Bloom Tide

a mermaid story by Dan Standing


Serena peeked over the wall of coral and watched the other merladies and lads cavorting at the opposite end of the sandy pitch. She growled quietly as they swam in close to each other, full breasts and muscular chests rubbing against one another…tails intertwined…fingers tracing on each other’s scales where the Blooming would soon take place.

“For someone trying to avoid Hosri and the Bloom Tide you certainly seem plenty interested in all of them,” a voice behind Serena caused her to blush. She spun around and lowered herself back into the grotto that was acting as a shared hiding spot.

“I just wanted to make sure no one was looking for us…” Serena lied, crossing her dainty arms across a pair of bobbing breasts that were the exact opposite of dainty. Her companion was Floria, a fellow mermaid who also had no desire to be caught in the Bloom Tide. Floria was lounging amongst some sea flowers, tracing her hand up and down her body, moving from the soft skin over her ribs down to the side of her scaled tail and back again. Serena stared for a few moments before getting a handle on her senses.

“Hardly…” Floria pressed, her eyes lifting gently towards her companion’s to accent the truth she was speaking, “…you just want to see them all Bloom. Makes me wonder why you even want to avoid it again this year…”

Serena cast her own eyes down to the shimmering end of her tail. She let herself sink into the sand. Her mind reflected on the origins of their situation.

Ever since she was young she’d been told to be excited for her Bloom Tide. All merfolk were supposed to be. It was a merperson’s passage to sexual adulthood. Each year a Bloom Tide washed down from places unknown, bringing with it the invisible materials needed for a mer’s Blooming. After eighteen Bloom Tides the next would bring the moment when the genitalia – the long rigid rod of a merman and the soft billowing flower of the mermaid – would be revealed from beneath the scales of their tail, to be forever free and available for others to make use of. If a male managed to enter a female during the Bloom Tide – freshly bloomed or not – mermaid culture said they were bonded for life.

There were two reasons why Serena had hidden from the Bloom Tide last year, and was attempting to do so again this year. The first reason was that she had always been so proud of her ass. With the exception of her breasts, her mammalian torso was slim and tiny. But her curves changed as skin gave way to scale and her hips and rear curved out from her body. Merfolk metabolized everything they ate, so there was nothing but smooth mounds of perfection following Serena around.

Many were enraptured these round attributes, through either lust or jealousy. She loved the attention her backside got, how the other merlads and ladies would stare as it jiggled while she swam. Her breasts may have been equally impressive in size, but something about Serena’s ass just made her happy, made something warm bubble deep inside of her. Like right now. She loved feeling it pressed against the sand, its mass squishy yet supportive. Heck, she liked feeling anything pressed against it.

But, once a mermaid Bloomed, no one cared about anything but her pussy. Each mermaid’s slit was different…some had translucent flaps that fluttered in the water, others were intricate sculptures of scales and flesh. Some constantly released oils that were pleasant in the nose and mouth. Serena certainly looked forward to possessing one of those fleshy flowers, but not if it meant everyone would lose interest in her ass. Only one thing frightened her even more; what if she lost interest in it?

The second reason, the one she shared with Floria, was swimming back and forth on the other side of the coral. There were merlads who seemed dead-set on bonding with each of them. And in merfolk culture, at least what Serena and Floria could seem to understand of it, bonding to a male meant they’d always be stuck with someone who felt they could boss their female counter-parts around. Some bondings were resisted, but that was rare. Some bondings were mutual, but that was rarer still. That was the power of having an innie over an outie; being able to pursue one’s choice.

Serena and Floria had voiced their opinions on, and objections to, this aspect of their society, but no one seemed to care – even the bonded merwomen. So that’s why they were hiding; no pussy meant no bonding. It was a simple solution, but not one that would not work forever.

It was impossible to completely avoid the Bloom Tide, and both mermaids knew they’d had a partial exposure the previous year. But certain eddies, places where the water was difficult to push out and replace, meant Serena could minimize her exposure. There was no doubt that eventually she and Floria would be partially exposed enough times to bring on the Blooming, but at least if they were hiding they could delay being bonded to any pushy mermen for another year.

