The Importance of Order

Part VI

by Dan Standing

“What the fuck is this?”

The exclamation startled Dania so much that she shot upright in her bed. A heavy limp mass slid off of her, dragging the sheets to the floor with it. Dania winced in pain as her elongated clit was bent and tugged on as something slid off of it and thunked onto the floor. The startled Dania was trying to catch her breath and instantly looked towards the source of her scare.

Felicia, wearing the same clothes she’d had on the night before, was standing in the room with her arms crossed. Her expression had at first been one of anger, but her face then scrunched up into gossipy glee; “Is that a strap-on? When did you get so kinky? Here I thought I was coming back with the sexy story of the night! And who is…wait, is that a sex doll?”

Still gathering her wits Dania looked down at the floor. Rays of sunlight were streaming through the window and dancing across Cece’s silicon body. Dania tried to remember what had happened the previous evening; Cece had come back to the dorm, they’d talked, Cece had placed her hand on Dania’s shoulder and…she remembered the rest, but wasn’t sure she wanted to.

Felicia was still rattling off questions as Dania went through with an experiment; she touched one toe to Cece’s rubber skin. Immediately Dania was flushed with an intense need to be fucked, and to worship Cece as-

Dania pulled back her foot, her heart racing. To double-check herself she quickly tapped Cece’s exposed ass and got a jolt of the same sensation.

Are we…Cece said she wanted to be horny…and last night I felt for her how I feel for myself when I look in the mirror…do we somehow absorb each other’s curses when we touch?

“Dania, hello? Earth to kinky girl, have you heard anything I’ve said?”

Dania looked up to Felicia, who was tapping her foot and looking cross again.

“Felicia, that doll…it’s Cece! She…we used these spells from a witch and they backfired!”

Felicia’s eyes narrowed.

“Uh huh…prove it.”

Dania stood up.

The reveal that the “strap-on” was in fact a giant clit very much attached to Dania was enough to get Felicia to sit down and listen. Dania filled her roommate in as thoroughly as possible. It felt good to actually vent everything, and Dania was exhausted by the time she showed Felicia the address Cece had written down before the two had fallen into their lusty embrace.

Her tale done Dania sat down onto her bed to rest, one hand to the side of her face to obstruct the mirror. Felicia had turned over the doll and was studying it.

“How the hell did Cece get the doll out of the basement to begin with?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well, let’s wrap her up. We’ll take my car. I’ll drive.”

“What? No, Felicia, thanks, but I can’t let you get-”

“Question,” Felicia interrupted, throwing up one finger, “You’re barely able to resist looking at yourself in the mirror at the end of your bed, right?”

Dania nodded.

“So, just what exactly do you think is going to happen when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle that has three mirrors surrounding you that you have to use?”

Dania sat in silence.

“I thought so. You put on some clothes, I’ll wrap her up in the sheet, and we’ll see if this witch is real or not.”

Felicia had been right; Dania had no idea how she would have driven anywhere. After sneaking the Cece-sheet-enchilada through campus and dropping her into Felicia’s trunk Dania had opted to sit in the back, hoping it would be easier to avoid glancing into any safety mirrors.

Five minutes in Dania had leaned forward to ask Felicia how long she thought the trip would take when she caught her eyes in the center rear view mirror.

No amount of cursing from Felicia could stop Dania from worshiping her body. Quickly her skirt was pulled up and her sensitive pole was in her grip. As an increasing amount of fingers began to slide in and out of Dania’s slit, and as her musk filled the car all Felicia could do was roll down the windows to get some fresh air.

Vehicles on either side of them could hear Dania’s satisfied scream.

The rest of the trip was made in silence as Dania kept her eyes lowered and quietly tried to sop up the wet spot she’d left in the back seat.

Felicia had to check the address twice as they pulled up to the house that reportedly belonged to a witch. It was an old wooden home, with a large porch that wrapped around almost the entire front of the structure. It had some eves and windows which could have been interpreted as “spooky” and a black cat relaxing on one of the railings. But everything was completely spotless and up-kept. dilapidated, yes, the house could have easily been the home of a witch. But this building didn’t seem the least bit creepy to either girl.

Getting out of the car, still silent, Felicia and Dania retrieved Cece from the trunk. It wasn’t really a job for two, but together they carried her wrapped form to the porch.

As they made their way up the steps the roommates felt a tingle run down their spines. Instead of concerning them they each felt a cloud of calmness fall over them.

“I’m sorry about the car…give me a few weeks and I’ll pay to have it treated.”

“I know, but don’t worry too much. I’m sure it will air out enough on its own by then.”

Both women had spoken truthfully, and knew the other had. Approaching the door Dania reached out and rung the bell. Steps could be heard from within, and the wooden door behind the screen opened. A tall thin woman, perhaps in her 60s and dressed in a long-sleeved day gown, stood within. Her face was wrinkled, but other than a nose that was slightly larger in proportion than the other features she was quite pretty. She looked them up and down a moment before turning her attention to Dania.

