The Importance of Order

Part III

by Dan Standing

Dania rolled over, groaning to herself. She had fallen out of her slumber, but not because of her alarm, so even with her eyes closed she knew she was awake earlier than she wanted to be. She pushed her face into the pillow. Her whole body felt weird. She just wanted to go back to sleep…

breep breep breep breep!

Now that was her alarm, and the blonde’s arm shot out from under the sheet and slapped the Snooze button. She let her hand rest there a moment as she accepted that now she did have to get up. But, as her fingers gripped the plastic clock, she realized they felt a bit tacky against the smooth plastic. And her arm had a weird chill about it.

Turning and sitting upright in her bed Dania realized she had sweated quite a bit in her sleep. Her sheets were slightly damp, and her pajamas were just short of soaked.

“Ew, what the heck?” she muttered, rubbing her eyes with the clammy backs of her hands. Suddenly she heard movement across the room. Looking up she saw that Felicia had returned during the night and was restless in her own bed, thanks to Dania’s alarm and spoken words. Dania put her hand to her mouth in realization of her rudeness. Before she could turn back to her own mysterious sweat she caught something out of the corner of her eye;

The red candle on her desk.

Oh yeah… Dania thought, only now recalling the events of the prior evening …I wonder if…

Looking down at herself she was in no way surprised to find no noticeable difference in what she could see of her form. Her pajama top hung off her breasts as it always had, at the slight slope which always disappointed Dania. Letting out a long sigh she looked up at the mirror past her bed.

Not like I really expected…

Dania’s thoughts trailed away as she locked eyes with herself in the glass. The world around her melted away. Only her body was on her mind.

What would satisfy you? played through her head, a question without a voice.

“Breasts…they aren’t full enough…too small…” Dania stated flatly. Her voice was hushed and monotone.

And what else?

“Skin…needs to be tanner…”

Certainly that is not all…


No more?

“Waist…an hourglass…”

The end of your list?

“Ass…more of a bubble.”

And this would satisfy you sexually?

“I…what? No…I…I’d need to be filled…a long…thick…shaft…between the legs…”

So you have asked, so shall your eternal mate be formed!

Suddenly, as if falling out of a vacuum, Dania was back in her bed. Across the room Felicia stirred a bit more. Dania blinked her eyes as she tried to clear her mind, uncertain of what had just happened. Had she really just said all of that out loud? She raised her hand to press her fingers to her forehead, when she brushed against her hair.

A few inches earlier than she should have.

Gripping the locks she’d encountered Dania whipped them around to her face. Staring down she could see her hair actually growing between her fingers, the strands becoming firmer and healthier. Her eyes went wide as she realized all her split ends were healing, and the blonde color of her hair was became more lustrous.

Which meant her eyes couldn’t get any wider when she noticed her skin tanning.

Dropping the hair Dania threw out her hand, fingers splayed, and watched the color wash from the back of it down her arm. It was a deep copper tone, so dark that a few of her birth marks were almost lost on their new background. She stretched out the other hand, which was being painted identically in the new color.

There was no tingling or other sensation coming from her skin or scalp, it was just changing. She watched in silence as the wave of tan disappeared under her sleeves, and continued to move her head as if she could still see what was happening beneath the shirt. As her eyes moved to the point where she’d have expected her chest to be washed in their new color suddenly she did start to feel something.

This was because her breasts, formerly sloped under her shirt, were inflating. Two naturally shaped boobs were quickly becoming round orbs, as if she’d suddenly gotten a breast lift with silicon inserts. But what she was feeling wasn’t from the transformation, it was from the fabric dragging along her stretching skin. The heavy material caressed her fake-looking curves as they inflated and then continued to grow, her nipples reacting and pushing forward. Her eyes still as wide as they would go Dania’s mouth finally dropped open as she saw the shirt rise up one…two…no, three inches! She could see her nipples, pressing stiff under the shirt.

Her attention was drawn away from her chest as her tan washed over her stomach, and she felt her sides tighten up and pull in. Throwing the sheets from her lower body Dania threw her hands to her abdomen – each side between her ribs and her hips was curving in by at least four inches at the deepest! Dania couldn’t imagine where all this flesh had gone to until she felt her body rise a few inches up from the mattress as her new bubble butt grew in. On a hunch Dania looked down to her feet, which were sticking out of the cuffs of her pants, and watched the tan roll over them.

“Woah…” she muttered to herself, finally letting her eyes blink. Everything that had just happened was a bit beyond her ability to believe.

But it wasn’t over.

Dania felt a pressure within her pussy. It felt as if something was pushing up from between her lower lips, and pressing against the inside of her panties. And it felt really good. First looking over to make sure Felicia was still asleep, Dania then hooked her thumbs around the elastic of her pants and panties and lifted them up.

