The Importance of Order

Part II

by Dan Standing

“Why is there no decent kicker on my team?”

Kevin nearly slammed his controller on the floor as his little digital football player missed yet another field goal. Opponent Grill turned and smiled, showing the teeth that had gotten him his nickname, and then turned back to the game. They and the other Phi brothers, save for a lankier guy called Bert, were all players on the school football team.

This was fraternity game night and tensions were high. Weeks of dishwashing and laundry duty were on the line. So when a knock rung through the door barely anyone made a move.

When it happened again all the eyes that could be spared went to Bert, who groaned and got up from his perch on the back of one of the well-worn couches. Yes, there was drinking going on by a few guys, but most of the players were sober this night to keep their game straight. There wasn’t any loud music, so Bert did not seriously suspect the cops to be bothering them. Still, caution was long engrained in their minds, so when Bert got to the door he opened it only a crack.

“Don’t tell me that little sliver is all you want to see of me…” A woman’s hand slapped against the door, pushing it open as she waltzed in past a confused frat boy.


Bert’s weak protest and the female voice got the attention of the other guys, who paused the game and all turned simultaneously.

That was the moment Cece took center stage of the entryway and dropped her coverings.

She’d discovered during her walk over that she could not press her thighs together completely. So, as she stood on the gritty wooden floor posed in all her glory like a poor man’s Venus rising from a sea of hardwood, none of her glory was left to the imagination. Her melon-like breasts, with their very hard grape-sized nipples, hung from her chest like the most sinful of fruit. The glass of the tinted window behind her showed her slightly-spread ass and awaiting hole. And, between her thighs, was an open and glistening treasure box that just begged to be filled. Anyone looking at Cece’s platinum-framed face would have also noticed there was much fun to be had between her plump and salivating lips.

“What…what is this?” Grill spoke up, almost unable to see their guest from his Player 2 seat.

“This is an invitation, boys,” Cece smiled, slowly walking towards the steps. Her stretched and bare feet, barely worse for wear despite her walk over, padded with little steps on the wooden floor that rung through the near-silent room. The long smooth legs that grew up from her tiny ankles looked very flexible. “Oh, I see you’re otherwise entertained. Well, anyone not already engaged in their own ball game come upstairs and let me play mine.”

Cece made her way swiftly up the stairs. She wanted to make sure, before the guys could process her entrance and get their wits about them, that she had already found the biggest bed. And it wasn’t long before the sound of feet pounding up the stairs rang through the house. Cece had laid herself out on her chosen bed so that whomever came through the door would get an instant view of her open and dripping flower, and the first guy to arrive was the team’s quarterback.

For a moment the weredoll was disappointed that her dirtiest porn dreams weren’t playing out – it seemed that the boys weren’t keen on having their way with her all at once, and a line had formed in the hallway just past the doorway. The QB himself had come to a halt when he entered the room, clearly surprised by her sexual display. Cece’s breasts, which continued to defy gravity but still hung at a little angle from the way she was propping herself up, stuck out proud as she ran a finger around their areola. Her breath had quickened as she watched the six-foot-two mass of muscles enter the room, but his pause only caused Cece’s empty and aching holes to languish in wait.

“Well? You didn’t cum already, did you?” Cece finally asked, snapping the footballer out of his stupor. He immediately resumed his advance to the bed, stripping off his clothes as he went. Cece was not in a patient mood, and as soon as the guys cock had sprung from his boxers she leaped forward and took it in her mouth.

“Oh!” came the sound from above, and “Mmmm…” came the sound from below. Salty sweat, which Cece had always thought would be exceptionally foul, actually tasted divine to her. The hair ringing the base of his dick tickled Cece’s face as her puffed lips moved up and down his shaft, her slick saliva glistening on it in the scant light. He wasn’t quite as thick as a golf ball, but he was long and Cece noted she didn’t have a gag reflex in this form. And, in fact, it felt really good to push him well past the old choking point in her throat.

“Ug, wait, keep that up and I’ll…” the QB didn’t finish his sentence. Cece could sense his body tense up, and she felt his rod spasm within her mouth. A warm splash hit the back of her throat, and she could feel his seed begin to drip within her. A wave of happy warmth washed over Cece, which felt good in its own way, but it was far from the orgasm she needed right now. And, in fact, it had probably made her hornier.

No no no… Cece thought, her efforts on his quickly softening member doubling, I hardly got anything from that!

