A Wormy Thing To Do

a free form poem by Dan Standing

Hair falls away.
Body tumbles.
Bones should break but instead soften.
Breasts shrink into my ribs.
Nipples flatten, auburn spreads.
Body starts to shrink and clothes fall away.
Sports bra. Running shorts. Huge and useless now.
Arms stick to my sides, fingers and hands fuse to thighs.
Legs compress.
Pussy swallowed up by my shifting flesh. Should have enjoyed it more.
Writhing on the ground now.
Eyes kept long enough to see my curves straighten out.
The body I worked so hard for turning to a fleshy string.
Teeth sink away, mouth stretches. It is all of my head that is left.
Ass shifts to what were once my toes.
Lines and little bristles poke across the soggy skin.
Damp…need to be damp.
Nothing more than a few struggling inches.
I remember crouching down next to her at the line.
Waiting for the start.
She looked fast.
I kicked her starting block before the gun.
“Eat my dirt,” I smiled.
A hand gestures.
“Oh, you’ll eat all the dirt.”