Again her eyes went wide. Dania quickly pulled back her hands in shock, which only caused her panties to snap back over her growing clit. The impact sent a little shock through Dania and she jumped. This then sent her breasts rolling and bouncing inside her shirt. Dania quickly stilled them, then bit her lip as she pulled the fabric away from her clit again. When she’d first looked it was only three inches long and about an inch thick. Now it was the length and thickness of a banana, even similar to the shape as it curved along Dania’s panties. The elastic would not let her pull the fabric far enough from her clit shaft, so finally Dania had to push her pajamas and underwear over the curve of her new ass and down to her mid-thigh.

Free of the fabric constraints Dania’s extended and engorged clit sprung up six full inches, wobbling as it stood tall between the lips of Dania’s pussy. The newly enhanced blonde could do nothing but stare at the impossible appendage springing from her loins. This was a nightmare. She…she was a freak! What had the spell done to her? It had fixed a few things, but why this…it was practically a penis!

Dania had to look away to collect her thoughts. Perhaps she was still dreaming? She looked up at the mirror across from her bed and locked eyes with herself once more.

Suddenly her entire body went warm. Her pussy, which had been fairly inert even through her transformation, suddenly became soaked with juices. Dania’s eyes blinked rapidly as her entire body flushed. Every part of it looked beautiful. Every part of her needed attention.

She needed, no, deserved to be satisfied. To be filled.

“How could I call you freakish?” she said to herself, pulling off her shirt to get a proper look at her new chest. Her breasts were like a pair of tightly inflated balloons, capped with two very hard nipples almost as big as her pinkies. As she ran her hands over them her body flinched and spasmed from the gentle caresses of her sensitive skin. Her clit, which had been spongy and bendable, now straightened out as blood rushed into it. Another inch in length and girth pushed up from Dania’s thighs. Somehow it, too, was beginning to become as slick as her pussy.

“Mmm, yes, I must make sure I am filled, and you get the proper attention…” Dania muttered, biting her lip as she let her hands slid down her slimmed form. One set of fingers continued down around her thigh, invading her damp recesses. The other fingers gripped her shaft, and she arched her back and sucked in through her teeth as her brain struggled to handle the input of pleasure. She actually had to let go of her clit, strands of natural lube stretching from her palm, as she attempted to catch her breath.

“Oh…yeah…too bad I can’t put you in-”

breep breep breep breep!

Her snooze delay had come to its end, and Dania’s sticky hand swung around and turned off the alarm. The sound had startled her, but now she could collect herself and tend to the need between her-

“God, I think I’m going to have to get up…”

Felicia’s voice caused Dania to jump again, and the horny blonde quickly threw the sheets back over her. The fabric rested on her dripping clit, and Dania again sucked in through her teeth as she tried to handle the glorious pressure on her shaft. She propped her head on one hand, trying to look casual. Suddenly she noticed that her clit was creating a visible lump in the blankets, and Dania shifted her leg to raise the material away as Felicia turned and peered across the dorm.

Dania wanted to pull her other hand out of her pussy, but…she knew she was just so damn beautiful it was warranted that she feel good without delay. She’d die if Felicia knew what she was doing under the covers, but she couldn’t deny herself any moment without pleasure. Using small motions she hoped Felicia wouldn’t notice she was slowly slipping a finger in and out of herself.

“Good morning,” Dania grinned awkwardly.

“Yeah, good morning. You okay, Dania? You looked a little…flushed. Did you do something with your hair?”

“Me, no, just shadows. And I…must have…must have slept on my hair funny,” Dania replied, trying not to gasp as a second finger slipped into her slit. She’d totally overlooked the fact that things like her tan or hair would be noticeable.

“Oh. Wish I could sleep on my hair that funny,” Felicia replied, rolling out of bed. Dania’s roommate had a tight runner’s body thanks to the sports that constantly distracted her from grades. As she stepped onto the floor her slim muscles, toned just enough that she was still classically feminine, flexed with machine-like perfection. Her auburn hair was cut short, and it practically matched the tank and shorts Felicia had worn to bed.

“Yeah…funny how things…happen…” Three fingers. As she made her small piston-like motions under the sheet Dania’s clit was starting to shake back and forth. It was tapping her raised thigh, sending a Morse Code alert of a pending orgasm. Dania didn’t know if she could stifle her reaction to cumming, even with Felicia in the room. God, if she came in front of someone she’d never live it down. She needed to slow things up, but…she really deserved to cum no matter what the consequences.

But Felicia was here…

“Busy day?” Dania spoke up through grit teeth.

“It wasn’t going to be, but it might as well be now. Since I’m up I think I’ll get started on a few things I was going to do yesterday if I slept in…” Dania’s barefooted roommate made her way to the dresser and pulled out some clothes. Walking over to the door she slipped on flip-flops and grabbed her shower caddy. “Be back in a bit…”

“Don’t rush on…my account,” smiled Dania as she managed to fit a fourth finger inside herself. Her clit’s tapping had increased double time. A warm bubbling was forming inside her…

“Okay…be back shortly.” And the door closed.

“Goooooooooood…” Dania moaned, throwing off the cover and letting her free hand grab her clit shaft. That was all she needed to burst over the edge, her orgasm crashing down across her body. She threw back her head, smashing and rubbing her hair into the pillow as she tried not to wake up the whole floor.

