by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.


Jenna stretched, her arms rising over her head and her back arching. As she did so her t-shirt dragged across her pale skin. Relaxing, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat for a second, her head hanging a bit as she willed herself to stay awake. She wasn’t very enthused about facing the day.

Her dirge of enthusiasm was partially brought on by her dislike for her classes. As a technically college sophomore Jenna should have been taking the classes she was really interested in; biological science courses. But as a former party-hardy freshman who ditched most of her basic courses she now found herself having to retake them – with passing grades, this time.

The second reason(s) she wasn’t keen to start the day lay before her. The problem with letting your head hang is that it puts one’s bosom right into view.

Or, it would have if Jenna had one. She would have cheered to the Heavens had she woken that morning – or any morning – with soft pink grapefruits gently sloping from her ribs. Instead, under the light cotton she slept in, were a pair of breasts about as large as the word “grapefruit” is long.

Yes, this word – “grapefruit.”

Her nipples were the most prominent part of her tits, and Jenna hated how sensitive they were. At the end of a pair of Double D boobies hard nipples are great, like the cherry on a sundae. Hard nipples growing off the curve of one’s ribs are just a frustrating reminder of what isn’t behind them.

But they were all she had to work with, so Jenna had given up the practice of wearing padded bras to simulate curves. She’d gotten the stink eye from one too many guys who’d taken off her bra and turned the lights back on when they couldn’t find what they thought should be there.

A rustle from the bed at the other side of the dorm snapped Jenna’s self-reflection back to the world around her. Looking over she saw Joy push herself up onto one elbow. Her roommate’s blonde curls fell like a curtain of vines across her chest, bumping into the domes that were Joy’s breasts. These were the grapefruit-sized examples that Jenna was so jealous of. The only thing Jenna’s brunette strands did when they fell across her chest was keep going and then swing back.

Morning,” Joy smiled, her eyes not quite open yet.

Morning…” Jenna replied. Even this early her roommate’s attitude was perky; Jenna guessed it had to match everything else.

Slowly the roommates wrested from their beds. Messages were checked. Social media was read and replied to. Outfits were selected.

Jenna watched in silent jealousy as Joy picked out the tank top, skirt, and wedge sandals for her hourglass silhouette. Jenna fully believed that a cheerleader-toned body such as Joy’s was all she needed to get ahead in the world – after all, Joy hadn’t flunked any classes.

Jenna had no idea Joy envied something of hers.

While Jenna picked out a conservative blouse and shorts Joy glanced over the paragraphs filled with scientific jargon that took up the screen of the brunette’s computer. The curvy blonde was impressed to the point of jealousy regarding how smart Jenna was. Knowledge came easily and quickly to the other roommate…when she applied herself. Joy cursed how many hours she needed to fully absorb what Jenna could do (sober) in minutes.

With their clothing selected both girls donned their robes, grabbed their shower baskets, and took to the hall.

Where they encountered the one thing that could seriously dampen Joy’s mood.

Morning, bitches,” Resident Assistant Kora barked as they passed her in the hall, “You sluts were actually quiet last night. Couldn’t pay any boys enough to sneak back with you?”

Kora’s body type fell somewhere between Jenna and Joy’s; not quite as ideally sexy as Joy, but with more defined curves than Jenna. Her job as a Resident Assistant was to monitor the dorm for any and all signs of drugs, alcohol, and debauchery. She had the graveyard-shift-into-early-morning patrol, which made her already naturally cranky personality all the worse.

In fact, Kora was prone to being bored on her patrols. Bored, Cranky, and a Position of Power was a bad combination. To fill her time Kora was known to manufacture problems, such as banging on quiet doors in the middle of the night just to wake people up and inform them of “noise complaints.” Almost all booze or weed that she confiscated just went back to her room…some of which would be carried with her and “found” when doing a random check of another room. And one whiff of cologne or any male-oriented scent had her banging on every door in the dorm until she found the contraband man.

Standing up to Kora, stopping her from pushing them around, was a commonly discussed daydream between the roommates. But this morning Jenna and Joy were too tired to try, simply letting Kora’s insults come at them. As the pair entered the showers Kora went on to the rest of her patrol, happy at how she could so casually insult them with no resistance.

After soaping, washing, and drying their lithe bodies the duo went back to their room, dressed, gathered their things for their classes, and went back to the hallway, this time passing Kora’s dorm room.

And when is a door not a door?

When it’s ajar.

Holly shit,” Joy muttered, elbowing Jenna, “Do you think Kora’s still on patrol?”

Probably,” Jenna replied, glancing back down the lengthy hallway behind them. When she turned back around Joy was quietly pushing open the unlocked door to their RA’s room.

What are you doing?!” Jenna hissed, now panicking and looking around to see if anyone had left their room. There didn’t seem to be any witnesses, and as she turned back around she found Joy trying to push something into her satchel bag.

Quick, quick, hide this before someone sees!”

What? What is this?” Jenna exclaimed, fumbling with what felt like a book. She pushed it into her bag with her other study material, but was unable to get a good look at it.

I think it’s Kora’s diary! I snatched it off her desk. Quick, hide it and we’ll stop at the library to check it out!”

Fine, fine,” Jenna shot back, clutching her bag to her chest as the two of them scurried down the hall towards the exit, “But I think this was a bad idea!”

to be continued…