by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

Shared Benefits

Jenna had never been so happy to walk through campus. The stark shadows cast by the lamp posts accentuated the deep cleavage trying to burst its way out of the borrowed dress. Men and women alike stared as the happy brunette strutted towards the off-campus row of frat houses. She was pretty certain her bouncing bounty had caused a passing biker to slam into a parked car.

The smell of pot and alcohol hung heavy in the air at the party. It was immediately clear that most everyone had been partying for some time before Jenna arrived. Not concerned with getting high or drunk, Jenna only wanted to find Joy – and she was rewarded with a scene that seemed out of a movie. As Jenna entered the Kappa house and began to look for her roommate-turned-lover the crowd of drunk and gawking college partiers split aside. There was a clear path now between her and the buxom blonde.

Jenna’s mouth fell open. Joy had purchased a blue, backless mini-dress. She had been facing away when Jenna first spied her, and Joy’s impossible chest swung into view as she turned. The material down her front was clearly intended to be light and ruffled, but thanks to all the extra flesh Joy had up top the blue fabric was stretched nearly to its limits. A few bracelets, a pair of very high heels, and her blonde hair falling just right around her shoulders finished the look. Joy locked eyes with Jenna, smiled, and motioned her over.

You look amazing!” they both giggled, making small claps.

Where’s Jon?” Jenna asked, looking around. She was clearly flushed, her body betraying how much she wanted to grab Joy then and there. But doing so now would ruin the impact they wanted to have on the man. “I’m not sure how long I can control myself.”

I just sent him to get me a-”

Wow, ladies, you look incredible.”

Jenna and Joy turned to see Jon standing with a red plastic cup in each hand. He was dressed in a matching t-shirt, jacket, and slacks. The material hugged him in all the right places, and only a few hours earlier that day the look would have driven both girls to soak their panties.

But his visage had no effect on either of them now.

And they weren’t wearing panties, anyway.

Oh, hey Jonny,” Joy pouted, “We have something we wanted to tell you.”

Oh yeah?” Jon smiled. A small group of partiers around them had begun to watch the trio. The girls’ outfits were already all that was needed to attract attention, but rumors of the roommates’ breast expansion had already spread through the jock and hottie grapevine. Quite a few people were eager to see if the best was yet to come.

It was, but not even Jenna and Joy knew that yet.

Yeah,” Jenna answered Jon, allowing her body to dip a bit so he could see down the front of her dress, “We wanted to tell you we found ourselves a bedmate for the evening.

Oh yeah?” Jon repeated, the enthusiasm in his voice barely contained. It was still clear that he thought they were talking about him. His chest was puffed up, and he was glancing around at all the people he thought were going to witness the greatest score of his college career. “Who is it?”

She is,” Joy and Jenna replied simultaneously. And they began making out in front of everyone.

Jon wasn’t sure how to react at first. As he had been prepared to learn more about the sexiest threesome he could possibly imagine, most of his blood had rushed from the top head to the bottom. Since his expectations had been shot down in a less-than-clear fashion that was also immediately followed by a lesbian make-out session, it took him a moment to realize the kissing women didn’t intend for him to join them. His first thoughts were about how his rock hard cock felt, not how he may have just been humiliated.

But it was when Joy’s lips started to merge with Jenna’s, and her head started to push down towards Jenna’s cleavage, that the power of speech returned to Jon.

What the fuck?”

Thanks to the relationship spell Jenna and Joy weren’t even aware of an issue. All they knew was that they were sharing an incredible kiss, when an absolutely amazing sensation fell over them. Joy felt her mouth start to fuse with Jenna’s – and it felt wonderful. She instinctively moved towards Jenna’s breasts, more and more of her head merging with the other woman’s chin, then neck. Jenna, overwhelmed with a feeling of a pleasurable intimacy like none she had never known before, threw back her head and gasped as Joy’s face, all the way back to her ears, pushed into her chest.

Joy knew she was being sucked into Jenna’s body. It was a warm, loving feeling. It felt like everything that lead up to great sex and great sex at the same time. Her body was being pulled out of her dress and flowing into Jenna’s tits, inflating them, but not at an equal rate to how much of Joy’s body was being taken in. Absorbed up to her ribs, Joy could feel some of her flesh moving to enhance Jenna’s ass and her legs, making her slightly taller and toned.

But most of her was being taken in to Jenna’s growing titties.

As Joy’s breasts were absorbed into her Jenna found herself finally needing real support. She pushed past Jon, who backed up well clear of her. Joy’s dress fell to the floor while the seams of Jenna’s split as she threw her arms to the wall. She watched the crack of her roommate’s ass line up perfectly with the split of her own breasts, and in a few moments Joy’s legs and feet slipped into each boob. This was accompanied by Jenna’s dress tearing down the sides. Jenna’s breasts now hung free and proud.

There was nothing left of Joy. Not physically at least. Inside Jenna’s chest the remains of Joy’s consciousness took up residence. She’d never felt so warm, so happy, so loved. The spell was designed to make them find happiness and love each other each time the dynamic of their relationship changed, so now Jenna and Joy deeply adored the fact that Joy had become, mostly, Jenna’s own round flesh.