“Gahhhhh…” escaped her throat at a nearly-yelling volume as she finished cumming, her muscles releasing their locks and her body collapsing limp onto the bed. Her hands fell beside her hips as she lay gasping. That had been one of only a very few orgasms she’d ever had…although now that she’d experienced that Dania was beginning to doubt the legitimacy of what she’d previously considered an “orgasm.”

This body is perfect…my titties are so tight and round…I can feel my ass pushing me up from the mattress… Dania’s thoughts about herself were as warm as her afterglow, but as that started to fade, But my waist is so impossibly small…and my clit, it’s absurdly big, how will I get through a day with it?

Dania lifted herself up so she could get a look at her mutated pleasure button. It had lost some of its rigidity, and was now lying limp against her thigh. It was shrunk down it the banana size it had possessed earlier. Still flabbergasted by what had happened to herself Dania looked up to the mirror again, and locked eyes with herself for a third time.

“You’re the most beautiful creature in the world, you must be pleasured at all times…” she exclaimed. Her nipples once more pinged to attention, and her clit rose to the occasion. Dania’s hands were quickly back to their previous spots. One hand gripped and massaged the massive measure of nerves while the other was close to fitting all five fingers inside when she finally brought on her second orgasm of the morning.

Once again resting in her bed, panting and sweating and generally damp, Dania covered herself and rolled to the side.

Her GPA was nearly a 4.0 for a reason, and the analytical part of her mind was going full steam. What was going on? As her mind shifted from “I am the most beautiful creature in existence!” to “Oh God, what have I let happen to myself?” she figured out what went wrong. Cece was a trusting idiot. The spell was not intended to make Dania think she was attractive. It was clearly designed to make someone else fall into helpless lust with her, make them think she was physically attractive. No – make her their idea of physical perfection. That is why she had to say her name twice – one was intended to be the target’s name. Her body had changed to match her idea of physical beauty and sexual satisfaction…which would have turned out more useful if it had been used properly on two people. It had certainly glitched a bit having been cast only on herself.

And Dania’s undeniable horniness and desire to pleasure herself had triggered when she looked at her eyes in the mirror, when it was intended to work when the target looked upon the spell caster. If she could avoid looking in the mirror, and find Cece, she could get to the witch and get the spell removed…or maybe just fixed. These were nice boobies under her shirt.

Man, did all of that sound dumb. But Dania had to accept the fact that, somehow, that was the reality of the situation.

The door opened and Dania rushed to make sure she was covered. As Felicia, and a burst of fresh air, entered the room, Dania realized how much the dorm reeked of her self-pleasure. Felicia, no dressed, stopped mid-motion of returning her shower-caddy to its place.

“Dania,” Felicia gasped, almost not believing her own conclusion, “Have you been…” The auburn-haired girl made an O with her hand and shook it back-and-forth.

“I…no, of course not…” Dania answered, her voice wavering as she did her best to lie.

“Sure,” Felicia replied through squinted eyes, “Just…make sure you open a window or something before you leave.” With that Felicia grabbed a few things and left.

Letting out a long sigh Dania tossed the covered from herself and sat up on the edge of her bed. Her breasts stuck out enough that she could barely see her thighs, but her clit stuck out long and proud through the view down her cleavage. Mentally noting the locations of mirrors Dania stood up. Her breasts barely moved, but her ass and clit welcomed the chance to swing and jiggle. With every step Dania could feel a pillow of fat ripple from the base of her back to the top of her thigh. Placing a hand behind her she estimated a good four inches of ass was bumping out from her backside.

Each step also caused her banana clit to slap against her thighs, giving her little spasms as she moved. Even the air seemed to be caressing it. Thinking quickly Dania pulled open the drawer of Felicia’s night stand. As expected a roll of condoms, for quickie emergencies, were within. Dania plucked one from the strip, and after some initial failings managed to roll the latex sheave onto her clit. It blocked the air and lessened the impact of each…impact against her thighs.

Happy with her solution Dania grabbed her phone and called Cece. The call went straight to voicemail. Irritated at the delay in reaching her moronic friend Dania sent off both an email and a text. Not certain when Cece would get either – since Dania didn’t recall the weredoll having her phone with her last night – Dania realized that the fastest way to catch up to her friend might be to actually go to class.

Like this?

She was going to have to go outside at some point anyway. And there was that test which she never studied for…it would be better if she guessed and got a C than missed it and got an F. Besides, this would be a dry run of how people would react to the new Dania. She might have to get used to living with her new dimensions and tan if the witch couldn’t – Dania shuddered and pushed away that thought. She did not want to spend her life with a giant floppy dick-analogue attached to her pussy.

Resolved to getting out of the dorm and becoming one step closer to fixing herself, Dania went to her closet and threw it open.

And immediately became flushed with lust for herself. She cooed and stumbled to the side onto Felicia’s bed, her hands already grasping at her covered clit.

She’d forgotten about the make-up mirror hanging in her closet.

to be continued in PART IV