Real or Reality?

by Dan Standing

“Oh, sure, and I’m one of those fake-titted reality show sluts who gets off on being filmed.”

Tyreen’s statement had been in response to the introduction just given to her by the strange woman in the gym locker room. Tyreen, glistening with sweat from her weekly after-work routine, had just opened up her sports drink, turned to get her dress clothes, and when she turned back this nude woman was standing right by her locker.

“I’m the genie of the sports drink, and you have one wish!” the naked intruder had announced.

So Tyreen’s disbelief was understandable.

“Is that your wish?” the woman asked, not moving from her spot, despite Tyreen’s obvious discomfort.

“Yeah, sure it is, if that’ll get you out of my face,” Tyreen muttered.

“Wonderful. Fake tits, sluttiness, and camera-induced orgasms I can do. Granted, and goodbye!”

Suddenly the woman vanished with a splash of liquid as green as Tyreen’s drink. The startled gym-goer blinked a few times. Had someone really been there? Had the woman really vanished? Had she really been a genie?

Had Tyreen really just wished for-

Doubt did not have a lengthy home in Tyreen’s mind. Within moments she felt an incredible tightness in her sports bra. Tyreen had always been a petite woman – this went for both her height and her dimensions. Her sports bra was more of a fashion choice than a necessity. So when her handfuls of breast flesh began to fight back against the stretchy fabric Tyreen noticed.

“Oh…oh God…” Tyreen gasped, urgently tugging on her bra as the elastic cups filled with growing fat and silicon. With much effort Tyreen was able to pull the sportswear over her head, and she instantly turned towards the locker room mirror.

Her jaw dropped. Tyreen could see her breasts inflating before her eyes – and ribs! What had once been small mounds topped by equally small nipples were now the size – and shape – of baseballs! Tyreen brought up her hands and palmed her spherical tits. She could feel the natural fatty tissue that was growing atop her chest, but as her fingers squeezed she could also feel the resistance of what was obviously an implant within. Her nipples, swelling towards the size of thumbs, poked against her palms.

As her digits were pushed apart by the advance of her breasts from baseballs to softballs Tyreen pulled her hands away and was about to scream. But the swell of lust in her loins overwhelmed the swell of fear in her mind.

“Oh…” Tyreen shuddered as her knees went weak and she melted down to the locker room’s bench. Her pussy had suddenly become inflamed with need. She could feel her clit becoming achingly swollen and pushing against her flushing labia. Sitting as she was Tyreen could feel her juices flowing through every crease and cranny of her slit, seeping into her panties and gym shorts.

A flush ran over her skin, and Tyreen was instantly aware that she’d suddenly become much more sensitive all over. Her back was arching from the weight of the rubbery grapefruits hanging from her ribs, and Tyreen again grasped them. Her shotglass size nipples were squeezed between thumb and forefinger as she pushed her fingers against her taught skin. Her breasts had indeed gotten much more sensitive, and Tyreen cooed as the electric pulse of erotic contact zipped straight to her crotch. Her lusty moan echoed across the tile.

Tyreen stopped herself. She realized that something wasn’t right. This was wrong. She was sick.

And the only cure was a hot beef injection.

Ignoring how empty she felt between her thighs Tyreen got up and went to her work clothes. She pealed off the soaked panties and shorts and pulled on the black skirt – sans panties. The damp air circulating within the open fabric, swirling around her bare pussy, made Tyreen giggle. She pulled on her white blouse without the dress bra she’d put on that morning. Her tits, now finally ceasing their growth at the size of casaba melons with nipples that neared the size of two golf balls stacked atop each other, would barely fit inside the white fabric. Tyreen could only get three buttons together, and the pressure of the material against her skin was a constant turn on. She wondered how long it would take for her juices to run down her legs past the hum of the skirt.

She would have surely been stopped on the street in such an outfit. But Tyreen didn’t expect to get that far. She needed a man between her legs now and planned to be on her back in the men’s locker room within the next few minutes. She fluffed her hair, and with sexual assuredness strutted out of the locker room.

An orgasm immediately rocked Tyreen as she stepped onto the gym’s main room. She screamed in pleasure as her juices splattered across the inside of her thighs and skirt. She crumpled to the floor as her legs became jelly. Tyreen’s silicon boobs barely bounced against each other, but the buttons did rip off her shirt, exposing her chest to everyone who turned towards the commotion.

Before she’d even tasted the afterglow of her first orgasm another one hit Tyreen, this one so intense she couldn’t even get out a gasp.

She’d forgotten about the gym’s security cameras.

And now a slew of smart phones were being whipped out, each RECORD light pumping the thrashing woman with another spike of carnal bliss.

And Tyreen was giving them quite a show.