I will return to the last entry of La Metafeminine En Español soon (as well as getting that A Lamp for Medusa review written) but after a missed update something more creative is required!

Judging By The Cover

Cheryl arched her back and cried out. She could feel another splash of fluid on her already-soaked-and-dripping thighs. Her scream of pleasure was barely muffled by the pillow her face was pressed into.

She could feel all four of her nipples dragging against the mattress. Her second pair of breasts were still growing in, getting heavier and heavier on her ribs. Every pleasurable pulse pushed more pink flesh up from her skin. Fat and muscle knitting itself to her in a strange and alien way. She no longer had any doubt of the gypsy’s legitimacy.

Her loins were already quivering from the intense erotic impulse racking through her body as she grew two new tits. But now a new quiver was shivering through her hips. Cheryl flipped herself to her back, four fleshy grapefruits swinging and jiggling as she moved. They flattened out atop her body completely covering her ribs. The air licked at them, teasing them almost as badly as the sheet’s fibers.

Cheryl’s legs were shaking. She could feel her juices dripping down them. The mattress was already soaked to its limit.

“Ah…aAHH!” the runner cried out as her hips started to spread and crack. Her labia and pussy felt as if they were softening…and then stretching. The gap between her legs stretched wide before a new isthmus of skin split it in half. Two engorged clits settled next to each other above two pair of labia. Cheryl’s breathing was haggard, and she could barely catch her breath – as would be expected of anyone who had just experienced two simultaneous orgasms.

The exhausted woman lay back in her bed for a few minutes, doing nothing but breathing. Her entire body felt thrice as sensitive as it had before, and she did her best not to move – or risk setting off a chain of events she didn’t think she’d be willing to stop.

Slowly, gradually, as the post-orgasmic glow left her and her body settled into only twice its previous sensitivity, Cheryl lifted her head up. She peered down her doubled cleavage and could see a pair of mons pubis rising up from her lower abdomen. Twin rivers leaked from her pussies, and four hard nubs atop her chest reached for the ceiling.

“I bet I get twice the pleasure you get in bed…” Cheryl recalled saying to the strange woman.

“Oh yes?” was the reply, “I’m sure you will.”

She wasn’t certain then, as Cheryl watched the hand waving and chanting, if it was real mysticism or just a crazy woman’s rants. Now it was clear which was the case.

Cheryl’s plan had worked.