a story by Dan Standing

Part IV

The next morning Lydia came down and met Hillary in the stable. She had brought a platter of greens for the centauride. Aside from some quiet “Good mornings” and a “Thank you” both were silent – their lower lips were doing plenty of quiet humming on their own.

While Hillary ate her breakfast Lydia prepped and saddled her. Once the greens were finished the bit and its straps were put in place. Lydia swung herself up onto her lover, her body shivering ever so slightly as the crux of her legs plopped down on the ridge of the leather seat. Hillary’s spines shuddered as well, knowing someone was close enough to reach back and – she shook her head and focused.

The competition wasn’t scheduled to start for another two hours. The race track was being prepared for the day’s events, so rider and mount headed over to the open field to warm up. They weren’t the only ones with this idea – at least a dozen other competitors were also warming up with their horses.

A stretch of grass in the far rear of the field was going unused and Lydia and Hillary made their way to it. They worked up from trotting to full gallop, then practiced making turns as sharply as they could. They’d been at it for a while before the quiet concentration was interrupted.

“So, Hillary doesn’t have the balls to compete on her own horse?” a voice struck Lydia and Hillary’s ears, halting their practice. Both turned to see another rider, a woman they knew of named Sharene, atop her horse and coming up to a stop not far from them.

The reason they “knew of” her and not “knew” was because Sharene had her own little clique of riders, and the catty bunch kept their social time to themselves – although the same could not be said of their opinions. The primary reason either woman knew of the encroaching contestant at all was because she was a pixie-cut red-head with orange sized breasts and an incredibly toned body…an incredibly toned body that was often “accidentally” shown off in the locker room. Although it was known Sharene didn’t swing in Hillary and Lydia’s direction, she was all about people being jealous of her, and flashing some of her golden-tanned skin and 1% body fat was an easy way to do the trick.

Sharene was also the competition’s First Place winner four times in a row, and was poised for her fifth win this year.

“Whad da hell-”

“What do you want, Sharene?” Lydia interrupted Hillary, not certain just what the antagonistic rider might hear from the glamored centauride.

“I mean, a lot of us have suspected she’s wanted balls to use on you, but it’s clear she can’t bring it on the field…has she been as disappointing in bed?”

Both Lydia and Hillary were secure and mature enough to pay no mind to Sharene’s ignorant statements. But that didn’t mean they weren’t trying to figure out what Sharene’s game here was. Why was she suddenly…had she seen Lydia and Hillary practicing yesterday, and this was some sort of psychological attack? Had they done so well that she could be nervous about their competition?

Up until yesterday Lydia had been so blasé about actually competing to win that she hadn’t thought about the fact that winning the race wasn’t just about handling the course. There were plenty of people who would be actively working against them for that same placing.

Sharene was here to psych them out.

“I’b going goo ucking kill-”

“Who I take to bed with me is none of your business,” Lydia replied, “Now if you’ll excuse us…”

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re a carpet muncher,” Sharene gave a nasty grin as she started to turn her horse back towards the other end of the field, “…maybe then you’ll at least enjoy staring at my ass as you finish behind me. With all that whinnying from your horse it won’t be hard for me to know you’re there.” And with that she spurred on her mount and galloped away, leaving Hillary and Lydia to exchange a slow look to each other.

“Welb, ow we hab goo wih.”


The pair practiced a little while longer, then went back to the stable to quickly refresh and recover a little. Soon enough they heard the call for contestants to begin lining up.

There were five runs of the course, each run with five riders competing simultaneously. Although technically anyone in any round could win with the best time, riders were ceded based on times calculated from their practices. The slowest competitors went in the earlier runs, and the competitors expected to be fastest – and thus most likely to be exciting and determine the top times – were assigned the last run.

Lydia guessed someone besides Sharene had been paying attention to their practice runs because they were in the final grouping – along with Sharene. As they waited for the other four runs to finish Lydia was thankful that she’d not been lined up next to the nasty woman.

As times began to post on the boards Lydia and Hillary both grinned – the other competitors weren’t anywhere near their practice runs. It really would come down to this final circuit around the course. As riders and mounts stepped up to the starting line, Lydia took one last glance down the line towards Sharene.

Sharene was already staring at her intently. She raised her crop’s tip to the side of her eye, and then pointed the crop at Lydia. She shuddered and turned her attention to Hillary.