Serena mused on the thought of an alternative solution to the merman problem. She raised her eyes and looked across to her companion and best friend of many years. She’d turned more onto her side, and Floria’s breasts – each twice the size of her fists and just smaller than Serena’s own – were gently hanging down amongst the sea flowers. Her mammalian flesh flowed smoothly into the scales that marked the beginning her tail. She had a blue shimmer to her fishy half, while Serena’s was emerald. Floria’s arms and tail were tight with muscle, and she was one of the fastest swimmers in the area. Which was amazing, given how her breasts were the exact opposite of sleek. Serena guessed that’s why her friend had ended up so strong, to compensate for the drag. The sexy, soft, glorious drag…

The seated mermaid again retook her senses, and concentrated on what Floria’s hands were doing. She was toying with the little plants, idling passing the time until the Bloom Tide had come and gone. She didn’t seem to care at all whether or not she ever got her flower.

And Floria had been right about why she’d been peering over the coral.

“What do you think it feels like?” Serena spoke up.

“What, Blooming?” Floria asked, her gaze breaking from her plants and locking once more with Serena’s. Without the confrontational tone this time the other mermaid’s eyes made Serena’s heart skip a beat.

“No, well, yes, that too, but…what do you think it feels like to have a…flower?”



“Think about it,” Floria replied, sitting up, her shoulder-length golden hair floating and bobbing in reaction to her movement, “Do you think it will be comfortable having a hole opened up in you? Everyone staring at it. Wanting it. Wanting to fill it if you haven’t bonded yet. Do you really want that?”

None of that sounded undesirable to Serena. She already loved having something everyone was desirous of. And she’d heard that it felt amazing to have the warm, empty slit filled. She just didn’t want to lose the attention on her ass or end up someone’s errand girl. She shook her head in reply to Floria, Serena’s short brown hair barely moving in the current.

“I do want that,” Serena replied quietly, “And there’s no other option.”

“Yes there is,” Floria replied, getting riled and pushing herself up from the bottom of their little alcove, “The males get those glorious rods. Big, thick, hard. They get to show their strength, pushing themselves up against the body of whomever they chose…”

Serena was going to comment that some merwomen had shown their strength by refusing the advances of particularly amorous mer men. However that was far from the norm, and Floria was especially wound up. Serena opted to not argue this opinion.

But the reality of the situation…

“I can see your point,” Serena spoke up to her floating friend, “…but you don’t get to choose what Blooms from you, Floria.”

“Maybe we do. Maybe we’ve always just been told which one we were supposed to get, and we’ve always just believed it. Just willed it to happen to ourselves…”

The blue-scaled mermaid was getting more and more excited as she spoke, and floating further and further up from the recess in the plain. Serena was about to speak up and warn her to get out of anyone’s view, when she noticed a change in the current.

“Floria, stop and-”

“No!” Floria was venting long pent-up frustrations and was paying Serena no mind, “…I tell you, I won’t be happy until I find a way to Bloom a rod, because I know that’s really what I-”

“Get down here!” Serena exclaimed, her curled tail springing herself up from the sand. She grabbed the ranting mermaid by the hips and yanked her back down into the alcove as the full force of the Bloom Tide rushed through.

For a moment they both remained still, partially buried by the churned sand at the bottom of their little cove. Their arms were wrapped around each other tightly as they coughed and sputtered the grit out of their throats. Slowly they pushed up from the bottom and took account of each other.

“Thanks for grabbing me. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so. You?”

“I…I think your efforts may have been for naught…”

Floria pushed away from Serena and laid her tail out on the grotto’s floor. Both of them stared at the patch of scales about a foot down from her belly button, where everyone’s Blooming occurred.

“What do you feel?” Serena asked, her eyes locked on the spot. A small patch of scales were beginning to form a ridge.

“Pressure…” Floria gasped, watching her changes intently.

“Does it hurt?” The scales were beginning to bulge.

“No, it…it feels really good…”

Both mers watched now in silent astonishment as Floria’s scales parted. However, instead of opening into the soft slit they had seen on so many others, the hard thick rod of a merman slid out from within Floria. Both of their jaws dropped as the phallus grew from the mermaid’s tail. It was longer than either of their hands, and thicker than four fingers together. It was the same color as Floria’s tail, and as her scales moved to seal around it both sea dwellers looked up at each other.


“I have a…”

Giggling instantly erupted from both of them, and they shot up from the sand and embraced.

But only for a moment.

“Oh my is that sensitive,” Floria exclaimed, pulling back from Serena. Floria’s new addition had rubbed against Serena’s tail, and the newly Bloomed mermaid’s nipples snapped to attention from her fresh arousal.

