a Dan Standing super sticky quicky.

Her roommate called it Magic Glue. She also said Vera wasn’t supposed to touch it.

When asked why it was called Magic Glue, all Vera had been told was that it was able to duplicate the properties of the first object it was applied to, and then alter the second object’s atomic structure to match it. Supposedly this would remove any visible seam in a repaired broken object, whether that was marble, steel, or wood.

Vera didn’t give a shit about any of that. She was mad about having her favorite thong worn without her permission. Knowing that her guilty roommate would be back any moment – probably drunk – Vera had poured the Magic Glue onto the kitchen tile, hoping the tipsy woman would remove her heels once she was in the apartment and step in the puddle, spending the night stuck in the kitchen.

It seemed like a great plan, but Vera had not expected to stumble and step into the pool of goo herself. Try as she might she could not pull her heel or toes free from the ceramic tile.

And it they were starting to tingle.

And the top of her foot was starting to look an aweful lot like the pattern of the tile…