From A Table

a short by Dan Standing

Carla knew she shouldn’t have taken the black heels. But they were sitting all by themselves on that table with no one around, the black patent leather glistening and calling out to her, the four inch heels begging to be worn. So she swiped them.

All day they sat in her purse but Carla waited until she got back to her apartment to try them on. Heading to her bedroom she placed the shiny heels by her mirror and began to undress. She slid the blouse up and around her lithe arms and auburn hair, and then freed her perky tangerines from their fabric prison. A skirt and thong slipped over her juicy ass and down her long smooth legs. She admired herself in the mirror, as she often did, posing to accentuate her hourglass. Carla loved her body, and she loved anything that enhanced its sexiness. She was excited to see how her legs would look in the heels.

She grabbed her new shoes and unzipped the zippers that ran down the center rear of each heel. The fit of her right foot was a bit tight, but her left slid in slightly better. She zipped them both up and posed before the mirror.

Moments after Carla zipped up the back of the second shoe she knew something was wrong. As she crouched in a sexy bend to accentuate her ass she felt a new tightness in the tip of the shoes. It was as if the black leather was flowing into the toe space and filling in around her toes. She’d barely had any room to move them, but now looked down and realized she could not flex her toes at all. They were completely surrounded and held stiffly in place by the material.

Reaching down to unzip the shoes and remove them Carla watched as the rim of patent leather that had been resting around the top of her ankle sunk in and merged with her skin. There was no longer and seam between ankle and foot, just smooth black that transitioned to Carla’s skin tone. Running her fingers over the former divide Carla felt that the only thing raised above her new skin were the closed teeth and handle of the rear zippers.

Not sure how to react to this Carla stood straight and examined her look once more. Her feet looked very sexy stretched up in the shoes, and the angle nicely enhanced her legs. If she had to be stuck permanently wearing only one pair of shoes for her life this wasn’t the worst to be stuck with.

As she stood finding the silver lining Carla felt an itch in the back of her calf. Turning so she could see the other side of her leg the woman’s eyes went wide.

The zipper had started advancing up the back of her leg, directly up the center of her calf. And the shiny black leather color was expanding up after it…