Normally I don’t jump on these stories so quickly, but – given its relation to where Flanked, Part II is heading – I just had to mention an article on the UK Huffington Post reporting that Katie Price showed up to her KP Equestrian event dressed as either a centauress or possibly a humantaur, depending on your definition.

Katie Price as a pink centauress. Photo from

Katie Price as a pink centauress. Photo from

Note the matching heels, which is the only reason I count “humantaur” as a possibility.

Yes, she’s pink, and channeling more My Little Pony than Greek Legend, but as a brony I don’t really have any qualms with that.

There also a video of her, but sadly she doesn’t show how she actually gets around in the outfit.

Anyway, I just had to report on it given the theme. I’m really enjoying writing Flanked, and I hope people enjoy the places it is heading.