The Importance of Order

Part V

by Dan Standing

It was dark. Cece believed that if the fire betwixt her legs burned any more intensely it would have stopped being metaphorical and easily lit the closet.

As it was, she felt like her rubber body was going to melt from the lust in her loins. It wasn’t rolling, or pulsing, or washing over her. And it really wasn’t just between her hips, but it was easier for her brain to identify that area as the source of her overwhelming desire.

Cece was, for the moment, a sex doll through and through, and she ached for what she was built for; fucking. Not making love, not fooling around, and certainly not foreplay. Every iota of her construction pined for fleshy, sexy, human contact. And despite the horny state she was in, she wasn’t even aching for her own orgasm; she was sitting there silently begging for someone to get off from using her. If she came great, but she could tell that her own true happiness would come from the surging of a hard dick in any of her holes, or the splashing of a pussy against any of her protrusions.

She needed to be used.

Cece had landed atop the very pile of discarded clothes she’d come hunting for, so she was not sitting directly against the cold floor. But if she’d been flesh and blood the naked young woman would have been freezing cold by now. Her arms and legs were spread apart, her head was slightly tilted back, and her breasts hung out from her ribs in preternatural perkiness. But her mind was so wracked with the singular desire to fuck that it could make no room to process other sensations such as “cold.”

The fact that Cece could not just drag her lusty form upstairs for use was driving her mad. She supposed that if all she’d ever been was a doll her limp helplessness would have been something she’d long accepted. But she knew the joys of movement and pursuing one’s desires, which made her paralysis all the more unbearable.

It was impossible for her to determine how long she’d been in the closet. She could hear sounds upstairs, see the slim beam of light around the door frame turn off and on as people came and went from the basement’s main room, but none of it meant anything to her. She had nothing to do but sit in darkness, lost in a mental sea of insatiable lust.

At one point the door opened. Cece tried to throw her immobile limbs at the man as he pulled some red cups from the shelf above her, but of course they didn’t move. It could be assumed that he had been long aware of the sex doll in the basement closet, and as she wasn’t his intended goal he had no reason to pay her any attention. Cece’s will to fuck could have moved mountains, but it was working muscles she needed now and nothing shifted to help her embrace the man’s cock – outlined under his tight sweatpants – so he left her once again in the dark. It was the first time she’d really been able to sense how truly trapped she was in this body before being overwhelmed again by the need to be fucked.

It was another passage of indeterminate time later when Cece started to feel something she hadn’t for a long while; a heart beat. She could hear – feel! – little pumps in her chest, almost muffled out by her rubber melons. The instinct of curiosity called for her to lift her head to investigate, and she did – slowly, but surely she did.

She started to feel a new tingle across her skin, and Cece realized it must be night; she was once more becoming the amalgam of the doll and her old human body! Gradually her skin and muscles softened, and she was able to shift her arms.

Right to her slit.

But, as she’d discovered the night before, her own skin against her clit was unsatisfying. It gave her a chilled sensation as if she was rubbing two balloons together. She immediately pulled her fingers away, and as swift as her masturbation had chilled her sexual need the feeling swelled back.

Pulling herself upright Cece opened the door – and almost fell. She was so horny her legs were having problems keeping her standing. Her newly rediscovered breath was haggard and heavy, and she could feel her pussy’s juices started to go into over-production. She had one thought on her mind; to find any of the men upstairs and get them to-


A voice…reason…so quiet in her head. She…she needed to concentrate. This wasn’t what she had to do. She…she couldn’t think, she was so…

Cece threw her left hand back to her slit and began rubbing. The uncomfortable sensation rippled through her moving muscles, sending a shiver up her spin that caused her jaw to clench hard. But it pushed back the fog of arousal in her mind.

I need to get back to Dania! If she can drive us to the witch, maybe we can get her to undo this!

Cece turned back to the closet and grabbed what she’d come for the night before; clothes. Her left hand was soaked in her sexual fluids, and as she pulled on a sweatshirt and an abandoned cheerleader skirt she left damp hand-prints on the fabric. Pushing her hand back within the hem of the skirt and her skin she stumbled upstairs, past some very surprised football players (whom she very specifically kept herself from looking at), and dashed out into the night.

Swiftly Cece moved through campus, ignoring anything her naked feet crashed down on. She could feel her juices dripping out of the skirt as she went, her fingers almost pruning from the moisture surrounding them. There were other students still walking about, a few professors as well, and Cece knew that many of them were seeing her like this.




But she didn’t care, there was no time to. She only had the night to get to the witch.