“You ready?”


“Let’s show that horse cock goddess what we can do.”


Every rider was off the line accompanied by thunder. Hillary and Lydia had spent so much time practicing without any one around them that at first they fell back, forced to the rear as their competitors fought for space. But, like everything over the past few days, they adapted quickly. Within the length of the course’s first quarter they had moved into third place.

The battle for Second Place was a tough one, but as they neared the midway point of the race Hillary’s shoulders were in front of the nearest horse’s nose. A tight corner pushed them safely into Second.

Unfortunately, Sharene’s horse had its ass squarely in front of them. Lydia ducked down and squeezed tightly as adrenaline spurred Hillary to burst forward. They’d finished seventy-five percent of the race when a grinning Lydia pulled up even with Sharene.

Neither woman said anything. Sharene was far too consumed with driving her mount, and Lydia was doing everything she could to hold on without yanking the reigns in her hands. For a moment it seemed as if the two of them were overtaking Sharene. Lydia looked up and saw the final infamous jump not far ahead of them. She grinned. There was no question that Hillary was one of the best at jumping this by now.

That’s when Sharene slammed her horse into Hillary.

Startled and surprised Lydia yanked the reigns, and the pain caused her centauress to slow. Sharene took the opportunity to gain a lead of a foot or so, but Hillary wouldn’t have it. As Lydia gripped around the human torso in front of her Hillary bolted forward. The jump was wide enough for two to go at once, and both mounts left the Earth simultaneously.

At the apex of their leap Hillary and Lydia heard an ice-cold “No.” Faster than either could react Sharene’s crop came down and struck what the attacking rider would have seen as the horse’s neck.

But in truth it was Hillary’s bare skin, just along her ribs. Her human portion curled into a ball as a red welt immediately surfaced. The pain reverberated through her equine portion, all of her legs tensing at the same time.

“Land us!” Lydia screamed as the ground rushed towards them. Hillary pushed through the throbbing ache just quick enough to unfurl her legs and keep them from tumbling into the dirt. But it was such an awkward landing that Hillary stumbled and tripped through about fifteen paces before fully regaining control of her momentum.

By that point First through Fourth places had already crossed the finish line.

Lydia screamed and cursed about what had happened, so the judges examined Hillary and the footage. It was quickly clear that the camouflage spell cast on the centauride was hiding the wound. And there were no images or videos that clearly showed Sharene striking Hillary. Because of the scene made by Hillary’s actual horse the day before it was easy for Sharene to claim that Hillary had freaked out from the stress of the situation, and Lydia was blaming Sharene for an incident she had nothing to do with.

With no clear evidence to prove Lydia’s claims the race times stood firm. Sharene had won. Neither rider nor mount bothered to even look for where they had ultimately placed.

As the sound of the awards ceremony played over the loudspeakers the transformed lovers, long dismounted from each other and unsaddled, slowly made their way to the open pasture. Since Sharene’s placement had been confirmed neither had said anything. For now they just wanted to be as far away from everyone else as possible for Epona’s arrival.

“Well, that was some tense drama, wasn’t it?”

Slowly Lydia and Hillary turned to find Epona standing behind them. She’d taken no false form this time, now standing in her full naked glory in the field. The smile stretched across her face was wide and toothy – perfect for shit eating.

Silence was the only reply she got.

“Oh come on, even Mr. Ed talked more than you two,” the goddess laughed, slowly circling them. The grass crushed softly under her bare feet.

“Sharene cheated,” Hillary finally said. Anger was beginning to boil up behind her eyes.

“That’s true, and she will be getting a visit from me. But you don’t actually expect me to stand here and listen to you complain about someone’s inappropriate use of a crop, do you?”

Again, Hillary and Lydia were silent.

“I thought not. My terms still stand, regardless of the actions of others. So…”

A little glimmer of light washed over Hillary, and she realized the spell that had made everyone see her as a horse was gone. A small thrum remained, concentrated on her ears and breasts.

She brought her hands to the sides of her head and felt her ears shift up and stretch back. She could feel short hairs, similar to those on her horse portion, spring up across her lengthening skin. Hillary knew she now had the ears of a horse.

