by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

What Comes Around

Joy cleared her throat as she took the podium. She’d accidental bent and rearranged her 3×5 cards when she stuffed the spell book into her bag, and now she hoped she’d arranged the cards correctly. She’d never heard of someone failing Public Speaking, and she wouldn’t be the first. She set her phone to buzz when her time was almost up, and placed it in the podium’s small shelf. She gripped the wooden stand with sweaty palms and began reading.

The curvy blonde was accustomed to having to read over her bosom. It was something she lived with gladly. What was different this time was that her bosom had gone warm and was now trying to actively block her view of her cards.

Pretty much everyone gasped at the same time as Joy’s breasts grew outwards. With her bra and tank top already tight on her the pink flesh had only two choices for escape; either push out under her arms, or up into a cleavage that resembled a bubblicious butt more than breasts. Joy could think of nothing more to do but stare slack jawed down at her painfully pulling tits as they billowed up towards her chin.

“Ow ow ow ow ow…” she hissed, her mind finally catching up and realizing that it was the spell acting on her. Joy considered for a moment how good it would feel to rip off her shirt and bra and relieve the pressure in one swoop. As desperately as she wanted to do that Joy was now aware of the cell phone cameras that had risen up from the student audience in front of her. She was not about to strip in front of the digital world. Instead, she calmly reached back and undid the clips of her bra through her tank top. Her shirt jumped as her tits pushed forward. The tank top still kept things restrained, but it was clear from the stress on her shirt and loose brassiere that Joy had just gained three extra inches of soft flesh.

She knew that Jenna must have had quite a jump in size if it had given herself so much growth – these were practically the size of Joy’s head!

Now that the immediate pain was dealt with Joy looked up at a new problem; the professor and students all staring completely dumbfounded at what had just happened. Joy fidgeted for a moment. With the number of phones still raised with their cameras pointed at her she didn’t want to try running from the room. She looked down over the more distant horizon of her bosom and considered picking up where she’d left off on her presentation.

What did one do in this sort of situation?

Joy’s options were narrowed down for her as another wave of warmth washed over her boobs.

Oh no! rang through her head as Joy realized she was growing again, What the fuck are you doing, Jenna?

There was no choice in the matter now. Joy knew she was already lucky that her tank top hadn’t yet burst down a seam. She was probably already the queen of video uploads, she didn’t need to help that by having her boobs spring from her shirt.

God, how could someone resist editing something like that into slow motion?

Trying to keep her balance as she bent down Joy grabbed her bag from next to the podium, struggled as she stood up, and jiggled her way out of the room – leaving her phone on the shelf. Once in the hall she fled through the first door she could find.

Which was an exit out of the building.

This left her slowly spreading her stitching outside at the edge of the quad. Clutching her bag to the growing flesh Joy looked around for a place she could quickly duck into before her classmates thought to follow her. She spotted the school store two buildings down and made her way for it. She could feel the meat of her chest pushing against her, and the pressure she was placing against it was painful. She barged her way through the door of the store and down the first row of aisles. As she made her way towards the dressing rooms she grabbed the largest sweatshirt off the first rack that offered them and disappeared inside the little room.

Dropping her bag to the floor Joy struggled to peel off her top and the remainder of her bra. As all supports left them gravity pulled her mams down through the open space between stomach and fabric and Joy threw the confining fabric aside.

“Holy. Shit.”

Round sex pillows the size of watermelons hung from her. Joy was barely able to keep her back straight. They were bigger than anything the girl had ever imagined having.

They were amazing.

“I must have, like, the biggest titties of all time!” she exclaimed, clapping and lifting up off her heels for a moment. The fresh flesh bounced and pulled, forcing Joy to brace herself against the wall. Once they stopped moving she took a moment to hold and cradle them, reveling in the sensation of her palms against her bosom. They felt good – maybe not much more so than her breasts usually did – but the novelty of being able to lose her face in her own cleavage added something to Joy’s experience.

The reality of having to eventually leave the dressing room hadn’t been forgotten, and when she was done exploring she picked up the sweatshirt. There was some struggling before she was able to get the XL sweatshirt over her assets. So big were they that the supposedly large top barely reached Joy’s belly button.

As she left the dressing room Joy looked for the credit card in her bag. Making her way towards the front, with both her breasts blocking her vision and her attention directed towards the search for her card, she didn’t see Jon Ronson in front of her.

“Oh! Hey, look where-” was all Jon got out before he saw the size of the chest that had bumped into him. The gears changed. “Sorry, I didn’t see…Joy?”

“Oh hey Jon, how are you?” Joy blushed. His gaze at her fully-filled sweatshirt and the obvious shifting of things around his crotch wasn’t anything she was unfamiliar with, but something about the over-the-top nature of her changed body made her suddenly bashful.

Also, her bra-less nipples were rubbing against the inside of the sweatshirt and stirring things up around her crotch.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Jon finally answered, not initially registering that she’d asked him a question. “What’s nnn…uh…what are you up to?”

“Oh, just some clothes shopping,” Joy replied. She pulled out her credit card in a victorious flourish, and simultaneously twisted her torso back and forth. This caused her boobs and his eyes to swing a bit. “Would you like to help me try something on in the dressing room?”

The pause that followed Joy’s question was caused by Jon’s brain trying to pull itself together.

“I, uh, I’d love to, but I have practice to get to. However, I’d love to check out one of your new outfits tonight at the Kappa party,” Jon finally replied.

“Oh, sure,” Joy replied. Then a fun thought struck her. If her breasts alone were melting his mind, then… “And you know what, Jon? If you see my roommate Jenna you should invite her as well. If I see her I’ll do so myself. I think you’ll find out that there are some new things we’ve been…sharing.”

Joy’s response had been purposefully unclear, and Jon’s mind filled in the blanks Joy suspected that his young male mind would. She couldn’t wait for his reaction to seeing them together.

“Uh sure. See you then,” Jon affirmed, and he stumbled into two clothes racks as he tried to leave while letting his eyes linger on the expanse wrapped within the sweatshirt. As he finally left the store Joy giggled to herself, then approached the counter as she searched for the UPC tag hanging somewhere from her yet-to-be-purchased top. This would do for now, but she hoped she could find something much sexier back in her own closet.

to be continued…