Dania instinctively pulled her head out from its hiding place in response to her door swinging open. Her room was dark, and the intruder was silhouetted by the light from the hallway. Dania initially thought it was Felicia returning, but it was soon clear who had entered.

“Dania! I need your help!” Cece cried out, closing the door and flipping on the overhead light. Both girls blinked as their eyes adjusted. The desire to look at the mirror welled up in Dania for a moment, but the concern for her friend overpowered it. She placed a hand to the side of her head to block her peripheral vision.

“Where have you been?” Dania exclaimed, throwing the sheets off of herself. Her clit was semi-hard and had slipped out from under her panties while she’d been asleep. It was tenting her skirt. Cece paid the roused woman no mind, didn’t even look at her, and instead ran over to the desk and grabbed a pen and paper.

“I’ve been trapped in a basement all day! I turned into the doll at dawn, not myself!” She hastily explained. The paper she was holding in place was soaking up some of her fluids as she wrote down the witch’s address, “I need you to drive me to – woah!”

Cece had finished writing and turned towards her friend. Her posture shot straight upright, her breasts bouncing and swooping under the sweatshirt, as she took notice of the phallus fighting against Dan’s fabric. Her other changes – skin, hair, chest – framed the sight.

“What the fuck happened to you?”

“You did!” Dania exclaimed, throwing both hands down and motioning towards the monster tented her legs, “This is my clit! Your damn spell is meant to be cast on a pining couple, not one person!”

“What? But…what I asked wasn’t…”

“You trusted a woman whose life you used to make miserable!” Dania shouted, throwing up her arms and letting out all the frustration of the day, “I don’t know which of us is dumber – you for taking her spells, or me for letting you cast them after telling me where you got them!”

“Dania! Dania, I’m sorry!,” Cece exclaimed, nearly on the verge of tears, “I didn’t know this was going to happen! I swear, if you…if you drive us to that address I’ll-”

While Cece had been talking she’d taken a few steps towards the fuming Dania. In an attempt to calm the situation she’d placed her right hand on her friend’s shoulder. Most of her fingers came to rest on the sweater’s material, but her thumb brushed against the bare skin leading to Dania’s neck.

The moment skin made contact with skin a warm shiver rushed over them. Dania was suddenly overtaken with an overwhelming desire to fuck, and Cece wanted nothing more than to look at herself. As the sensations poured across their altered forms they glanced at each other.

Their eyes met.

Instantly they were both filled with the need to screw each other as such a sample of Womanly Perfection deserved. Cece’s hands were instantly snaking through Dania’s hair, streaks of lubricant matting the brilliant tresses. Their faces came together in a fiery kiss, and Dania’s diamond-hard clit beat against Cece’s belly-button. Lips and tongues wet their faces as they stumbled back into Dania’s bed. Four hands struggled with the fabric trappings of their bodies, ripping and tearing with abandon. As the most important pieces of each body became available each woman wasted no time worshiping them.

With no panties to remove from herself, Cece hiked her skirt up and positioned her bared and widened hips, with the drooling hole at their center, so that she could easily slip over Dania’s freed and glistening rod.

“Oh yes…you’re so perfect!” both women moaned as the weredoll’s gulley swallowed the monstrous clit. Cece’s back stretched up and over the other woman’s hips as the shaft completely filled her, and Dania’s ass and shoulders squirmed against her bedding as she felt her entire phallic impossibility engulfed by the warm wet womanly trench. They both seemed frozen for a moment as the pure pleasure passed over them, but quick enough their bulbous bosoms were smashed together as Cece pumped up and down atop her friend. Nipples were suckled and pulled at by both parties, then their lips met once more.

Whenever she had a spare breath the only word Dania could get out was, “Yes!” as she was overrun with orgasms. Her body’s energy was having trouble keeping up, the pure bliss sapping her strength as she tried to worship the woman riding her.

Cece’s enhanced form was also beginning to feel exhaustion. She was slamming her pussy down against Dania’s with abandon, thrilled to have a lover filling her who just wouldn’t go soft! She hadn’t peaked yet, but it was coming, getting closer, it was-

“Oh my goddess!” Cece cried out, her face crunching up as her orgasm neared a point of incomprehension that it almost felt like pain. Her whole body locked up, her recesses clenching and causing Dania to cum once more.

As the orgasm turned into a warm glow Cece melted down atop Dania. Breasts heaved and nipples bent against the other’s satisfied flesh. The two women continued to pet and give each other small kisses until the embrace of sleep cradled them both.

to be continued in PART VI