“Hey, I…” the frat boy had never had a girl increase her efforts after he’d completed in her mouth, and he gently pushed her back by the shoulders. As his head popped out of Cece’s mouth she made little puckerings towards it, “…I can get it up again, I just need-”

“Then send the next one in!” Cece demanded, turning him by his hips and pushing him towards the door. He’d barely had enough time to grab his discarded clothes and cover his damp dick before he stumbled out the door.

Cece didn’t care who the next boy through the door was. All she cared by now was that his cock was hard. As he stripped in his way to the bed she flipped onto her back, spreading out her legs so there was no question as to what they were about to do. He climbed onto the bed, knees resting at Cece’s ass as her legs wrapped around him. She’d already created a damp spot on the sheets and mattress, so it was no surprise that the frat boy slid right into her flowing slot. For a moment Cece lamented that he may not be big enough to properly fill her, but after two pumps she felt her pussy adjust.

She was now tightly wrapped around the football player’s shaft, and she let out a long moan which clearly indicated how happy she was to be so tightly filled. The guy grabbed her by the hips and increased his jackhammer motions, the round curve of her bubbly ass smacking against his thighs. Cece’s hands were on her breasts, squeezing and pulling her thick and sensitive teats.

“Yes yes yes yes…” they both grunted together. Cece could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer with every pass of his cock inside of her. Fears of STDs or pregnancy were far from her mind; sex dolls couldn’t get either of them, right? All she needed to do was concentrate on the hard dick filling her oozing twat. She could sense the unmistakable feeling of sexual release start to move up from between her legs towards her belly, when suddenly;

“Oh, yeah, I think I’m gonna…here I come…”

“Nnnnnoooooo…” hissed Cece as she felt the frat boy’s body stiffen and let loose a small tremor. His thrusts ceased and he grabbed her ass and pulled Cece tight against his pelvis. The strange warmth washed over her body – it reminded her of the feeling of being told “job well done” – but it did nothing to push her over the cliff of orgasm.

“Get out…” Cece gasped, her body practically broken from sexual need as she pushed the guy back and out of her with a pop! “Send in the next one! Quick!”

As the guy tumbled back and tried to find his clothes Cece flipped over on the bed and got up on her hands and knees. The feeling of orgasm was quickly fading from her and she needed to keep it with her. She threw a few fingers down to her slit, but the sensation of her own skin on her clit only made her uncomfortable. Suddenly off-balance she threw down both hands to the mattress to steady herself. Her breathing was haggard, and Cece was certain that if she had on panties the heat from her loins would have set them ablaze. She was almost insane with need.

“Oh yeah, just how I like it…” Cece heard behind her. Before she could turn to look at who had entered she felt someone get onto the bed.

“Quick, put it in me…” Cece was so out of breath her voice sounded empty. It was hard to focus. She needed someone to get her off, and quick.

“No problem, babe.”

It wasn’t until Cece felt the hands on her sides, and noted the angle she was being positioned at, that she realized the guy didn’t have the same doggy-style activity in mind that she did.


With one thrust the rock hard cock had already passed between her asscheeks and made an in out of a hole Cece had always thought off as just an out. But it didn’t hurt. Like her pussy hole this one also adjusted to perfectly fit the dick in it, which was good since this guy had been especially blessed. And, like her mouth, Cece found some strange satisfaction with it being filled. It wouldn’t be enough to get off, but it did feel good. She was thankful for what felt like lubrication on the shaft rubbing deep into her insides, but she wasn’t sure if this was her own production or if the guy had applied something beforehand.

For the next few minutes Cece did little more than bite the pillow in front of her while her boobs swung and bounced and her nipples rubbed against the sheets. When this most recent partner finished she again felt the complimentary warmth pass over her. But it wasn’t an orgasm. And the whole experience had only driven up her arousal further.

By now Cece’s mind was so overwhelmed with crippling sexual dissatisfaction that she could only point and moan for each of the guys that entered the room – and her. And the problem with being built so sexually perfect was clear; every guy finished well before she could. Not only did every fuck make her hornier, but every wave of warmth that washed over her sent her deeper into a fog where all she could comprehend was her arousal.

By the time Bert stuck his head into the room it was almost morning. Each of his frat brothers had done their thing with Cece at least once, if not taking the time to go twice…one had even sampled each of her options. Now the weredoll was nothing more than a moaning wiggling woman trapped in a cloud of desire she couldn’t sate and could not comprehend beyond. Time had long become meaningless to her. White glistening pearls dripped from her body, as not everyone had opted to finish inside Cece. Some of the guys had stopping using her only because they could no longer pretend that they were the only ones who had done so that night.

Bert, on the other hand, had waited to the end for a very specific reason. He was quite pleased to know that the glistening fluids between Cece’s legs were not hers alone.

