Other writing responsibilities require that I split this vignette into two parts, but it had been so long since I gave you all some original prose I knew I had to post something!

Painted Up

a quickie in two parts

Since the day of the accident Rowena Crowler had used her powers of invisibility for nothing but evil. In fact, she had named herself to reflect her intentions; ImperceptEvil. She considered her power to become invisible at will a gift to put right all the perceived slights the world had put upon her.

So the trail of snapped necks behind her, as Rowena made her way down the hallway towards the vault, was business-as-usual for one of ImperceptEvil’s robberies. The thrill of a massacre still got Rowena worked up, and since she had to do all of her invisible dirty work naked it was often that she’d be playing with one of her softball-sized tits or teasing her wet pussy as she made her way to the loot. In fact, she had one hand pinching her nipple tightly and the other just inches from her lower lips when she felt a prick on her ass.

ImperceptEvil wanted to turn and investigate what she’d felt, but within moments of the pinching feeling her muscles locked up. Rowena found herself trapped in mid-step, just barely balanced on the balls of her feet. Her hand was still on her breast, her fingers still inches from her pussy, and her expression frozen in place with just a touch of “Ouch!” from the prick.

“Ah ha, there you are Rowena!” ImperceptEvil would recognize the egotistic ring of that voice anywhere; Professor Pumice. Another victim of the same accident that birthed ImperceptEvil, Vincent Pumiet had been transformed into an animate statue of stone; pumice, specifically. And since pumice was a terribly weak stone Vincent’s super-heroics had come mostly from his great scientific mind.

Rowena heard steps approaching her from behind and another pinch. Pumice, wearing his “action lab-coat” came into view. In his one hand, balanced between thumb and forefinger, was the tranquilizer dart that had struck the villain’s butt cheek. He wiggled it in Rowena’s face – or where he thought her face was. His stony gaze and the used dart were about six inches too far to the left. Rowena realized that she couldn’t even move her eyes to focus her vision directly on Pumice.

“Enjoying my little cocktail?” he grinned. Rowena’s brain sent out the command to sock Pumice in the chin, but nothing responded. She could feel a tightening of the muscles she wanted to move, but her hands stayed where they were. The one on her breast was becoming especially distracting.

I’m a prisoner of my own body! her mind growled, followed by a string of curses directed at her foe.

“I suppose I knew that was a rhetorical question. It’s a special serum I cooked up. Not specially for you, no, that one is back at my lab. This one just locks away all conscious control over your body. That’s why you can breath, but everything else is no longer an option. Including, according to my theories, your ability to become visible again.”

The invisible woman hadn’t even considered becoming visible again – and she wasn’t going to try now. Seeing the details of her fully nude body was not a victory she would give Pumice.

But Rowena did think that Pumice’s assumption was correct.

“You probably think you’re going back to jail, right?” Pumice asked as he tossed the dart away.

Like it was all that hard to escape from prison the last time. So much lovely screaming…

Rowena’s thoughts trailed as she saw Pumice bend over and put his hands out where he thought Rowena’s torso was. He bumped into her ungrasped breast, and had to feel around ImperceptEvil’s ribs to get a bearing on her body. Rowena remained silent, even as her mind cried out at the groping – not all of which she was finding unpleasant. She’d always been interested in Pumice’s body, both before and after the accident.

“I guess I should stop asking questions. Anyway, yes, you do have three outstanding life sentences from the last time I caught you. And we can see how well those are doing to curb your criminal lusts. So this time I was granted permission from the courts fulfill those sentences how I best see fit.”

What does that-

Again Rowena’s thoughts trailed, this time as Pumice hefted her over his shoulder. Her body barely shifted, her muscles tightly holding her last position. Searching for a grip Pumice had one hand wrapped around Rowena’s thigh, and the other gripping the crease of her ass. With her own ministrations before freezing up combined with the touching and having his fingers so close to her pussy Rowena ached for him to move them a few inches higher.

“The good news for you, Rowena, is that you finally get to see my secret base.”

to be continued…