“How does it feel to have…”

“Amazing!” Floria grinned, spinning in the water. Her hair, breasts, and cock all bobbed and swayed as she moved, and gently settle down around her as she stopped and looked into Serena’s eyes. “No wonder all the men chase the women, this…I can’t help but think about what this will feel like inside a flower!”

“But…you are unlike…who will let you?” Serena asked. She couldn’t imagine what the others would say when such a defiance of tradition returned.

“I…” Floria’s response was quiet, and she shyly lowered her eyes from her friend, “…I would have liked to think you would.”

An indescribably warm feeling welled up in Serena as she heard her friend’s words. She put out a finger and crooked it under Floria’s chin, gently tilting her gaze up to meet hers.

“I wish I had Bloomed for you,” she smiled. Floria also grinned, her own body warming from the mutual affection. They stayed like this for a moment.

But only a moment.

Quickly they fully embraced each other. Their breasts pressed tightly between them as their lips met, a passionate kiss too long-delayed now exchanged. Their tails wrapped around themselves and hands pulled each other tight.

As they continued to kiss Serena felt Floria’s fingers slide down her back to her rear. Each hand squeezed a round firm cheek, round bowls of scaly flesh for Floria to grope. Serena loved it.

Then she got an idea.

“I want to feel it against me…against my ass,” Serena gasped, breaking off their kiss.

“Anything for you…my love,” Floria replied, her voice heavy with excitement. Serena spun around in her lover’s arms, easily managing to thread the hard cock between her merlady lumps.

“Mmm…” Floria moaned as she pushed against the supple scaly flesh. Her breasts pressed against Serena’s back, billowing out in wonderful bulges. Nipples hard as a clam’s shell drilled against Serena’s skin. Floria’s hands wove around her companion’s body and grasped her breasts, tweaking and tugging at stiff and sensitive nipples.

Serena gasped, partially from the breastplay but mostly from the sensation of the thick rod sliding against her. It felt so good…so right…the only thing that could make it better would be if she could feel from it what the Bloomed mermaids described. To feel it truly slide inside her, to feel it fill her, pump her, explode within her…

So wrapped up in these thoughts was Serena that she didn’t sense the pressure on her ass coming from beneath her scales. As Floria’s dick pressed against soft flesh a small bump was pushing back. Slowly the scales began to split, and a ruffle of translucent folds unfurled from between her mounds. An aching empty slit bubbled to the surface, releasing a plume of delicious oils into the water.

Without any effort Floria’s next push drove her deep into Serena’s fresh pussy. Both mermaids gasped, their bodies tightening as one felt a tight embrace and the other a deep fulfillment. They were each aware that something had happened, but the sensations were so good neither wanted to interrupt their tryst to investigate.

Instead, Floria’s fluctuations against Serena became steadier and deeper, her hands tightening on the newly Bloomed mer’s breasts. Serena was caressing and kissing every part of Serena that came within her range.

While it felt like hours to the two, it really only took moments for them to each crest, mouths opening in screams so intense they could not be heard. Floria’s new addition spasmed and erupted, and Serena’s flower burst into a bit of bliss that washed over her body. Exhausted, they slowly descended from where they’d been hovering in the water, Floria’s rear settling on the sand in the grotto while Serena settled atop her.

They remained like this for a moment, grips tight on each other and breathing heavy as they recovered from the first orgasms either had ever experienced. Slowly, as muscles loosened and the glow began to sap away from their bodies into the shifting tide, Serena pulled herself off of Floria. She turned, and they two mermaids traded gentle kisses and pets for a few moments.

“How does it look?” Serena finally asked, moving away and turning so Floria could clearly see her rear. There was no question as to what had happened; Floria’s theory had been right in ways neither of them had expected.

“It’s beautiful,” the phallus gifted mermaid smiled, running her finger gently around the nearly invisible folds floating in the water. These were very sensitive, and a little shiver ran through Serena’s butt and up her spine. She giggled and turned back to her friend.

“So is this…” Serena smiled, patting the bobbing head of Floria’ stiff outgrowth.

“Oh, don’t do that…right now. We’ll never leave this hole!” Floria laughed, leaning forward and kissing Serena to give her hands something else to do. They remained embraced for a moment, enthusiastic joy fading to contemplative thoughts of what would come next.

“Are you ready for some stares?” Floria asked, pulling away from her lover just enough to affirm it was a serious question.

Serena looked deeply into her eyes.

“I used to think the greatest thing other mers could stare at was me,” Serena smiled, taking Floria’s hand, “But now I know there’s something more amazing; us.”