The Importance of Order

Part IV

by Dan Standing

There were more reflective things surrounding Dania than she’d ever realized.

After cumming atop Felicia’s bed and flipping around the mirror in her closet she managed to select an outfit that diminished how blatant her bodily changes were. A thick sweater for her top and a skirt went over her arm. Knee-high boots would help cover up some more of her legs. She’d have to accept that her heavenly hair and some succulent skin would be noticeable.

She discovered, as she pulled her panties and pajamas back on, that she could tuck her non-aroused clit down and under her. Even with the condom staving off direct contact, the pressure on her pleasure rod was distracting, especially when she walked and rolled the sensitive shaft back and forth between her thighs. Pressing against her pussy only complicated matters – her lower lips practically puckered and sucked at the thick clit, as if trying to pull it inside in a strange impossible form of masturbation.

It was distracting, but not erotic to the point of driving her to orgasm from nothing but walking.

Clothes and shower caddy in hand Dania went to the dorm floor’s wash room. And, out of habit, immediately glanced at the mirrors over the sinks as she walked in.

Dania almost fell into a few occupied showers as she stumbled around desperately looking for an empty stall. She could feel her hardening clit fighting against the straining fabric of her panties, and was thankful that the far back stall was available. Dania dropped everything to the tile as she disappeared behind the curtain. Panties and pajama bottoms flew off, followed by the condom, and she struggled not to cry out as she gave herself the loving attention and pleasure someone of her beauty was due. With one hand wrapped around her damp clit and the other deep in her dripping pussy she bit her lip as she slowly let out a well-deserved moan.

I…I did this to myself! I don’t deserve to feel anything good from this!

Catching her breath and lowering down from the tips of her toes, Dania gingerly picked up everything she’d dropped while trying not to get any of her juices on the fresh clothes. With it all properly hung up and situated Dania turned and caught her eyes in the reflection of the shower-head.

She quickly got the water going, hopeful that the blast of cold would push back her blooming libido. It didn’t, instead tracing cool lines across her amazing breasts and unbelievably erect nipples, but it did help disguise the sound of her second orgasm in the showers.

The warm water washed away her layers of sexual juices and sweat, and Dania added one more element – tears. How could she live like this? She was showering with her eyes cast down, thankful the drain was so dirty there was no hope for a reflection. She knew she’d have to walk back to her room eyes-down, neck bent almost painfully so, completely unable to see the reactions of anyone who saw her wonderful body.

Cursed! CURSED body!

The water beating against her bobbing and wobbling clit wasn’t helping matters. It was like a thousand fingers tapping on the most sensitive part of her body. She’d neglected to bring another condom, thinking she could just put the one she already had back on, but now that it was lying on the tile partially filled with water Dania knew that was not an option. She’d have to get dressed, wait for her clit to soften up a little, tuck it under as best she could, and put a new condom on in the dorm. She’d probably have to change her panties again thanks to the lubricant her enormous bundle of nerves was constantly covered with. And if Felicia had returned from her shower but not yet left for her day it would be an awkward sequence.

Fortunately the roommate had already gone by the time Dania made it back to her room, and she soon got the day started. As planned she kept her head down all through the dorm, terrified of catching her eyes in an especially clean window or some other reflection she could not foresee. This meant staring at her chest the entire time, watching her the contour of her beautiful breasts bounce and roll under the sweater. She had no bras that would fit them, so they hung loose in the fabric. She concentrated hard on thinking of anything that would get her mind off the feeling of the perfect nipples dragging along inside the fabric. She’d allowed herself to get lost in the feeling briefly, and a tight tug on her panties reminded her that a wandering mind would lead to a bulging skirt.

Not that the skirt wasn’t bulging already. The curve of her amazing ass meant that the back of the material hung significantly higher than the front’s hem.

Freakish! I look like a spinny top with this ass!

It was only when Dania reached the open space of the quad that she raised her head. She was certain that any reflections would be too far away for her to see her face, and she was right.

But she could see everyone else’s faces.

And they were looking at her. The hair, the tan, and the figure under her clothes; none of it had gone unnoticed. She could see people elbowing those next to them, or getting texts and looking up to see what the gossip was all about. Many stares were familiar – after all, Cece had always told Dania that she was naturally sexy, and Cece had not been the only student to know this. But some were especially lewd now, and many of the female students had sneers on their faces.

But what bothered Dania most about the whole thing was that, while in the past she would look back at some of the staring boys and pine for the courage to approach them, now she had no desire to act on their open-invitation stares. None of them seemed to interest her in the slightest anymore.

How did I ever find them attractive? Now that I’ve seen myself I know what real sexiness is!

Dania actually stopped in her tracks as this thought rolled through her mind. Her subconscious had been sneaking in unexpected adjectives here or there when reflecting on her new body, but this was the first time she’d fully thought something different from what she would have before last night.

What was that? She shook her head, her long hair echoing her movements, the faces of a few of the men unconsciously following. She had lusted, secretly, for a number of her schoolmates. But now, looking across the grass at some of the drooling students she’d previously taken interest in, she no longer saw the attraction.

