Just FYI, I do have two reviews coming – including A Lamp For Medusa – but I misplaced the book and only just found it so it will be a little while yet! ~dS

Just a quick one:

When I wished that men would pay more attention to my nipples I hadn’t expected it to come true. I hadn’t meant anything more by it beyond wanting a little more suckling and pinching during sex. So when my nipples suddenly went cold, stood up taller than they ever had before, and began to stiffen I was caught off guard.

I stared at my reflection as the edges of my areola started to become a deep bronze. From that outer rim of color the changes moved inwards towards my nipple. My bumpy tender saucers smoothed out into metal caps, and my nipples literally rang as they turned to brass.

The holes at the tips of my new metal teats widened to about a centimeter. I shuddered as a cold sensation began at the center core of my breasts. Shortly thereafter I felt my chest filling; liquid was pushing out against my fatty fun bags from within, causing them to expand and stretch. Within minutes what had once been naturally hanging D-cups were taught and standing grapefruits atop my chest. When the restrictions of my flesh could give no more the liquid began dripping from my bronzed nipples. I took some to my finger and licked it.


And the beer was good.

Surprisingly, my pussy was aflame from the sensation of alterations, and I quickly tended to it while golden deliciousness dribbled back to me. My metal nipples are still incredibly sensitive, and now there hasn’t yet been a man who hasn’t lapped at them eagerly.