Here eyes were drawn to the sensation across her chest. Her pert breasts were growing, filling up and pushing out. Hillary grimaced slightly as the skin stretched and pulled, flesh bubbling up from somewhere inside her and filling the flesh bags. Her nipples were also growing, quickly becoming as hard as – and slightly larger than – shot glasses. Beneath them her breasts ballooned up to the size of casaba melons, standing round and proud on her ribs. She could feel their inconvenient weight, but their pull on her back wasn’t painful.

Lydia was concentrating on her own, somewhat unexpected, change. Her hands were exploring where her spine met her ass. An intense itching had preceded the sprouting of a tail. As the long horse hair grew out her muscles started twitching on their own. Not only did she have the tail of a horse, but Lydia had no control over its movements.

“There,” Epona smiled, examining her handiwork. Hillary and Lydia looked to each other to see what had been done to their partner. Silently, each acknowledged that they had been expecting worse. Epona clearly sensed it, “Well, Sharene did cheat. Hillary gets ears to add a touch of equine to her stubborn head. And she seemed to be trotting far too comfortably, so those breasts should be a great reminder of her humanity. Also, they compliment the fact that since humans can fornicate whenever they like Hillary’s horse pussy is in constant heat. And Lydia has a wonderful little tail as a reminder that it isn’t the horse alone that wins a race.”

Lydia knew better than to protest.

“Um…thanks?” she finally said, her and Hillary’s attention returning to the goddess.

“Don’t mention it, although, I feel like I’m…never mind. What I do know is that it might be best for Hillary to get out of sight…” Epona twirled her hand and the trailer that had brought the centauride’s absent horse appeared next to them. “…I dole out punishment, not science experiments to be dissected in labs. Now, be on your way.”

Not sure what else to do Lydia and Hillary started to reach for the rear doors of the trailer. As they did so Epona turned as if to leave, but suddenly spun back around.

“Oh, yes, I remember now,” Epona smiled, pointing at Lydia, “I wanted to show you a real horse cock.”


Sharene stood in her room, holding her trophy and staring at the mirror. She was dressed in her silk pajamas, which hugged her toned curves and fit body. The material fell gently over her breasts, and her thick nipples made obvious tents in the fabric. She could not keep her eyes off her trophy, which was three tiers full of little golden parapets and a small gold model of a an unsaddled horse in mid-gallop.

Gently angling herself left and right in the mirror the onset of a yawn finally got Sharene to consider going to bed. She placed the trophy on the desk in her room and she turned to go to bed – and made a little yelp. A nude woman was reclined on her bed. Although petite in height, her curves were broad. Her breasts were a few inches larger than Sharene’s, and her hips were wide with full cheeks beneath them. A wild tussle of curls sat between her thighs, colored like a strawberry whose color had faded under the sun. It was a beautiful compliment to her milk-white skin, and the curly locks that cascaded from her scalp to her shoulders held the same tone as her twat. She sat with her legs out and crossed at the ankles, with her thin but solid arms up and her hands behind her head. Her face held a smug expression, as if she was proud of something she’d done.

Or was about to do.

“Who are you?” Sharene asked, completely shaken by the fact that Epona had not been visible in the mirror.

“Someone who doesn’t appreciate cheating. But you certainly seem to be attached to that trophy. I’m sure you’d appreciate it if I made sure no one could ever separate you from it.”

Although everything happened to Sharene nearly simultaneously, her mind could only process it in pieces. The first thing she felt was her body being tugged towards the trophy. As she moved through the air she could tell her body was compacting. The neck of her pajama top was swiftly a massive ring around her, Sharene’s body shrunk down to a matter of inches. The empty silk billowed down to the floor.

The cheating woman could see the golden horse on the trophy getting both bigger and closer to her. Soon she was to scale with it as if it were a real horse. Her tiny naked body landed next to the trophy decoration, and she was compelled to climb atop it. She grabbed the metal mane and swung her leg over the statue’s back. Her labia landed atop the ridge of the golden mount’s back, her pussy gently split open upon it. Holding the trophy and thinking about her victory had made her wet, and this sent her body aflame with sexual need. She’d thought her nipples had been hard before, but now they ached with every heartbeat.

She angled her body forward and bent her legs back, as if she was really riding the horse at the speed it was posed in. This worked to grind her pussy and clit against the metal, and her breasts were pressed against the fake animal’s neck. She wanted to touch herself so badly, or at least continue to grind her leaking twat against the source of her pleasure, but she found her body held fast in this position.

