Painted Up

a quickie in two parts (Part II)

Pumice rested Rowena across the back seat of his SUV, where she bounced around stiffly as the drive to his lab got under way. Rowena continued to struggle against her frozen muscles throughout the entire ride, on occasion thinking she’d made a small victory before realizing any perceived movement was only caused by an especially bad bump. She’d given up by the time Pumice parked.

Rowena’s mind shuddered and she internally cooed as she felt the man’s hard hands on her naked body. He dragged her out of the car and she was once again slung over his shoulder. It was about fifty feet between the car park and Pumice’s actual lab. Rowena tried to take mental notes of their location for future reference, but they were inside and everything was built hospital white.

Inside the laboratory, which was overwhelmed with all sorts of equipment, Pumice hefted Rowena off his shoulder and leaned her against a wall. His hand brushed her breast as he stepped away, and Rowena’s body ached for more than an incidental touch…while her mind simultaneously plotting how she would shatter his head.

“I know I could try and balance you upright, but your invisible feet would make that difficult. But don’t worry, I have a solution to that so I know you’ll always stand without fear of falling over…”

Pumice had angled the captured ImperceptEvil so she could see what he was doing. He retrieved a round metal pan about two feet in diameter and placed it on the floor. He then picked up a plastic gallon container and poured a layer of white goo into the shallow metal surface. As Pumic returned the container the muck slowly spread and covered all of the pan’s shallow depth.

“Alright now, let’s try this…” Pumice groaned as he lifted Rowena. He carried her over and placed her down within the pan. He worked his hands over her for a few moments to make sure she was standing upright. Rowena would have been panting at the feel-up if the sensation of the ooze on her feet wasn’t so strange.

Ug, what is this stuff?! Rowena’s mind gagged as the goo bulged around and between her toes, It’s cold and…yuck!

“If you’re curious, that stuff is atomic glue. When it dries in a minute or two you’ll be very permanently bonded to it and this support dish,” Pumice said with a smile.


“Oh don’t get upset yet,” the stone scientist laughed as he swaggered over to one of his tables. He picked up from it a needle and a spray can, “Save that for what I’m about to do.”

Stepping back over to his frozen captive Pumice let burst a little cloud of red paint. Rowena felt the mist settle over her right thigh. The patch of red was clearly not what Pumice was looking for, so he sprayed again until part of Rowena’s right arm spattered into view.

“Ah, there we are. You may one day thank me, Rowena,” Pumice smirked as he held up the needle and tapped it, spritzing a bit of the liquid as he ejected air from the reservoir, “I’m about to make you immortal.”

Rowena barely felt the needle. She was concentrating too much on the cold tingle of her toes as the atomic glue solidified, her feet now bonded to the metal tray at the most intimate level of practical physics. It was only as Pumice was returning his items to the table that Rowena began to notice the effects of the injection. Her whole body was getting warm, as if her metabolism had just skyrocketed. Her breathing became heavy.

And then it stopped.

Panic ripped through Rowena, as she expected to pass out at any moment.

But she didn’t. She was completely still. She couldn’t even feel her heart beating.

What the fuck did you do to me? Rowena’s mind screamed.

“So, by now I expect my little cocktail has taken effect. Don’t worry, Rowena, you won’t be dying any time soon. Maybe when the sun explodes in a few million years, if nobody thinks to move you off planet. But for now your mind and body are perfectly preserved.”

Pumice had returned to Rowena carrying a metal bucket and a paint brush. He used his foot to drag over a small stool, and he sat down in front of his captive – her red tainted hip and arm obvious signs in regards to which direction Rowena was facing.

“You see, my dear, I isolated the compound within my stony form that keeps me alive while all of my otherwise-necessary vital signs are arrested. You’d think it would be a miracle drug, but sadly the average human body burns it up too quickly to be of any good.”

Rowena started to laugh at Pumice’s situation – being so close to ending world hunger and mortality and yet so far – but her thoughts were interrupted as the wet brush slid from the toes of her right foot up to the top of her ankle. Whatever Pumice was using, it was cold and immediately created a pleasant pinching sensation across ImperceptEvil’s skin.

“However, what I discovered, is that if I over-drive the same substance I used to make you immobile, the two chemicals in combination can sustain a person indefinitely – of course, they’ll be completely immobile for the rest of their existence.”

Wait, I’m stuck like this…forever! Rowena’s mind screamed, before it was again distracted by Pumice painting her legs. You…you can’t do that! You’re a super hero!

“Now, I won’t lie, I was a little torn about imprisoning you in your own body for what would probably be most of forever,” Pumice continued on as his brush strokes reached his captive’s thighs, “But then the courts commuted your extensive outstanding sentences to me and, well, things are easier to justify when the law is behind you.”

No no no! I don’t want to be like this forev-oh!

Pumice’s brush had reached Rowena’s bare pussy. Her mind shuddered at the cool caresses of it, the bristles invading crevices that fingers had never delved into. The paint tingled and tightened around her labia, and little bits of it leaked through to her clit.

Rowena’s mind was suddenly aflame with desire.

“Back when we were just coworkers, before the accident, I was into you, Rowena,” Pumice continued on as his brush lingered over Rowena’s pussy. “I always wondered what you looked like under the lab coat. And then I was chasing you naked all the time – invisible, of course. Now I think it is time the world took a look.”

It was then that a part of Rowena’s mind buried under all the growing lust realized what Pumice was doing. Right now she was just a pair of hollow legs and a pussy standing atop a rostrum in a lab. She’s always gloated to herself how no one had seen her sexy villainous form. But now Pumice was in the process of putting her body on show.

But that was the part of her mind under the overwhelming sexual pounding the rest of her mind was dealing with.

Touch me, touch me, touch me! Rowena was mentally screaming as the brush moved up her stomach and to the underside of her breast, Make me cum, please!

“Now, don’t worry Rowena, I am a gentleman. I officially need to make you visible so that I can confirm it is you I have captured. But once I’ve coated you with this special weather-proof vibranor no one will violate the sanctity of your body.”

No no, please please! I can’t stay on the edge of an orgasm forever! Rowena begged. Pumice, of course, did not hear her. He had just coated her left nipple – further driving Rowena towards a precipice she could not send herself over – when a buzzing in his pocket stopped him.

“Uh oh,” Professor Pumice sighed as he looked at his communicator. He sealed the metal can and placed aside the brush, “You’re not the only criminal in the world and it looks like someone else needs attention. I’ll be back to finish later.”

And with that, despite Rowena’s unheard protests, Pumice closed up the lab and left. Only the front of Rowena’s invisible legs, her pussy, and a line up her stomach to her breast had been painted. The surreal looking empty form stood completely still in the dark atop its shallow stage, regretting the day it ever thought Evil would be the greatest pleasure.

Now she could only quietly beg for that.