The Importance of Order

Part I

by Dan Standing

“Why is there a sex doll in my dorm?”

Cece looked up from Dania’s bed, a huge smile across her face. She was in her pajamas – nothing more than poofy soft pants and a scantly filled tanktop – and couldn’t seem to stop herself from bouncing up and down on the mattress thanks to barely-contained manic energy. In her hands were two pieces of parchment, each of which had dark, thick ink scrawled across it.

“I have a solution to my dating problem.”

Dania entered the room and closed the door, slightly regretting having ever given her friend the door code. Thankfully Dania’s roommate, Felicia, had Lab on Thursdays and wouldn’t be back until much later. Hopefully the naked rubber woman would be gone well before then.

“Well, since your name isn’t Lars I’m not sure how a sex doll will help…” Dania replied, placing down her books and joining her friend on the bed. The language on the sheets wasn’t English, but somehow the blonde felt she could at least read it phonetically. Her eyes jumped back to the doll, which Dania suddenly realized was not the inflatable type. “That’s one of those expensive ‘real’ ones, where did you get it from?”

“I swiped her from the basement of the Phi house. And for what I have in mind, she’s perfect…” Cece grinned at her papers, then got up and walked over to where the busty collection of plastic was laying. The doll and Cece were opposites in almost every way; latex had impossibly round breasts the size of her own head, while flesh needed a bra simply to fill out her shirts; latex was a bright platinum blonde, while flesh was a dark mess of brunette; latex had a waspish waist that flared out to an ass that could support a six-pack, while flesh was little more than a pair of convex lines. Cece patted the crumbled mess of limbs and sexuality on the head and repeated, “…she’s perfect.”

“For what?” Dania’s exasperation was clear in her voice. She had a test in the morning and things seemed to be moving in circles.

“What would you say if I told you I had the solution to our problems in my hand?”

Our problems?”

“C’mon. I’m shaped like a pear without a booty. But you still go on as few dates as I do,” Cece responded, her hands going to her hips to accent the importance of her long withheld observation.

Dania turned to the full mirror on the wall past the foot of her bed. Objectively she was a laundry list of beauty; fair skin, blonde hair running just past her shoulders, cantaloupe-sized breasts that hadn’t fully grown in until the middle of high school, and a nicely sized waist which led to an ass that only just came up short of matching her bust. But Dania had never noticed the best parts of her. Instead she saw a pallet of pale, a bouquet of broken ends, a sagging set of sweater-meat, a missized midsection, and an unappetizing ass. When she did get hit on she could only think of it as pity or mockery. Her head slowly returned to Cece.

“So what are those?”

“Remember that woman from my old neighborhood I told you about?”

“The one whose house you used to egg and TP and harass for years because you thought she was a witch?”

“Yeah, that one,” Cece smiled, returning to the bed and sitting next to her friend, “I ran into her again when I was home and we got to talking. I joked about what I used to do to her house, and when I told her why she said she actually was a witch.”

“Okay, I have a test to study for…” Dania started to stand but Cece dragged her back down.

“No, Dania, listen, trust me, I saw the inside of her house, and…trust me, she’s the real deal. Hear me out.”

“Fine,” the blonde harrumphed, crossing her arms across her sweater. Her bra, heavy with breast flesh, rested atop them.

“I told her about our issues, how I’m not attractive enough to get the guys, and you just don’t think you are, and she said these would help solve our problems,” Cece rattled the pages in front of her friend and Dania snatched them from her hand, “Hey!”

“They can’t offer much advice if I can’t read them,” Dania muttered, playing a bit of keep-away as she looked them over. Even while maintaining them a few inches from Cece’s grasping hands Dania could tell they were old. The ink was dried atop the parchment and not soaked into it, indicating they were very old. Or well-done fakes.

“They’re not advice columns, they’re spells,” Cece sputtered, finally elbowing Dania in the side and getting back the parchments, “This one is for you. She said once we cast it you will no longer doubt your attractiveness come the morning.”

“Yeah, sure…” the blonde replied, giving up on fighting Cece and falling back on her bed in exhaustion. Her breasts, trapped within the bra and sweater, rolled back along her ribs. This did nothing but irritate Dania.

“Look, let me cast yours, then you can cast mine and I’ll get out of here.”

“Fine,” Dania muttered, pushing herself up, “What do we need to do?”

“Well, she said I need a few strands of hair, and a candle – don’t worry, I brought one – and then I just say your name here and here, and burn the paper with the hair,” Cece was bouncing again and Dania wasn’t able to actually see what she was referring to on the parchment. She just shook her head, wrapped a couple split-ends around a finger, and winced with the yank.

“Here you go,” Cece muttered, holding out the hair as Dania lit a blood-red candle she’d brought and placed on Dania’s desk. The brunette grabbed the strands and looked positively giddy.

“Okay, now, I need you to state with no uncertainty that you accept the spell that I am about to cast on you.”

“I accept the spell that you are about to cast on me?”

“That sounded like a question…” Cece said, as she spun together the hair strands as a proto-braid and hooked it into a slot cut at the top of the parchment.

“I accept the spell that you are about to cast on me,” Dania repeated, her frustration coming across as resolution.

