by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.


Jenna had walked to Prob/Stat 101 absolutely beaming. With a shirt that fit and a bra that kept her from being completely obscene she could not have been giddier about the looks she was getting. Seated in the second to last row, smack in the center, Joy could watch the reactions of the various male students who came in. Instead of stepping up onto the rows of desks some flat out stumbled as they eyed her eagerly bared cleavage.

In a way Jenna also relished the sneers she was getting from many of the girls, although deep down she did feel sad that someone would dislike her just for having big breasts. Soon the teacher arrived and class started. For the first ten minutes or so Jenna was able to concentrate on the class. However, it wasn’t long before her pencil was lowered and her eyes were raised. They wandered to the hunkier boys seated in the rows below her. Now she had the titties, so now she needed to decide who to use them on.

As Jenna’s eyes flitted about she settled on one of the basketball players. He had on shorts and a t-shirt that let her see the muscles of his arms and legs. Jenna nibbled her finger for a moment as she thought about running her hands over his flexing body, feeling his – what was he looking at?

Again Jenna followed a guy’s eye line and found him to be staring at a girl’s cleavage. Unlike last time this girl’s breasts were smaller than Jenna’s – although still nothing to scoff at.

He should have sat up here to gaze upon me… Jenna thought, suddenly jealous that a guy would even look at someone else’s subpar chest just because Jenna’s boobs were out of view.

As the thought concluded warmth welled up in the student’s chest. She looked down and this time managed to stifle her gasp as she saw her breasts once again growing. It was as if her stretched skin was being filled with warm clay. She felt the weight on her shoulders increase as the bra’s cups filled with her sinful cushions. Her nipples, which had been comfortably cradled by the cups, were now being plowed into the material.

Jenna sat as quietly as she could. When she’d grown the first time her surprise had robbed her of the chance to enjoy the magic acting on her. This time she would relish the changes being made to her. The bra and blouse had some room to spare, and as the support of the brassiere billowed her boobs up into the blouse’s collar Jenna let her bodily pleasure give her a little shiver as fabric and skin rubbed against each other.

After a moment the changes were done, and Jenna tried to calm her breathing. The bra was being strained, but was not cutting into her with any pain; Jenna figured she’d grown at least three inches, the last inch pushing her over Joy’s size.

As the full faculties of her logical mind returned to her Jenna acknowledge that she was a little confused by what had happened. She’d thought that the spell would just make her the same size as anyone she was jealous of. This girl had tinier titties than her, so…had she mistranslated the spell? Or, at least, misinterpreted? Would jealousy of any perceived competition cause her to grow, regardless of the difference between chest sizes?

Jenna’s concerns and thoughts on this wafted away, however. The supernatural warmth may have ebbed from her chest, but a far more natural one had welled up between her legs. The seemingly more important goal – or, at least, the more immediate one – was to sate the lust nestled amidst her thighs. So the search for a cock continued, and this time she looked around to those closer to her – perhaps a quickie in the restroom would be possible. A guy down a row and to her right had on some tight jeans which weren’t hiding the fact that he was excited about something. Jenna licked her lips; a nice thick object the size of a kielbasa was clearly outlined between the boy’s leg and his denim.

Assuming that this guy wasn’t turned on by math Jenna again tried to see what he was looking at. This time it was quickly obvious to Jenna what was going on. One female student in the second row was leaning back in her chair. She had small breasts, only about an inch bigger than Joy’s had been that morning. She was wearing a thin shirt over a bra. As Jenna had once done, this girl was wearing a bra far too big from her just so that it would give her some curves. But because of how far the cups pushed out the neck of her shirt this girl’s nipples were clearly visible inside the bra.

Fuck, he’s looking down there at her when I have way better tits and nips up here! Jenna muttered in her mind.

And then the warmth hit again.

Oh no no no…”

Jenna began squirming in her seat as the inflation of her mams began again. The bra was already filled, so the flesh had nowhere to go but up and out. The straps of the bra began digging into her shoulders, and Jenna sent a hand behind her back to try and release the hooks through her shirt. As those students behind and beside her took notice of Jenna’s struggles, and began not-so-subtly whispering amongst themselves, Jenna because self-conscious of what was happening. Between that, the pain on her shoulders, and the sound of material stretching near its breaking point, Jenna’s hands were too fumbly to make any progress behind her back.

