The Importance of Order

Part VII

by Dan Standing

It had been nearly a month and Dania still blushed when she noticed a guy staring at her. This one was three seats across and one row back from her. She’d seen him when she’d turned and bent down to get something out of her bag. She presumed he’d also gotten a good look down the low-cut sweater she was wearing, which did nothing to hide her cantaloupe-sized breasts and achingly hard nipples as they hung from her chest. She was grinning to herself, certain he was hard as a rock right now.

She’d not yet decided if she was going to let him fuck her or not.

Seated there in class, Dania thought back to that night after returning from the witch’s house. Since their original spells were still open the permission given the other night was still active, so they did not have to wait for Cece’s to switch back to flesh-and-blood. Felicia had read the spell and burned it, and the changes immediately began to set in. Cece’s plastic sheen faded and she gasped back into the living.

But that was not all that changed between them.

Quickly it became clear what the intent of the new spell was; it was averaging the two spells between the two women. Dania and Cece’s breasts adjusted until they were each the same size – Dania’s shrinking slightly while Cece’s grew just a bit. Their hair length and color was becoming an identical shoulder-length honey blonde. Dania’s ass was already about the size of Cece’s and neither noticed a change.

But Cece did feel her clit start to grow, as Dania felt hers begin to retract.

Returning her thoughts to her class, Dania shifted and squeezed her thighs together. Her new clit, as thick as her thumb and poking from between her labia about an inch, was hard as a rock beneath her panties. It was pretty much always that hard now, since Cece’s constant horniness had also spread between them.

Dania flipped open a compact and checked her make-up. She was so happy she could once again look into mirrors. It did make her loins quiver a little – she could feel herself significantly moisten – but other than increasing the odds that the guy behind her was going to score in the bathroom in about ten minutes there were no uncontrollable thoughts trying to take over her mind.

Unless she and Cece locked eyes. Yes, technically they could resist each other if they tried, but they’d quickly discovered they didn’t want to try. Because – oh!

Dania inhaled sharply and let out a tiny moan she hoped no one heard. Another thing the two now shared between them was any sexual contact. Dania could feel a big phantom hand rolling over her right breast. It was quickly followed by the sensation of her nipple being sucked on, while the hand moved to her left breast. Dania clucked; Cece knew the rules, no fucking while the other was at class! As she felt a hand grab her ass Dania shook her head and wondered what incredible hunk Cece had encountered that justified whatever punishment she would come up with later.

While Dania had finally gained the sexual confidence she had always wanted, Cece had certainly gained the body she’d always wanted…and had wasted no time making sure it got used. Dania had felt dozen of invisible lovers move across her body in the last twenty-eight days. Hands and lips only really registered on her breasts, ass, and pussy.

But she could feel a cock wherever it was pressed against Cece. She felt this one thick and hard against her thigh, and prepared herself as she felt it slide up her legs. She could not help but jump a little as it entered her/Cece, her breasts jiggling in her sweater and making the situation even hotter. Dania gripped the desk and held her breath as she felt the pumping begin – this one was deeper than most of the guys either of them had bedded since that night. She bit her lip, a tongue running back and forth across her breasts from nipple to nipple pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Just as she could feel herself start to crest the jack hammer of the ghostly penis stopped. She could tell the guy was coming. She took the moment to fix her hair and regain her composure. She’d been slowly leaning further and further over her desk, and there was no doubt that the elastic of her panties and start of her buttcrack was probably visible now to everyone behind her. She was glad she wore a skirt, because at this point her arousal would have likely been visible to anyone in front of her if she’d had jeans pressed tight against her soaked panties.

Just as she thought it was over Dania felt fingers on her feminine flower. Three stroked her friend’s labia, while more – likely from a second hand – found her clit and the entrance to Cece’s gushing canal. Dania rocked slightly in her seat as she was pushed back up and over the crest of cumming, her breath heavy and ragged as she tried not to scream out in class. Her toes curled tightly within the restriction of her heels.

By now the lesson was over, and the professor was preparing to let everyone go. Dania would have to find someone to get final notes from later. For now she sat and let her heartbeat go back to normal. The blush across her face ran down over her breasts and to the tips of her feet. She waited and made sure the guy behind her left before she slowly got up from her chair. She had no need for him now.

She also realized exactly why Cece had chosen today to break the rules. It was the first night of a new full moon. That meant, as night fell, they’d both have their figures enhanced slightly – and their libido even more-so. Their skin would also become softer and even more sensitive. Because they could each feel when the other was sexually stimulated, they’d learned that first night what it meant when they pleasured each other. It was a sexual feedback loop, their own actions on each other cascading back to themselves.

Just thinking about it was getting Dania worked up again…the feeling of Cece’s tongue on her pussy, while she lapped at Cece’s slit and felt her own tongue simultaneously on her own pussy while Cece pleasured her. And when they took each other’s giant clits between their lips…it was an intense bliss like nothing else, and Dania knew Cece knew that no matter how mad Dania was there was no way she was going to let anything interrupt a night of that sort of fun. Dania smiled to herself, accepting that Cece had pulled off her perfect crime.

This, honestly, had been truly worth it all. Because despite the troubles they’d had those first few days, and numerous men they both took to sate themselves between full moons, these three nights each month – as friends became impossible lovers – were the happiest and most perfect nights of either of their lives.

Across the campus Felicia pressed her foot against the starting block. She could feel her claws dig into the sole of her sneaker. The ones on her fingers she kept filed to resemble regular fingernails, but she enjoyed the grip she got from her sharp toe claws, even if it was just the inside of her shoe.

Her lithe, tight muscles prepared to pounce off the starting line. The spell she’d gotten from the witch had worked perfectly, most likely because Felicia had written down the instructions. Yes, permanently fusing herself with a cat had some side-effects; the claws on her hands and feet, her slightly pointed ears, sharper teeth, her tongue was a little rougher, and the patch of dark crotch hair was now fluffy fur.

But all of that was worth it. Her body was at its physical apex, and she barely had to do anything. Plus, no drug tests could account for magic. Now she had time to go to class, to study, and most importantly…to sleep. Oh God, did she love sleeping now. To find a warm patch of sun and…

Had that been the starter pistol? The athletes around her had taken off so she assumed she’d once again lost focus and missed it. Her muscles immediately went into action, and in moments she’d gone from a few stride behind to a few in the lead.

As she sped down the track she considered what she was going to do with the rest of the day, now that she no longer had to work out. Dania and Cece had the dorm to themselves tonight, so alternate bedding was required. She’d slept with most of the male track stars, and there were a couple she would happily revisit…although her curiosity would probably draw her to a few of the new guys. It wouldn’t be tough slinking into one of their beds for the night.

And then she’d sleep.

Glorious sleep.