Oh God, I did this to myself! All I wanted was bigger breasts! But now it’s all I am! My long silky legs, that so many men stared at and traced with their hands – gone. My feet and toes…mmm, my toes that so many men had sucked on, sending shivers and pleasure through my bones to my pussy – gone. My taught stomach and toned arms, perfectly formed at the gym – gone. My green bedroom eyes and my lips, my gorgeous bee-stung lips that had kissed so many mouths and enveloped so many salty cocks – gone. My ass, round and perky and so erotically slappable – gone. Even my pussy, my pink trimmed pussy with its needy clit that would blush and flush for a hunky man – gone. I remember feeling the muscles and bones, softening…shifting…compacting. My tits getting warm and tight as they grew…and grew…and grew. Swallowing up everything else that I’d ever been? I can feel myself, all that I am now, two beach-ball-sized boobs sitting in the middle of my apartment complex’s lobby. The cold tile has made my giant nipples rock hard. The air conditioning sends shivers through me. Why did I ever make that wish? And more importantly – why isn’t anyone making love to my giant disembodied bust?