It was when the top button of the busting blouse blasted off beyond the teacher’s podium that Jenna grabbed her things and lurched out of the classroom. Each desperate step down to the door threatened to throw her flesh into Jenna’s face. In the hallway her breasts were still growing as she saw her first chance at privacy; the handicapped bathroom. She locked herself inside the room and started to undo the remaining buttons of her blouse.

It was now that one of the bra straps finally had enough and snapped. Jenna was almost pulled to the floor as gravity yanked the overflowing tit down and forward. The brunette had just enough time to grip the sink and stop her fall, and the momentum caused the other bra strap to snap. Both breasts now overflowed out of Jenna’s shirt and across her ribs, and she stood braced against the sink as the growth came to an end.

Once she had her balance sorted out Jenna took a wobbly step back and looked in the mirror.

Jiggling balls of flesh just an inch bigger than volleyballs hung off of her skin. They blocked her upper arms in the reflection. Jenna couldn’t be sure if they were bigger than her head.

But they were far bigger than she’d ever intended.

I need to get to the library.”

There was panic in her voice. She’d said the sentence out loud in an attempt to calm and assure herself that there was a way to fix things, but that failed miserably as her voice trembled. She could no longer use the bra, and while the bottom buttons of the blouse could hold the material closed enough to keep her from being grabbed by campus security, it looked like she was wearing the sluttiest midriff baring tied-top ever. It offered no actual support, so Jenna had to walk carefully, while her breasts rolled and shook inside the shirt, constantly threatening to tug so hard on the knot that it would unwind and bare her nipples to the wind.

Like the last time the breast expansion had pushed her outside her control and comfort, Jenna was embarrassed by the outright leers she was getting as she bounced her way to the library. She wanted to be more desirable, not seen as slut. She could not believe how badly this was going.

Things did not appear to be improving for her when Jenna found the empty spot on the shelf.

Shit!” Jenna exclaimed, at this point not caring how quiet she was in the library. She pulled all the books from the shelf that Kora’s tome was supposed to be on, and then all the books off the shelf below that. When she was certain it was gone she slumped with her back against the shelves and almost slid to the floor. The weight of her breasts caused her upper torso to hang forward, and the angle kept her from sliding all the way down. She pulled out her phone and texted Joy, hoping she had some idea as to the whereabouts of the book.

When no response came back immediately she decided to return to the dorm room, and hope she could a) avoid Kora, and b) find something of Joy’s that would fit her new bosom.

Jenna found herself once again skulking across campus, her arms and bag crossed over her breasts to again hide and support tits she’d been unprepared for. After she’d passed the student store by about twenty paces she was stopped by a male voice.

Hey Jenna, wait up!”

Jenna could hear someone running up behind her. She dared not turn, afraid her swinging swaddlings would either pull her over or knock down whoever was approaching. She was surprised to see Jon Ronson jog around to face her.

Hi Jon,” Jenna almost stuttered, letting the coverage of her breasts go slack a little, “What can I do for you?”

Well, I just wanted to…” Jon’s voice trailed a little as he got a glimpse of the cavernous cleavage pushing up behind Jenna’s arms, “…to, uh, invite you to the big Kappa party tonight.”

Jenna’s heart skipped. She’d been to plenty of frat parties before, but had always gotten in as part of a group – or because nobody stopped her. But to be singled out and invited…she knew she was holding the reason for this in her hands. Her panic over her unintended growth had pushed her earlier arousal away, but now – with this hunk standing before her – Jenna felt it well up again. She let her arms relax even more.

Thank you so much, Jon,” Jenna smiled at him, bending slightly in a mock curtsy designed to give him a better view, “Hey, do you want to go someplace a little more private and…talk about the party?”

Oh, no, but thanks, I have to get to practice,” Jon replied, not at all trying to hide his interest in Jenna’s cleavage, “But I’d love to…catch up with you tonight at the party.”

That sounds great,” Jenna smiled, and the two parted.

She seriously hoped she could find something of Joy’s to wear.

But now she could let maybe a little more skin show.