Based on Scene: Joan And Julie, Humantaur

“Oh, no, Miss Derwood!” Julie exclaimed, “Trust me, if I could actually be your second ass, I would absolutely wish to be!”

Julie suddenly felt a flush of air as her clothes disintegrated off of her tight young skin. Even her heels vanished, leaving her teetered up on her toes. Julie’s upper body swung forward and down, not because of an issue with balance but because some unseen power was moving Julie beyond her control.

The young woman’s arms reached out and wrapped around Miss Derwood’s hips. Beads of water that were still hanging to the older woman from her shower broke and spread across Julie’s skin. The bent woman’s face went straight for Miss Derwood’s ass, Julie’s nose settling square in the crack. For a moment she could feel the butt cheeks against the ones aside her mouth.

Then Julie’s flesh merged with Miss Derwood’s. Her hands and arms sunk into the other woman’s lower body as Julie’s face disappeared into her rear. Julie’s legs, still up on her toes, walked her bent body forward. As she did so more of Julie’s body – her shoulders, her breasts, and nearly all her ribs – became one with Miss Derwood.

Julie, it could be surmised, was having quite the odd experience. She’d at first been terrified, but that had been washed away as she became one with the woman she was devoted to. She could feel that part of her which had merged with Miss Derwood spread out through the other woman’s body, bringing youth and rejuvenation to her. Julie couldn’t directly feel Miss Derwood’s body, nor see anything through the woman’s eyes, but she could sense that her boss’ wrinkles and sagging features had been improved by the introduction of Julie’s vitality.

It was now that the mysterious force released its control of Julie – but she found that she had nearly no control over any of her remaining body.


The half-woman could feel Miss Derwood’s perplexed hand slide from the small of her own back to Julie’s, and follow the young woman’s hand to her ass. Julie wanted to feel her body shudder in pleasure of the caress, to kick her feet up and down from the sensation, but could not do so. But she did feel her pussy clench and release. She wanted to try again, but was distracted as Miss Derwood tried to walk all four of their legs. Julie felt her legs trip and stumble in the alien gait. When they stopped she had a distant sensation of Miss Derwood touching her breasts.

Julie liked that. She liked it a lot. She sent all her pleasure to her pussy, commanding it drip and blush. Julie so wished she could squeeze it with her thighs, to enhance the pleasure somehow.

Then she felt her sexual heat move up her torso and enter Miss Derwood. Julie could sense Miss Derwood’s pleasure in feeling Julie’s pleasure. They each enhanced the other’s libido, doubling their thoughts of satisfaction. There was no question in Julie’s mind that Miss Derwood would soon be pleasuring them both.

There was no doubt in Julie’s mind that that would feel fantastic.

Perhaps this wouldn’t turn out so bad after all.