“Oh!” was the first word Cece had spoken for hours. A long, wet caress across her clit had parted the fog of her mind long enough to let her look down and see over her breasts the top of Bert’s head and between her legs.

“Oh yes…” Cece squealed, throwing her head back again as Bert’s hands snaked up her body and took a breast each. His actions were like a beacon in the storm, and she pushed through the fuzziness of her brain to concentrate on what he was doing. His fingers and thumbs massaged her tits and squeezed her nipples as his tonguing increased.

“You naughty…naughty…” Cece could feel her long-lost orgasm beginning to well up in that wonderful space down below, “…beautiful…brilliant…BOY!”

If her throat hadn’t locked up with the rest of her body Cece would have woken up the entire block with her scream. The climax she was experiencing was beyond anything she thought she could survive. If sex was climbing a building and climaxing was hitting the ground after jumping from the roof, every orgasm Cece had experienced before this had been from a two-story house.

This was the fucking Burj Khalifa.

Bert had continued his ministrations while Cece’s body held its arched position on the bed, the muscles unable to react to the pleasure racking her mind and body. Slowly, as the crashing tsunami in her head pulled back into the sea of pleasure, the girl’s body began to slowly rock and lower itself back onto the soaked bed. Bert gently pulled back and looked down at the weredoll’s heavy breathing, her breasts rocking and tipping with each breath.

“Thank…thank you…” Cece finally got out, propping herself up on her elbows and looking down at the beaming Bert. He nodded, somewhat bashfully. Cece could feel herself returning to the pre-primed level of horniness she had put on herself, and while it was irritating to have lost such an intense pleasure so quickly at least she could think again.

“You deserve a reward,” the relieved woman sighed, crooking a finger and beckoning Bert. He smiled and crawled further up onto the bed so they were lying next to each other. “If you like tasting all of that, why don’t you do a little kissing up here…” Cece smiled with her very glistening mouth. She got a good handful of the juices which were completely covering the saturated bed and moved her palm and fingers around the very hard cock sticking out of Bert’s jeans, “…while I give you back something down here.”

A few minutes later Bert had been satisfied and dozed off on the mattress. Being careful not to wake her savior Cece carefully rolled off the bed and tip-toed out the door. No one else seemed to be up yet – most likely everyone was sleeping in from a night of exhaustion thanks to her – so Cece made her way downstairs and then continued down into the basement. It was there that she’d found the sex doll she’d incorporated into herself, and it was there she knew she could find clothes to wear back to the dorm.

The basement floor was little more than dirt packed and dried with years of spilled beer, and the pads of Cece’s stretched feet stuck to the material as she crossed from the steps to the lone door way in the back. She opened the closet and was greeted with shelves of red cups, beer bongs, keg handles, ping-pong balls, piles of discarded and lost clothing, and the empty space where she’d discovered the doll at one late night party and stolen it from so recently. There was no light in the closet itself, it was illuminated solely from the bulb in the center of the basement.

As she stepped inside to examine the clothing available to her Cece suddenly felt a tingle pass over her skin. It had started in her breasts, so very jiggly until now. Cece figured they were starting to tighten as they shrunk back to her original cup size. Looking down at her hand she saw the tone of her skin begin to change.

It must be morning… Cece thought. This made her very happy, as it meant the end of the self-imposed tickle in her twat for the day, and the clothing here would better fit her actual body than the exaggeration she was thanks to the doll form. Smiling she put out her hand to pick up the shirt atop the pile.

And couldn’t quite seem to grip it.

Twice more Cece tried to pick up the material. Then she realized she just couldn’t get her fingers to close enough to get a grip. Lifting both hands up to examine the problem more closely, a cold shiver ran through Cece. Her skintone was changing, but it wasn’t returning to the pale shade of her flesh-and-blood form. Nor were her breasts stiffening because they were shrinking; she was turning into the unaltered and immovable sexdoll itself!

“No-” gasped through her throat as she realized the error of the spell; Dania had not cursed Cece to be a weredoll during the full moon, the sexdoll had been cursed to become a wereCece during the full moon!

Which meant, if it was now morning…

Panicking, Cece spun around to try to run for help, but as she turned she could feel her legs fully shift to inanimate rubber, squeaking against each other as they started to collapse. She threw out her arm to grab the door for support, but her hand landed limply on the interior doorknob. As she fell backwards the door closed with her, and Cece – now fully transformed into the frat house’s helpless inanimate sexdoll – was trapped within the closet’s darkness.

to be continued in PART III