by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

New Ground

Jenna arrived back at the dorm to find it empty. She pulled off her completely defeated blouse and once again examined her breasts. She lifted them up, and could brush her cheeks against the upper curves. A light smell of her own sweat wafted from them, a scent that Jenna did not find entirely distasteful. Her thighs were fidgeting and squeezing together a little. All the rubbing to her nipples and titty skin was creating quite a fire down below. Jenna released her breasts, letting them slap down against her. The slight pain from gravity’s tug helped push back the need between her legs.

She was just about to start looking through Joy’s clothes when she heard someone keying into the room. Terrified that it was Kora Jenna grabbed her blouse and tried to cover herself, but let her arms drop as she saw Joy enter.

As the door closed they got a look at each other.

What the fuck did you do to yourself?” they both said, simultaneously.

Me?” Jenna was the first to respond, “You know what I did, I cast a spell for bigger breasts! Which was not something you needed! What did you do?”

Well,” Joy sighed, not seeing the point in lying because of the second spell she’d cast, “I was afraid you’d end up bustier and smarter than me, and I couldn’t handle that, so I cast a spell that would make me grow every time you did.”

What? Why would you?” Jenna’s anger at what felt like a betrayal was rising up faster than she could fully process it, “I just wanted to be a little more desirable, but you had to…go and…”

Jenna’s tirade faded off as Joy’s other spell acted on them, eliminating any cause for jealousy or feelings competitive underachievement. Before now neither woman had ever considered a member of their own sex attractive.

Now they couldn’t imagine being attracted to anyone else.

Fuck, your titties look delicious.”

I need to feel your skin against mine!”

In a flash Jenna and Joy were embraced. It was difficult, since their breasts took up so much room, but with a little bending they managed to get their lips to meet in a sloppy French kiss. They both worked to get Joy’s sweatshirt off, and as they moved to the nearest bed each girl shimmied their bottoms and panties to the floor.

A heavy scent of womanly musk was released into the room from both of them.

Amidst the sheets they were an awkward flailing of limbs and boobs. When nipples weren’t being squeezed between fingers at least one of the roommates had a teat between their lips. For the first time their hands felt the smooth, soft skin of a woman, moving from shoulders to hips to ass, pulling each other as tightly against themselves as they could.

I need…I need your tongue on my clit!”

And I need mine on yours!”

The weight of their massive breasts made assuming the sixty-nine a challenge. When it became clear that doing it on their sides wasn’t an option Joy rolled onto her back. Her boobs barely pooled out to the edges of her ribs, retaining much of their round curve. Jenna had to lift her leg high to get it to the other side of her lover’s body, and as she settled down atop her Joy actually had to nestle Jenna’s lower body into her cleavage in order to reach the brunette’s dripping slit. Jenna’s breasts rolled down either side of Joy’s hips as she lowered her face between the blonde’s thighs.

They each found that the other’s juices tasted amazing. Their tongues lapped eagerly at the slits before them, while arms continued to play with tits and ass. After a minute each girl felt the warmth of an orgasm begin to tighten their bellies, and soon they were both cumming. Their bodies locked and their muscles spasmed against each other as their orgasms took hold. They were both so taken by the experience that neither had it in them to scream, instead a silent yell of pleasure stretched their faces.

As the girls finally came down from their bits of bliss Jenna lifted herself up and collapsed next to Joy on the bed. Their four boobs rolled against and amidst each other as they let the afterglow warm them. Their hands found each other, and fingers gently caressed palms.

That was amazing…” Jenna finally managed to sigh, “…but what happened? I’d never thought of you like that…this…before.”

I was afraid my first spell would upset you…”

First spell?”

Yeah,” Joy fessed up, now incapable of lying to her lover, “So I cast another one which I thought would keep you from being mad at me once you learned what I did.”

Well, that part certainly worked!” Jenna smiled, realizing she held absolutely no ill-will towards Joy for anything she was admitting to, “But this wasn’t what you expected, was it?”


But I really liked it. Like it.”

Me, too.”

And here I thought I’d be fucking Jon Ronson tonight.”

Me to – wait!”

Although each girl really wanted to fuck the other again, that desire was far from capable of suppressing to urge to gossip. It didn’t take long for them to put together what had happened inside and outside the student store.

That…that…” Jenna was fuming.

Cut him some slack, if you could fuck us both, wouldn’t you?”

Well, yeah, now. So…I guess, yeah, he didn’t do anything wrong…”

But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to go to the party, make out in front of him until his dick practically bursts, and then leave him with the worst blue balls ever, right?”

Jenna almost fell off the bed from laughing at Joy’s little plan.

I love it!”

Wonderful!” Joy giggled, giving Jenna a quick kiss on the lips as she got up. Jenna’s body actually ached a little as the other woman left the bed and started putting her sweatshirt back on.

What are you doing?” the brunette asked.

Getting dressed enough that I can run over to that boutique off Payne Street without getting arrested.”


Because I don’t think I have anything sexy that will actually fit these babies,” Joy grinned, hefting her watermelons as she bent down to grab her panties and skirt.

I’ll go with you,” Jenna replied, standing up from the bed and reaching for her own bottoms.

No, no, some of the fun will be surprising you,” Joy winked. She flipped one foot up a little to accentuate her flirting. Jenna laughed at the silly move as Joy grabbed her bag. “Besides, I think we’re big enough! I’m certain you can find something of mine to wear. Use the extra time to find a spell in here that will turn off this growth!”

Jenna almost dropped the book as Joy tossed it to her. It actually bounced off the brunette’s boobs and tumbled into her grip.

You took the book! I thought we’d lost it!”

Nope, figured I might need it if my second spell went wrong. And it did, but in the best way possible, right?”

Oh God, I can’t imagine my life without you as a part of it!” Jenna exclaimed. Nothing about that felt wrong to her at all.

Seriously!” Joy grinned. Fully dressed she made her way to the door, “If Kora comes back, um, I guess hide! And I’ll see you at the party, okay?”


With that Joy was gone. Jenna retrieved her phone and climbed back onto the bed. Still completely naked she sat cross-legged. Her breasts almost came to her thighs. She was certain that in the same position Joy’s sex bags would have rested on her legs.

It took a little while of translating before Jenna found anything that sounded like it would undo or remove any of the spells. To be honest, Jenna didn’t want to remove the spell on her – not just yet. She’d honor Joy’s desire to not grow her own chest any further, but Jenna felt she could go bigger.

It took a little additional translating before Jenna was satisfied that the “Combine two spell” was probably what she was looking for. If she couldn’t flat out cancel the spell Joy had cast on herself, then the next best idea was for Jenna to move it to herself. Then she’d be the only one growing. A prick from her nail clipper, a few incantations, and it was done.

After hiding the book between the wall and her dresser Jenna gleefully threw open Joy’s closet.

Thirty minutes were spent giddily going through the blonde’s collection of sexy outfits, and the final thirty minutes were spent by Jenna trying to decide which ones she believed she could actually fit in. Ultimately she managed to squeeze into a small-shouldered sundress with alternating horizontal white and soft-red stripes. A small black belt would have completed the look, but Jenna’s breasts caused the dress to ride up too far past where the belt would look right. The sundress was supposed to stop midway between Jenna’s hips and knees, but was pulled up just beyond the crease where ass met thigh.

Satisfied with her look, and not feeling like her breasts were too constrained, Jenna freshened up her make-up and left for the party. As she left the dorm she was completely flabbergasted by how she’d avoided Kora yet again.

She no longer believed she could just be lucky.

to be continued…