Each of Jenna’s tits had gained at least six inches from Joy, probably more. Watermelons were no longer an appropriate point of comparison for them – ovular beach balls, maybe? It didn’t seem like there was anything more to do at the Kappa house now. While Jenna’s dress was destroyed there was a chance that Joy’s dress could still stretch far enough to get them back to the dorm room. Jenna pushed the remains of her clothes down her enhanced body and picking up Joy’s dress from where it had fallen.

Jon seemed to be the only one completely panicked by what he had just seen. Everyone else had cheered and hooted, either believing it to be yet another crazy stunt or just being too high/drunk/both to really register what had just happened. Jon just backed up and ran away in horror while the rest of the partiers returned to their own cliques once it was clear that Jenna was getting dressed and the show was over.

Joy could not believe how good it felt to bounce around and bobble as Jenna walked, bent down, and came up again. Jenna could not believe that she now had the strength to do all of that with a straight back – she figured some of Joy had gone to enhancing the required muscles, which was true. Joy shuddered with delight as the blue dress was pulled on over her. The material was stretched beyond the fashionable point, but not beyond its ability to hold in Jenna’s Joy tits.

With their job at the Kappa house completed Jenna started her way back to the dorm. The blue dress had much less support than anything Jenna had ever worn before, but she didn’t need it thanks to her enhanced back. Joy hummed and bobbed in silent – but building – pleasure.

As she walked Jenna was once again thrilled by the glances she was getting. She was looking forward to getting back to the dorm and really enjoying her Joy breasts, but the dynamic of their relationship had changed even more – Jenna felt the desire to fuck a man starting to creep back into her mind. After all, Joy was a part of her now, so Jenna could pursue physical relationships with men once again.

But then something unexpected happened. It started when Jenna caught another guy staring at her breasts as she approached the dorm. At first Jenna just blushed and felt good about being so attractive. But then a thought struck her. Yes, technically these were her boobs. But now they were also another woman; Joy. So when a guy was staring at them, were they really staring at Joy, not Jenna? Were their looks derived only from an attraction to what Joy now was? Not the parts that made up Jenna? If she took this guy to bed would he just want to titty fuck her and ignore the rest of Jenna’s body?

A strange pang of jealousy struck the brunette.

And warmth overtook her chest.

Jenna stumbled down the hall of the dorm as she tried desperately to carry her tits in her hands. Inside them Joy was cumming over and over again as she felt herself expanding, the feeling of wet hot clay filling her. But this wasn’t just Jenna growing from the spell she had first cast on herself; she now had her first spell and Joy’s acting on her. Jenna’s breasts were growing while simultaneously trying to outgrow themselves.

Jenna finally had to release her breasts as five inches of new volume was surpassed. Her hands were needed to cling to the wall as she tried to remain upright. They pulled hard on her as gravity took them; the weight being rapidly added to her upper body outpacing the ability of her new muscles to support it. There was no longer anything that could act as a natural size comparison for the scale of her titties. They’d pushed aside the blue fabric that had once contained them and were hanging to her navel. A gasping Jenna was thankful that no one was in the hallway to see her toplessness.

It had had been nearly impossible to unlock the door to her room, since she couldn’t see the lock. Once the door finally clicked open Jenna stumbled in, struggled to close it again, and then collapsed forward onto her bed. She’d not even had a chance to turn on the lights, using the brief glint of light from the hallway and the various power strip LEDs to find her way.

Joy mentally gasped in pleasure as her enormous expanse bounced onto the mattress. She could feel Jenna leaning against her, trying to catch her breath. There were parts of Joy that were sore from being stretched and knocked around, but overall she felt more pleasure than pain. Jenna’s heavy breaths were rocking her wonderfully into the sheets.

Leaning against her finally-support-gigantic-titties Jenna just breathed for a while. As her exhaustion and aching started to fade away the intimate joys that Joy was feeling slowly overtook Jenna’s mind. She let the dress fall away from her and carefully climbed into the bed, pulling herself to a kneeling position behind her chest. As she repositioned herself the sheets rubbed on her enormous underboob and Jenna felt her slit seriously dripping.

Oh…Joy…” Jenna sighed, running a hand over each mam and kissing them. She could just reach her fingers to a nipple. Gripping it was difficult, but she could run her tips up and down the shaft of the hardened teat. Jenna and Joy shared a little pre-orgasmic shudder, and Jenna slid her other hand under her breasts and between her legs. There it found a very wet bit of femininity.

Jenna bit her lip and let a little gasp escape as she plunged her fingers into herself. While two filled her needy dripping void her thumb found her clit. Joy could not directly feel the delight between Jenna’s thighs, but she could feel a general bliss emanating from her host. In addition to that, as Jenna’s work down below became more harried and urgent, the hand working her breasts also doubled its speed.

Soon both Jenna and Joy were shuddering and cumming. As Jenna’s muscles started to relax, and wonderful afterglow took her, the fully human roommate let her body slide backwards and to the side. She curled her legs up and spooned the breasts that had once been her friend, and both girls found a deep sleep waiting for them in the impossible embrace.

to be continued…