I love brick-and-mortar stores and printed media. The internet is certainly great for finding things you know you are looking for, and for finding stuff collected in websites you may visit often, but sometimes you just can’t replace being surprised by something on a shelf.

Behold, my most recent surprise;

The cover to my copy of British GQ December 2013

The cover to my copy of British GQ December 2013

If you are a huge fan of gorgons and/or Rihanna I cannot recommend this issue enough. Beyond the cover there are 8 images of the mostly-nude (but strategically covered) singer, two of which are two-page spreads. Each has her with the long nails and the vertical split pupil eyes visible on the cover. Some feature her with snake-like teeth and fangs, and three have her natural hair instead of the snakes. Sadly, I do have to mention one qualm; pretty much every picture with the snake hair features nearly identical arrangements of snakes, in one case the over-imposed image is simply swapped left-to-right.

But it is a small quibble.

Artist Damien Hirst takes some great shots of “Medusanna” (my own term) which are inspired by a larger idea he is currently working on which will feature Medusa and statues (and is sadly four years away). Because it is Hirst he also spoofed one of his own pieces by doing a picture of Medusanna suspended in formaldehyde (you’ll need to read the article after the pictorial to find that one).

If gorgons and/or Rihanna are not your thing then I don’t have much else metafeminine to report on for this 512 page issue. It does have some interesting articles tucked between its hundreds of ads, and you will find plenty of sexy comics and photos – some of them even topless – throughout British GQ December 2013 (which is the 25th Anniversary issue), but the $10.99 price is hard to justify for anyone who isn’t hardcore about gorgons and/or Rihanna.

Or, I guess, British GQ.