Currently, I think Sucked In is the only prose work on this website that I have yet to finish. That’s something that I am personally not pleased with.

While my sudden dirth of time was one reason why I didn’t get back to Sucked In’s follow-up, to be completely honest I was a little intimidated by the myriad of great ideas people put forward. Part of my delay has been, in fact, because I hadn’t yet come up with a satisfactory method to incorporare the ones I liked.

However, after a little prodding from earlier today, I really put my mind into rethinking the route that I had originally boxed myself into. And now I think I have the game plan I am happy with. I do have some commission work I need to make sure I attend to, but if all goes to plan ya’ll should be on the look out for a follow-up next week entitled Now You Museum, Now You Don’t.

And note that it’s a follow-up…not a finale…