Strolling through the quad, straight down the center across the grass to maximize her visibility, Kora had an absolutely evil grin to her as she watched the reactions of those around her. Men were staring, women were scowling (and sometimes staring), and Kora was smugly satisfied. As she walked along she saw a guy and a girl on a bench at the other end. The girl, who had a runner’s build and the slightly built chest that naturally accompanied her body type, was tapping at her phone. This was good for the guy next to her, who was unapologetically staring at Kora’s bosom. He was lucky that his actions were not being noticed by his companion.

But that did not last.

A slim hand grabbed the guy by the chin and literally pulled his attention back to his lady friend. Kora watched with a laugh as he tried to keep one eye on the big bobbing bosom while being chastised. Then his attention went fully to the woman next to him as he attempted an apology. Kora continued walking, expecting him to turn and drool over her once more once he was finished talking. But it was clear he was no longer trying to steal glances, and that whatever his apology was it was in earnest.

No no, don’t pay that flat bitch any mind, Kora thought, upset that she’d lost her sway over even one man, Look at me, damn it!

Then Kora felt warmth pour over her boobs. They lurched forward six inches with such speed that the shirt that had once belonged to Joy was sundered to slivers. Kora was physically pulled forward by the momentum, stumbling and falling to the grass. Pain and shock ran through her entire body – except for the parts of her that were Jenna and Joy.

The breasts that had been women were laughing and letting their most pleasant thoughts mix with each other as the sensation of growth pushed them towards a shared orgasm. They reveled in their pleasure, and also giggled a little from knowing the comeuppance that Kora was about to experience. Back in her room Kora had cast on herself the same jealousy growth spell that Jenna had used the day before.

That meant that what would have been only three to four inches of initial growth with one spell was now going to be doubled, as both copies of the spell went to work. But Jenna’s growth spell was also still in place. As Kora sat on the grass, unable to understand why she was growing so much, her breasts flowed out nearly eighteen inches from her before stopping.

Retaining their spherical shape Kora’s breasts really looked like pink beach balls. As a group began to gather, taking pictures and laughing, Kora tried to stand up. Jenna and Joy were heavy, and just coming into their second afterglow, laughing to themselves. As she got her feet under herself Kora looked around. Everyone was pointing and taking pictures of her.

No, not of her, of her breasts.

No no no, Kora bemoaned as she finally started to stand, an arm cupped around each boob, Don’t just look at them! I did this so I would be sexy, not so everyone would look at them! Look at me!

Jenna and Joy came again as more warmth washed over them. Kora’s newly directed jealousy caused the entire process to begin anew, and Kora was pulled back to the ground. What was happening to her was completely beyond Kora’s understanding. As her breasts inflated to the size of large dogs she started screaming. Amongst her mostly incomprehensible tirade she was shouting about how everyone was supposed to be paying attention to her, not the tits that were Jenna and Joy!

But this just started the process over yet again.

Jenna and Joy had reached the size of small cars by the time a group of women appeared on the roof of Rogers Hall, one of the buildings that bordered the quad. Kora was still screaming and struggling to escape the heavy flesh that was attached to her.

With shared conviction the gathered witches removed the spells expanding Kora’s breasts. Jenna and Joy settled at a size so big the A-Team could have fit inside either of them. The magical women then silenced Kora’s vocal chords. They were tired of her screaming, and another spell meant she would find her hands unable to write or type legibly. Kora now had no way to expose the coven. The girl had broken their trust, used their spells for malice, and would – with some magical guidance – spend the rest of her life in a circus freak show. One more bit of magic moved the book that had been the cause of all this from Kora’s bag into their possession.

One spell that had not been removed was the one keeping Joy and Jenna in love. Trapped forever as supersized tits seemed like punishment enough for the girls for stealing the book. The fact that they would forever more experience pleasure while Kora silently struggled was just a bonus of karma.

Jenna and Joy had no idea that all of this was going on. They’d been cumming and cumming with each growth, and were now finally enjoying an extended afterglow. As their minds mingled together in the waning pleasure they were vaguely aware of the new scale they now possessed. Size mattered not to them, but little parts of them did giggle at the realization that Kora would no longer push them around.

Now the situation was quite the opposite.