Then, simultaneously across her entire form, she turned to gold. Well, gold-plated brass, but close enough. As her still living mind realized her body had frozen to the trophy and become immobile metal she started screaming. But mental exhaustion quickly gave way to her silently begging that someone would relieve the relentless horniness that quickly dominated her thoughts.

Epona smiled and vanished.


Two months later Lydia returned home to the small, private ranch house she and Hillary had recently purchased. Their dream home was possible thanks to a mysterious deposit of money that happened to exactly match the ill-fated tournament’s First Place winnings. Their little love shack lay on the outskirts of a small town in the middle Oklahoma, only an hour’s drive from downtown. Although the house was surrounded by open space, the amount of open space meant they had all the privacy they could possibly want.

Lydia placed down her bags of groceries and looked around to see if Hillary was relaxing inside the spacious building. The rooms and doorways had been customized so that she could come inside if she wanted, but the weather was so pleasant most of the year that both home owners spent much of their time on the patio and in the more open guest house.

It was quickly obvious that her lover was not inside. A glance out the window confirmed that Hillary was in the field bringing in the team of race and breeding horses the couple owned, cared for, and sold. She watched the majestic centauride gallop through the field, her hair and tail flowing backwards as her enormous breasts bounced and jiggled in a fashion only capable because of magic. Hillary had described their sensation as “noticeable, but not painful.” In fact, since Lydia had discovered how to get Hillary to cum – hard – from the right boobplay, she had come to greatly enjoy Epona’s breasticular enhancement.

Lydia moved her bags to the kitchen, then retired to the bedroom. It wasn’t the most romantic looking room, with the strangely high bed and the small step stool in the corner, but it was cozy enough for the two of them. Most importantly, it allowed both of them to be comfortable when they most needed to be.

Lydia looked at herself in the mirror. Her outfit consisted of a white blouse, a black skirt, pantyhose, and wedge sandals that matched the arch of her horseshoes. Lydia unbuttoned and dropped the blouse on the bed, letting her fleshy melons swing out free from their confinement. When it came to breast size she was now the jealous one in their relationship.

Reaching back Lydia undid the zipper of her skirt. As she pulled it down the first thing to find freedom was her twitchy tale. She’d learned quite quickly that if she wore a skirt with heavy enough fabric her uncontrollable flipping and swinging would go mostly unseen. Almost no one down at the market seemed to notice the small bump under the back of her skirt.

If it wasn’t for the pantyhose almost everyone would have noticed a bump in the front of her skirt. Because of Lydia’s insult towards Epona right before the race the goddess had left a particularly large parting gift between Lydia’s legs; a constantly rigid horse’s dick. The massive thing was as thick as the woman’s arm, and ran all the way down to her knee. Extra strength pantyhose, which held the absurd penis tight against her leg, were the only things that allowed her to go out in public at all.

Placing the skirt with the blouse Lydia sat on the bed and kicked off her sandals. It felt very weird to have the hose pulled over her metal-rimmed foot, but she loved the look of it. Lifting her ass up she slipped the pantyhose from around her hips and pushed it down her legs, her dick springing into the air as she did so.

“I see you brought back two bags and a nice package for me.”

Lydia looked up to see Hillary in the doorway. She’d learned how to lean against the wall, her horse bottom looking amazingly casual. Her windblown hair and heaving breasts immediately set Lydia’s heart a flutter. Thanks to Eponia both of their sexy bits were constantly aflame, but it was the love the two shared that really made their frequent sexual trysts enjoyable. It was inside the trailer on that last day of the tournament when Hillary and Lydia finally came clean about their lusty thoughts, and Lydia had stood atop an overturned feed bucket to christen their new forms.

Afterwards they found themselves each incredibly satisfied, exhausted, and full of love for each other. The massive pleasure rod between Lydia’s thighs, and the gaping love canyon in the far rear of Hillary, weren’t anything either would have ever wished for.

Now neither would ever give either up.

Lydia smiled at her hard-working centauress as she finished pulling off the pantyhose. She rose from the bed, and all six horseshoes clopped across the floor as they came together and their hands played across each other. Suddenly Hillary scooped her lover into her arms, their breasts meeting the same time their lips did. As they shared a passionate kiss Hillary walked them to the bed.

Neither had ever been so happy to have lost a race.