The Pleasure of Others

a super-short by Dan Standing

Sandra’s body locked up as she came. She’d had no time to refute the wording of her last wish. But her instant of self-doubt was washed away by the pure bliss that poured over her mind.

Her perfect body – exactly how she’d imagined it with her first wish – began to shudder. Slowly her dainty feet and long smooth legs began to dissipate into pure energy, becoming just that hazy refraction in the air on a hot day. Sandra’s fingers stretched and began to evaporate as well, her wrists and arms slowly following.

Her breasts shuddered atop her chest as her wet cum continued to rock her body. Minutes before they had been barely peaches. The ifrit’s magic had changed that. Sandra had held tight to her table as warm gushes of freshly grown fat and tissue surged into her tiny tits. She had felt the arousal brought on from her breast expansion dripping down her thighs. It had been this sensation that had sparked the thoughts leading to her third wish.

Sandra’s legs had vanished up to her thighs, and her arms to her shoulders. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel that her blond tresses had also wisped away. As the dispersion continued she wasn’t concerned about what would happen to her as vital organs – and even her brain – were taken by it. Her second wish had been to live forever and survive anything. She’d come out the other end of this in some fashion – but just how she did not know.

The flesh and bone around her pussy had faded into the air, leaving her lower lips still fluttering and spraying by themselves. Sandra’s sex-fogged vision could just see her nipples poof out of physical existence as her head also dissipated. With the rest of her body no more, her pussy finally ended its physical existence.

There was no way for Sandra to know how long she’d floated in the room as a disembodied orgasm. She was purely sexual pleasure now, and her consciousness – what was left of it – could only perceive that bliss.

Then, suddenly, Sandra was on a bed in a large room. She was naked and staring at a mirror. She was brunette woman, in her mid-forties, and still quite attractive. A hand played with a round breast still full and filled with vitality, thumb and finger tugging at the brown nipple. She could feel her body seizing up as the undulating dildo buried and held tight within the woman’s crotch crested her. Sandra cried out with the stranger as she came and the pleasure sent shivers through her tanned skin. As the woman let her head fall back while orgasm began to slip into afterglow Sandra vanished from the woman.

In another instant Sandra found herself in a college dorm room. She was a slim red head, just nineteen. She was on her hands and knees atop a messy bed. Her bra was pushed down around her stomach, her orange-sized breasts hanging with their nipples just brushing a blanket. Her skirt was pushed up around her hips and her panties pulled down around her thighs. She was biting a pillow, trying not to make any noise. Sandra could feel the cock of a football player plowing deep into her tight pussy, the smooth silicon barely holding his thick rod. The girl had a finger desperately pressed against her clit, which was dripping from the lube culled from the stretched condom. Sandra came with the girl as her unpracticed vaginal muscles gripped at the boy’s ramming cock. The girl’s back arched and sweat dripped onto her sheets as she screamed into the pillow. Additional bolts of pleasure ran through her as wide hands spanked her ass.

As the girl collapsed forward from blissful exhaustion Sandra left her and moved on to experience another woman’s orgasm and the exact moment she began to cum.

And then another.

And another.

As pure physical pleasure, this was now Sandra’s existence, for the rest of time.