Hey, so, since my lovely announcing girl from last week is…still lovely, but somewhat unavailable, it’s back to me making announcements.

Without making too many promises I have had the time to start writing again, so yay! More fiction should be coming along next week!

Meanwhile, while lunching I finally had the chance to catch THE VENTURE BROS.’s season premiere. It is a great show, really funny and very much worth anyone’s time – although the episodes can move at a breakneck speed which can lose any first time viewers if you are not dedicated to the ride.

Since Doctor Venture is a mad scientist with many friends and enemies into genetic experimentation, the show has a couple episodes which feature transformations and metafeminine goodness. In the Season 5 premiere “What Color Is Your Cleansuit?” some radiation begins to effect the genetics of interns. One of them, Talia, is a comely lass who grows some extra arms (first shown in the video clip below). Later on in the episode she gets a pointy bald head and some more elf/gray alien features. I highly reccomend you track down the episode when it re-airs.

For now, enjoy the clip!