Certain Dimensions

a quicky by Dan Standing

Oh shit, what’s happening? Everything is pulling away! Why am I…am I falling? No, I’m…I’m collapsing! And my clothes, they’re changing, becoming…fuck, did my shirt just shrink down to the blue bikini in the poster?

Yes, I can see in the glass – my skirt just morphed into the bikini bottom! But why am…deflating? Yes, it’s like…it’s like my body is losing air. But that’s not all, I can see my little apple breasts, they’re changing! Spreading out.

Oh fuck, they’re the size of the one the girl in that poster has! And my hips…I can feel them widening, the pressure is surreal! But at the same time, I feel like…I’m getting flatter.

That’s it! I wished to have the clothes and dimensions of the woman in that advertisement poster! So my clothes became the bikini, and I’m…I’m becomind two-dimensional! I didn’t mean to have her dimensions like that!

Shit shit shit, I can feel my calves folding down over my ankles. It feels like lasagna noodles curling on top of one another! I can feel my skin, my legs, but…there’s just no mass to them!

My arms are so limp, I can’t lift or do anything with them. I can feel my fingers reaching the tile. God, the floor at the mall is cold…I’ve never so badly wanted to see my nipples pop to attention! There, my elbows just collapsed over my hands.

Oh, the bikini top…it’s pulling me backwards! So fast, I’m going to – oh! I guess you can’t get hurt or bruised if you don’t really way anything or have actually blood vessels to damage. I think I can feel my hair, it’s fused to the back of my neck.

God, the lights are bright. I can’t move, not much at least. I can look around and blink, wiggle my fingers left and right. But I can’t go anywhere, the bikini is weighing me down.

Weighing me down in some odd places…oh shit, I just realized, the way the bottoms are resting on my pussy, the seem…it’s perfectly tracing my slit. Fuck, why did I have to think about that? I should be trying to scream, cursing God, not…not concentrating on how good my pussy feels.

It would feel really good to take a deep breath. Not because I want to breathe – funny how I don’t seem to need to do that anymore – but now I can also feel the bikini resting on my flat nipples. By the Saints, that’s…that’s maddening.

Shit, why hasn’t anyone picked me up? Has this scared everyone and run them off? I need a big man to come back, pick me up…lick me. Take me home.

Mmm…put me on his bed, and just lie down over me. His hardening cock pressed atop my flat slit, pushing me against the mattress beneath him. Yeah, that…that would be so nice.

Well, someone will find me eventually. Might as well try and see if I can think myself to orgasm until then.