by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

Serious Considerations

The next morning Jenna had to admit that she had a problem. Her breasts – Joy – were amazing, but just too big. There was nothing for her to wear, save for a folded up bed sheet. And the risk of her chest growing again, and at this rate, was now much too serious an issue. There was a very real possibility that she’d end up growing to the point that she could no longer walk.

Jenna searched the book and couldn’t find anything sounded like it would fix the problem. She realized that, if she and Joy were going to have any shot at a mobile life together, she’d finally have to do what they’d worked so hard at to avoid; talk to Kora.

Since the books was the RA’s Jenna figured only she would have any insight into what could be done, let alone would believe her. After struggling getting around the desk thanks to Joy – who was happily reveling in all the contact – Jenna retrieved the book from behind it, wrapped a sheet around herself, and made her way down the hall. There was light streaming out from under Kora’s door, and Jenna knocked softly in the hopes that the terrible woman would not open it and Jenna would have an excuse to leave.

Kora opened the door looking more haggard than Jenna had ever seen her before. She didn’t look like she had slept, and her eyes were puffy as if she had been crying. Sweatpants and a tank top even sat disheveled upon her. As she looked Jenna up and down the face of exhaustion turned into a face of anger.

It was you fucktards!” she almost yelled, catching the volume of her voice at the last moment. Before saying more she grabbed Jenna by the upper arm and pulled her into the room. The sudden jerking caused the knot tied in the sheet to become undone, and as she came to a stop inside the room Jenna’s Joy breasts were completely bare. “Where’s my God damn book?”

It’s here,” Jenna answered, holding up the tome. Kora snatched it, almost crying again – but this time out of happiness to have it back. “I’m sorry we took it.”

Shit, you’re sorry?!” Kora almost shouted again, collapsing into her desk chair, “Do you know what I’ve been through, bitch? Do you know where I’ve had to go, what I’ve had to do, what I’ve lost, what I’ve had to promise because this fucking book went missing? Fuck, if I didn’t have this in my hands right now I’d still be thinking my life was over!”

We didn’t think it was that important,” Jenna quickly replied, “We just thought it was a diary.”

You thought it was a…where is Joy? Is that slut not repentant?”

I don’t know how she feels, but she’s here,” Jenna held up her breasts, “I accidentally turned her into my tits.”

Fuck, she’s…there’s one of those spells in here?” Kora muttered, opening the book and scanning the index.

Yeah, it’s like the third or fourth from the bottom,” Jenna sighed, “I need you to undo the spells.”

And why the shit would I do that for you?” Kora responded, not looking away as she flipped through the pages of the book.

Because right now Joy and I are the only two who know why my boobs are so big, but people are going to start asking questions, so if you want to keep that book a secret you may want to consider doing something about this.”

That’s true,” Kora answered, lifting her thumb up to her mouth. Jenna didn’t notice that the other woman was pushing the pad of it against an especially sharp incisor, “I do need to do something to keep this fucking fiasco quiet.”

I’m really glad you think so,” Jenna let out a relieved sigh, “I’ll think if you…”

Jenna trailed off as she realized Kora was already chanting a spell under her breath. The brunette furrowed her brow – the chant’s pacing sounded familiar, but Kora was speaking too quietly for Jenna to recognize any phrasing. It wasn’t until Kora began the third verse, placing her hand on Jenna’s bare shoulder, that Jenna heard her name and she realized which spell it was which Kora was speaking.

No! No! You don’t understand!” Jenna yelled out, starting to back away. She went to put up her hands in protest, but as she did so she felt her muscles start to go limp. What was intended to be a quick raise with palms out was a slow effort with limp wrists.

No, I think I understand quite well,” Kora grinned as she began to direct and press the spell properly onto Jenna. The RA reveled in her slow, threatening approach towards the struggling girl, “Without any trained control over the spell you gave yourself some pretty absurd breasts out of Joy. I figure this way I can get the bust I’ve always desired and silence you at the same time!”

This…not what I wadded…” Jenna trying to cry out, but amidst the protest her jaw started to go soft and hang loose. Her legs seemed to be retaining some structure, but she could feel the bones of her upper body softening under her jellifying flesh. Eyes wide in terror stared at the approaching woman as Jenna’s head slowly slumped to her shoulder as her neck gave out. Her face would have rolled into the gigantic sagging bosom before her if Jenna’s ear hadn’t stuck to the top of her arm.

Helb me…” were the last sounds Jenna managed to say as her body began to fully lose its shape. Her momentum caused her limp arms to swing against the sides of her breasts, causing them to stick and begin to fuse.

