Use A Rubber

a quickie by Dan Standing

When Lucy awoke she could still feel the thick shaft of the double dildo inside of her. It was not an entirely unwelcome sensation. Her body ached pleasantly from the previous night’s activity. Lucy could feel another body in the bed with her, and as her eyes focused she saw…Clarice? Clarisa? Karen? The hot blonde from the bar.

The blonde was splayed out, her legs wrapped around Lucy’s. Looking down past the fleshy softballs pouring down either side of her own ribs Lucy looked over the body of her conquest. She would have sworn she’d fucked a young Pamela Anderson last night – if young Pamela Anderson had been gifted with natural breasts the size of older Pamela Anderson’s implants.

Lucy could see a few inches of green rubber burst out of her pussy and disappear between the puffy lower lips of her bedmate. They’d both passed out while cumming, the dildo still deep inside each of them. Now that Lucy was thinking about it, the shaft did feel very deep inside of her. She shifted and gave a little moan – it was still firmly pushed up against her G-spot. Lucy flexed her hips a little, her pussy quickly moistening. A little morning delight would be nice.

As she gyrated her pelvis Lucy’s actions were transmitting down the length of the dildo, and the blonde was beginning to moan in her sleep. She roused as she became aroused, and turned to smile at Lucy. Soon they were both undulating on the mattress, and Lucy could not believe how intense this was. The dildo pushed against her sensitive internal patch constantly, even when she thought she was pulling away from the other woman.

After only a few minutes both lovers let out mews of pleasure, laying a moment and breathing as a fine layer of fresh sweat joined the dried film from the night previous. Smiles were exchanged again.

OKay, that was fun, Lucy thought to herself as she looked to the blonde, But now its time to get out of my apartment.

The other woman was not a stranger to the One Night Stand Etiquette, and the both moved to remove the dildo and get up. But as their hands tried to guide the rubber rod from their slits they both shuddered. Their actions had caused a tug on their G-spots, shooting a muscle-locking spasm through their bodies. Puzzled looks preceded a second attempt, which gave an identical jolt.

Four attempts later and both Lucy and the blonde were on their backs panting. They hadn’t cum again, but their systems were ramped up to the point that another tug or two might put them over once more. Both pussies were releasing quite a bit of fluid around the base of the dildo.

Lucy’s mind was racing. What is going on? The dildo did not feel to stuck inside them, it simply would not release their…oh no!

There was an old fortune telling machine at the bar. Everyone said it was broken, but during their fourth drink – before coming to her home – Lucy and the blonde had tried it. It popped out a card that said, “During passion your wishes shall be granted.” They’d each forgotten it by the time they were naked in Lucy’s bed.

It was when they were giving the double-ended dildo a try that Lucy remembered saying without thought, “I wish this dildo would find my G-spot and just stay there!”

“I wish so, too!” muttered the blonde.

It had been at that point their sex got especially intense, to the point they had passed out.

As the blonde tried once more to tug her way off the shaft, and Lucy felt the pulling on her sensitive section finally start to push her over the edge, she realized that she and the blonde were going to spend a lot of nights together like last night.

And days as well.