by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.


The flushed brunette was hugging her bag to her bosom as she went back to her dorm. She’d quickly learned that swift movement and large unsupported breasts did not get along, and was trying her best to both cover and support her chest as she entered the dormitory. Her back ached, making each movement all the more frustrating. As she punched in the code and opened the dorm room door she was in for another – although not entirely unexpected – shock.

Someone had clearly been rummaging through her room. This wasn’t the drawers-flung-open and trash-spilled-all-over mess of a robbery. This was someone – Jenna immediately knew it was Kora – trying to find something specific while disturbing as little as possible. Despite the efforts to hide the search Jenna could tell that clothes, books, and other small items had not been put back exactly in their original places.

But this was not the time to freak out about the invasion of privacy. Jenna needed to be in and out before Kora came back from whatever class or nap she was taking. The recently enhanced girl threw down her things and jiggled across the room to Joy’s dresser. She pulled open the top drawer and yanked out a bra.

She’d seen Joy put it on before. Jenna pulled off her blouse and…had to stare.

My God…” Jenna whispered as she caught sight of her profile in the mirror. She dropped her shirt on Joy’s bed and took a few steps towards her reflection, as if in a trance. Her breasts were round delicacies, capped with now-to-scale nipples that held fast and straight in the open air. Her pillows had a wonderful curve gently shaped by gravity’s sloping, and she could fully sense all the muscles tugged by the swinging weight growing forth from her. Jenna lifted her hands, making small cups beneath the lower curve of her bosom – her bosom! Her warm flesh easily overflowed over her palms and fingers.

Yet another sharp intake of breath at the sensation of hands to tits indicated how sensitive Jenna’s bossom was. Maybe she’d always been this sensitive and not known it, or this was a side effect of the spell – she couldn’t be certain if it was either or a combination of both. For a moment she was tempted to further explore her expanses of virgin flesh, but the sound of running in the hall snapped her out of it. Kora could return to look for them at any minute, and the guilty girl had proof of her magical theft hanging literally under her nose.

She grabbed the bra, hooked it together first in front of her as she’d seen Joy do before and then rotated the brassiere’s clasps to her back. At that point it was as easy to slip the straps over her shoulders. Jenna’s new boobs didn’t quite fill the cups designed for Joy’s grapefruits, but the bra still provided the needed support. She quickly pulled one of Joy’s own button-down blouses out of another draw, grabbed her stuff, and made it out of the dorm in time for her next class – but more importantly, before Kora caught her.

Outside the building she ran smack into Joy.

Oh! Jenna! There you are!” If Joy had been given the time to really think about how it had felt for her soft, full chest to slam into Jenna’s new one, perhaps what Joy asked next would not have been necessary. “Any luck with that spell book?”

Then Joy got a look.

Oh shit! What did you do to – is that one of my blouses? And bras?!”

Shhhhh!” Jenna practically slapped her hand over her roommate’s mouth. She took Joy by the shoulders and led her away from the building’s entrance, “I just saw our room, Kora was in there looking for the book!”

Fuck our room, I’d do that too if I was missing a real spell book! I mean, those do mean you got the spells to work, right?” Joy asked, pushing herself upright, completely unconcerned about Kora. She smacked the left cup of the bra, sending Jenna’s new gelatin bags jiggling.

Shit, don’t hit my boobs!”

I hit my shirt and my bra!”

I’m sorry, but I needed something! I cast a spell that made me grow bigger boobs when I saw a guy looking at breasts bigger than mine! Isn’t this awesome?”

Of course it is!” Jenna lied.

I have to get to class, I’ll fill you in later, just don’t let Kora catch you or make you tell her where we hid her book!” Jenna ordered, pulling away from Joy and enjoying her ability to once again move quickly with minimum chesticular discomfort.

Yes…” Joy said, mostly to herself, “…where we hid the book.”

The blonde was at the library’s third floor in a flash.

Joy had the utmost love and respect for Jenna, but the idea of one of them having both a big brain and big boobs sent shivers up Joy’s spine. This was a status quo which, as far as Joy was concerned, had done well for their friendship so far and was worth preserving.

Conveniently, a big brain was not required to use a Latin translator app. After a few minutes Joy found the spell that she suspected Jenna had used. But that wouldn’t help Joy now, since she’d have to wait for Jenna’s breasts to get bigger than hers before she could become jealous of them and grow herself. She needed something to keep her in the lead.

Breasts as she grows bigger,” sounded like a promising spell translation. After figuring out instructions about the placement of names, a little blood ingestion, and triple repetition, Joy had completed the ritual.

And felt no different.

She immediately realized that, since Jenna’s chest was currently smaller than her own, there was no reason to feel anything.

Joy was about to put the book back when a thought struck her; eventually Jenna would learn what Joy had done, and how would she react? Jenna had just wanted bigger boobs like Joy’s, and Joy had just cast a spell which made it seem like she was somehow competing or under attack. Joy didn’t really mean Jenna any ill will, she just…she just didn’t know what else to do to remain special. Joy wasn’t trying to stop Jenna from getting what she wanted. Jenna would still have big boobs, but Joy’s would remain bigger, it worked out for everyone!

But if it was really win-win why did Joy have such a pit in her gut? Doubt was creeping into her mind; would Jenna understand Joy’s true intention and reasons? Or would she see it as some sort of betrayal of their friendship? Each of these thoughts made Joy sick to her stomach. She quickly pulled the book back down and began translating once more. There had to be something in there to make sure Jenna wouldn’t hate Joy for what she’d done.

And converts the relationship there will be love.”

That sounded good – if the relationship changed then they wouldn’t hate each other, right? That made sense. A little blood, some names, three repetitions, and Joy felt like she could go on with her day without fear.

But, just in case that didn’t work, she grabbed the book and forced it tightly into her bag. If Kora had already searched the dorm and found nothing, she wouldn’t waste her time checking again, right?

Joy wondered what it would feel like when her breasts grew. She hoped it’d feel good. Before she had a chance to consider how restrictive her tank top and bra already were she realized she would be late for class if she didn’t get a move on, and any further thoughts on the matter left her mind.

to be continued…