Help you? No. Toy with you? Yes! I spent an entire day being questioned and accused of betrayal by a four thousand year old coven when I couldn’t return this book to them. Do you think I fucking wanted to break into and search every dorm on the floor? Or go around campus checking every place I could have stopped at? No! That was because of you, and once I’ve dealt with you and returned this tome perhaps I can put this whole thing behind me!” Kora cried out, the rant clearly the product of a day’s anxieties and frustrations.

Kora’s evil grin was the last thing Jenna saw as she felt, despite her attempts to make her soften legs step back again, her body lurch forward. She closed her eyes as she went face first through the neck of Kora’s top. Her skin was immediately absorbed into Kora, her muscle and bones starting to flow into the witch’s chest.

Jenna could feel her consciousness traveling down the witch’s bosom and settling into her new home. Jenna’s mind was racing, trying to scream in protest, but she no longer had any tool to do that with. Even the sensation of her softening legs kicking and struggling seemed to be a distant echo.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to stop trying to escape. Although Jenna’s body was now almost entirely a shapeless glob pouring into Kora, the RA had left Jenna’s legs with some definition so that they would lend support to her weight.

Jenna was going to show her how terrible an idea that had been.

Kora’s concentration had by now shifted from pressing hard on the merging spell to trying to guide the final size and shape of her growing breasts. She was not prepared for a sudden burst of resistance, especially not Jenna’s legs making a sudden series of kicks. Surprise broke Kora’s concentration, and without thinking she grabbed each thigh in an attempt to wrangle them away from lamps and shelves. Of course, that meant Kora’s hands became stuck to the erratic appendages.

Stop moving, you bitch!” Kora gasped, re-concentrating her mental energy on finishing the spell. The bulk of Jenna’s body had merged with her, and now the bones and muscles within Jenna’s legs had lost the structure needed to do anything of real consequence. With a pop! and a pop! the angry RA now had a new problem. Even though the struggling limbs were dealt with, she was unprepared for how big her tits had gotten. This had not been a good time to lose the use of her hands.

Jenna’s disruption meant that Kora’s breasts had stopped growing just larger than volleyballs, and the maxed-out fabric of her top was painfully cutting into her sides. By now Jenna’s twitching feet were all that were attached to the end of Kora’s arms, but the lowered risk of destruction did not help in removing the tight shirt. Finally, toes were integrated and disappeared under skin, and fingers she fully controlled stretched out from the end of Kora’s wrists. The witch quickly pulled her top off, breathing a sigh of relief as her lungs took in their first full breath in nearly ten minutes.

Taking a moment to recover from her restriction Kora stepped over to her mirror and admired her work. She’d concentrated Jenna entirely into her bosom. Although this made her breasts a little heavier than a similarly-sized woman would have dealt with, they were also incredibly round and resistant to the slope of gravity. Kora turned and admired her nearly-perfect spheres, taking a moment to gently tap at the nipples pointing straight off the front of them. Tiny little jolts went down to Kora’s groin, and inside her breasts Jenna felt the taps and tried to resist their pleasures.

You can’t do this! Jenna mentally languished. She could get a faint vision of what Kora saw in the mirror, and was aghast at the ridiculous titties she had become. Jenna couldn’t comprehend why Kora would have formed her into boobs that looked so fake. The former brunette tried to struggle, tried to do anything. For a moment she thought maybe she’d made one of her nipples twitch, but Jenna couldn’t seem to repeat the reaction.

That was me… another voice gently spoke up, I’ve had a little more time to practice.

Suddenly Jenna realized that another mind had joined her. Joy’s consciousness had moved into Kora’s bosom along with Jenna’s, and was finally making herself known.

Oh, Joy! Jenna mentally languished, I’m so sorry I let…

Once again Joy’s relationship spell took hold of the roommates. Jenna’s lament was washed away thanks to the dynamic change which had once again happened to them, their minds altered to love each other in the new situation. After all, becoming another woman’s breasts was, truly, the most intimate relationship Jenna and Joy could possibly have. As their minds curled together in metaphysical spooning, any fear or anger either of them had about the situation was quickly pushed away. They were now an object of pure sexuality and life.

Over the next few minutes each personality took up primary residence in an individual breast, but they were still mentally together as one. The warmth of their love stretched between them. Jenna and Joy were happy, and silently giggled at the pleasures being paid to them as Kora continued to explore here newly grown boobs. She had no idea that Jenna and Joy were so enjoying her ministrations.

For a few more moments Kora admired herself. Unlike Jenna Kora could not have been more thrilled about her look – she had porn queen tits! Now she’d be able to return the book to the coven that afternoon, she’d eliminated the only threat to the coven’s secrecy, and she had the breasts she’d always wanted.

Well, maybe they could be a little bigger. Kora grabbed the book and started scanning the index again. A few spells down she stopped at one that looked promising.

She didn’t notice that the page she turned too looked very well-thumbed.

to be concluded…