“You must be Cece’s friend,” she said, her voice both light and deep. Dania nodded.

“You gave Cece some spells, but they didn’t go as intended. Can you help us?”

“Probably not,” the woman replied as she opened the door and joined them on the porch. She indicated a few chairs, so Felicia and Dania leaned Cece against the railing and took their seats. The woman pulled back some of the fabric to take a look, puckered her lips, and then sat down near the waiting girls.

“Are you really a witch?” Felicia asked, and the woman nodded.

“I am a user of arts beyond the pale known to most,” she clarified, “If your definition of ‘witch’ applies to that then so be it.”

“Why…why is it I fully believe everything you say? And I feel…I feel an impulse to trust,” Dania asked, looking around at her companions and the house as if she was in a cloud.

“Last year, even after fixing up this old place, I was till finding flaming bags of dog poo and graffiti on my house,” the woman answered, leaning back and crossing her arms, “It was tiresome. My solution was to cast a spell I had discovered. It is a spell of trust. Anyone within or on this structure is compelled to speak and believe the truth. It meant anyone meaning me harm for no reason would suddenly lose their will to prank me when approaching, as their misapprehensions of my intentions would dissolve away. Yes, I still get egged from the street sometimes, and a side effect is that I am also under the effects of the spell, but life has been much calmer since then.”

“So that is why Cece was so insistent that she could trust you,” Dania spoke softly.

“Very likely. That, and she actually stepped into my house, which has a variety of previous enchantments designed to deter people. That alone would make her believe in my abilities.”

“Did you mean what you said…that you can’t help us?” Dania finally asked, not wanting to believe she’d heard the woman’s earlier statement correctly.

“Once a spell that has been willingly accepted closes, it is irreversible. This is because almost all spells are based on the oldest protection and shielding spells, which would be useless if anyone could just dispel them whenever they like. What exactly has gone wrong? They were simple spells and I gave Dania clear instructions.”

“Not clear enough, I guess,” Dania replied, looking down at herself, “My spell enhanced my body, but also gave me an enormous clit because I wanted someone with a big…penis to make love to me! But it makes me lust for myself when I look in a mirror! I’ve assumed it was intended to be cast on two people?”

“Yes, of course! When Cece explained your situation I thought it was clear that this was intended to force you over your shyness for a worthy man…but now that I think back on what she said, I guess I could have misunderstood her. And thus she would interpret my explanation wrong. The truth spell sometimes makes it hard to consider alternate meanings of sentences or wording. I’d ask what went wrong with Cece, but my assumption is she did not properly note the order in which the were-curse subjects should be spoken.”

“Yes. She’s a doll during the day and a hyper-sexualized version of herself at night. Plus, when we touch each other we seem to gain the other’s curse for however long we have contact.”

At this the woman sat up, leaning forward and burrowing her brow in curiosity.

“Wait. Say that again…”

“…that when we touch each other we gain each other’s curse for-”

“Yes, that,” the woman interrupted Dania, “That is not part of either spell. Why would…oh dear…”

“What?” Dania asked, sitting up and hoping this was an opportunity to fix them despite the dower sound of the woman’s voice. “What is it?”

“When you performed the spells, you used the red candle, correct?”


“Did you put it out between readings?”

“I…” Dania paused and thought back to that night, “No, we did not.”

“Then perhaps there is something I can do,” the woman smiled. She stood up and moved around the table, heading towards the door, “Stay here, I will be back in one moment.”

The woman disappeared into the house, and Dania looked to Felicia with hope in her eyes. The athletic girl simply shrugged.

“I hope she does have something.”

A few minutes later the woman came back out holding a new piece of parchment. She handed it to Dania, who partially unrolled it to see the same weird text that the other scrolls had been written in.

“Because you used the same flame to burn both parchments there is a tiny part of each spell which has not closed because it was linked to the other. It is this that is causing you to experience each other’s magic when touching, and it is this that can perhaps mitigate what has happened to you. The same candle will need to be used, with samples of your hair, and your friend here will need to perform the rites. It does not matter the order in which the names are read for this scroll. It is my hope that this will be of help to you both, but once it is done nothing more of mine will be able to effect you.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Dania jumped up from her seat. It was clear she was about to hug the woman, but she backed away. A little embarrassed by her refusal, Dania bashfully turned to the slumped over Cece. “I’ll, uh…I’ll take her to the car for us, Felicia.”

As Dania threw the covered doll over her shoulder and made her way to the car the woman stopped Felicia from immediately following after.

“How are you involved in all of this?”

“I’m her roommate,” Felicia nodded towards Dania, “I offered to help drive her here. She’d be a menace on the roads with that spell.”

“You are a good person and a good friend,” the woman smiled, “Is there anything I could do to reward you?”

Felicia was about to turn down the offer, having seen two possible outcomes, but before she replied she saw the cat stand from its perch on the railing, stretch and yawn, then gracefully leap down and run off on a mission only it knew the goal of.

“You know, actually, I think I could benefit from something…”

to be concluded in PART VII!