The spell made me ONLY attracted to myself! Dania realized, lowering her head again and moving on at a quicker pace. Even when she wasn’t mystically lusting for her body the magic had been designed to ensure the spell’s target didn’t cheat on the other person. And since both parts of the spell had been cast on her, she couldn’t even use the confidence of her reformed form to pursue a boy!

Not that she would with the monstrosity currently tucked between her legs.

The pillar of perfection!

“Stop it!” she hissed to her betraying thoughts, and ran inside Dongely Hall.

Cece was not in attendance at class. Dania had to sit and squirm as her weight pressed down on her curled clit during the entire period. She tried to keep her thighs spread to reduce the pressure, but that just added to the odd looks she was getting from teacher and classmates.

The whole time Dania was barely able to pay attention. Her mind kept drifting to her body; how her soft breasts rose and fell under the sweater as she breathed. How her ass was so pillow-like and lifted her a few extra inches from the seat. How her skin shimmered under the lights. As each of these ideas pushed into the front of her mind Dania could feel her clit twitch and start to stiffen against the her panties and chair. She’d quickly cast out the naughty thoughts, concentrating her attention on any of the students she no longer found attractive to reverse her arousal.

But that didn’t mean ant student knew why she was looking their way. As the class was dismissed Dania stood and tried to exit as quickly as possible.

“Hey Dania,” Cory Hopper said with his silk-like voice as he moved into her path. The boy had been two seats down from her, and the subject of many of Dania’s libido reducing stares.

All of which he had noticed.

He grinned the same grin that had melted Dania’s heart and warmed her loins many times before, but now she felt nothing from it.

“You’re looking especially amazing today. Want to go out later?”

Dania really wanted to say “Yes!” Any other time she’d practically be jumping in giddy joy. But before she could do anything her mouth started moving on its own.

“Sorry, Cory, I’m only interested in myself now. I’m way more attractive and turned on by me than I ever would be or could be by you.”

The cursed woman’s eyes went wide in terror as she heard her words smack Cory in the face. His eyebrows dove towards his nose, his expression a mix of confusion and anger as he tried to understand what had just been said to him.

Tears were on the verge of pouring from Dania’s eyes, and she quickly exclaimed, “Excuse me!” and bolted past him out the door. She rushed down the hall, her breasts wobbling and slapping together under her shirt, the skirt almost rising up over her ass from the energetic steps, and she disappeared into the women’s room. She slammed the door and let herself cry a little. The spell, and its round-about casting, had forced her to spout what sounded like gibberish when confronted by a competing suitor. She placed her face in her hands, wiped her tears away, and looked up with a sniff.

Right into the bathroom mirror.

Quickly she was within a locked stall, her thumbs pushing her skirt and panties down past her painfully aroused clit. It sprung to attention as the restraining last of the fabric fell past it, and Dania gripped it overtop the condom. The latex sheath was slick from her own juices, and moved with a cool and pleasurable slide up and down between her fingers and shaft.

Dania was becoming a pro at getting herself off, and it wasn’t long before she had four fingers stretching her dripping canal, biting her lip and smacking her back against the stall wall as her orgasm washed over her. Breathing deeply she grabbed some paper towels and cleaned herself up as much as she could, tucked down her waning clit, pulled up her underwear and skirt, washed up, and went on her way.

The rest of the day went without incident, and Cece was also MIA during lunch. Angry that she’d been unable to locate the stupid woman who had brought this on her, Dania was relieved when her last class finally ended. She couldn’t wait to get back to her dorm and fuck herself.

Wait, what?

It had been hours since Dania’s trip to the women’s room, and as she packed up her things and exited the classroom amidst a sea of stares, she caught herself looking for something reflective. She shot her face towards the floor again.

What the Hell am I doing? she thought, I need to…find a mirror! I’ve gone to long without – no!

Briskly pushing out of the building and heading back to her dorm Dania fought away the desires nipping at the edge of her brain. She was starting to become obsessed with looking at herself. It had been so long, it wasn’t right to delay any worship at the temple her body-

“God damn it!” Dania growled to herself. Clearly the spell was designed to drive the target to seek out the designated lover. But what it meant for Dania was that whenever she relaxed her guard her head would pop up, her eyes darting for a reflective surface. And this time she wasn’t sure she could get herself to a private spot before she began proving her devotion to the heavenly form – stop it! She was not going to masturbate in public, no matter how much it would be for the better of anyone who saw the definition of sexiness that she’d become.

Freak! I’m a freak!

By the time Dania arrived at her room she had to hold her head down and physically create blinders aside her eyes. She didn’t give herself any opportunity to catch sight of her wall mirror, instead throwing herself onto the bed. Her head was buried under the pillows and she pulled the sheet over herself.

Even though her mind was still screaming to pleasure her perfection, her body was so exhausted from her battling thoughts that it wasn’t long before she’d fallen asleep.

Hours later Dania was awoken by the sound of someone bursting into her dorm.

to be continued in PART V