“Excellent, then…” and Cece started to read. It sounded like gibberish – structured gibberish, but gibberish nonetheless. The moments when Cece stated Dania’s name stood out as alien words amongst the very gutteral language that Dania’s friend was sounding out. As she finished reading she lowered the parchment and hair into the candle’s flame. It burst into a green fireball and ashed itself out of Cece’s fingers quickly and without burning her.

But it certainly surprised them both.

“Woah!” Dania sputtered, practically falling back onto the bed. She looked around for any indication the smoke alarm might go off, but there seemed to be no residual cindering – one moment the parchment was there, the next it wasn’t.

“There, in the morning we should expect some changes in you,” Cece grinned, clearly proud of helping her friend. She was rubbing her hands together as if dusting off ash, but it was really just a motion of self-satisfaction for a job clearly well done.

“Okay, because I don’t feel anything now…” Dania responded, looking at each side of her hands and looking down at herself. Nothing seemed to have changed. She looked up at the mirror, which confirmed her thoughts. “Let’s get this done so you can drag that thing out of here before Felicia gets back.”

“Well, if all goes right…” Cece’s grin got wider as she plucked some hairs from her head, then pulled a few from the nape of the doll’s neck, “…I shouldn’t need to carry her anywhere.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she didn’t have-”

“The old woman?”

“Yeah. She didn’t have any spells that would parmanently change my body to exactly how I wanted. But when I said I’d be happy with be sexy just now and then she got an idea. This is a were-spell.”

“A what?” Dania asked, her eyes narrowing as she watched Cece braiding the doll’s hair together with her own, “A ‘wear’ what?”

“You know, like a werewolf? Half human, half wolf when the moon is full? Well, with this spell, during the three nights surrounding a full moon, I can turn myself into a weredoll! It will make me and the doll one. I’ll be able to move around and talk and everything because I’ll be half human, but being half sex doll means that for those three nights I’ll have her looks and bust and…dimensions and tireless fucking ability!”

Dania just blinked a few times at her friend.

“You really cannot be serious.”

“No, no, seriously, most of the time I’ll be the lame and normal me, but then three nights of the month – watch out! Sexy Cece the Weredoll is on the prowl!”

“That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard,” Dania responded, but didn’t object to the parchment with the hair braid hooked into it that was pushed into her hands.

“Yeah, well, that’s not the part you’ll probably object to…” Cece added, her cheeks starting to blush slightly.

“What? What do you mean?”

“Well, she said that people cursed as weres start their night of change just how they were when they were cursed. That’s why a werewolf usually starts out hungry – one or the other of the individuals combined by the curse were hungry at the time.”

“Okay…so, what? Do you need to eat?”

“No…I mean, yeah, I’ve eaten, peed, washed, everything. Except…”


“Well…if I’m only going to be all sexy and desirable for three nights a month, I don’t want to deal with…foreplay.”


“I…I mean, normally, yeah, I’d need – want – foreplay. But we’re talking precious minutes here! Look, I’ll turn away, just sit on the chair, not facing you, but I want to…warm myself up just as you start reading.”

“I am not standing here while you finger yourself!” This was the first thing that had really upset Dania, pushing her voice truly into shouting range, and she stood up from the bed. She even took a step towards the door.

“Please please please!” Cece cried out, moving to keep her friend from leaving, “I know its gross for you, but…please! This is my only shot to really live it up a bit in college! At least you could get a guy’s attention if you wanted to! Me? I just…I don’t have any hope. Just…earmuff or something until I signal I’m ready. If nothing happens…I’ll leave you alone. For good. Just please give me this chance.”

Cece’s pleading was so sad, so broken, Dania could feel her chest tighten. She looked into her friend’s pleading eyes and forced her prudish nature down.

“Fine. We’ll do it. And you don’t have to stop being my friend. Just…maybe just let me alone for the night. And don’t touch anything on the way out.”

“Oh! Yes! Yes! Of course! Thank you!” Cece exclaimed, giving Dania a big hug and smashing the cups of Dania’s bra into her tits. Dania winced but hugged back as best she could with the parchment in hand.

“Use…I guess use Felicia’s chair…it’s pleather and…at least she won’t know,” Dania sighed, breaking away from Cece. The brunette nodded eagerly and grabbed the desk chair form the other side of the dorm.

“Now, when I signal, ask for my permission and then start reading. You’ll want to say my name at the first long space, and then…I guess, ‘the doll‘ when you reach the next one. When you’ve finished reading burn the hair and parchment in the flame, making sure you definately light the hair.”

“Okay…” Dania affirmed, walking over to the still-burning candle. Cece moved the chair closer to the doll, spinning around so that she was facing away from the blonde. Dania stood quietly watching her friend’s back, waiting for some sort of indication that things were starting, when she realized Cece had started. Her bent elbos stuck out from either side of her body, revealing that one hand had pulled down all the fabric obstructing her pussy, and the other was busy playing in her feminine folds.

Dania had to hold back her revulsion. She’d once heard the wet sound now coming from Cece waft over one night from Felicia’s bed. Dania’s roommate had denied her self-pleasuring when Dania approached her, but now there was no question – that was the sound.

It took a few minutes, but slowly Cece was becoming visibly more active with her ministrations. She started bouncing in her chair, her hair swinging about as she pushed herself further and further. Finally, under labored breaths, she shouted out, “Now, Dania! Ask me! Quickly!”

Dania had taken to daydreaming about her test and was startled by the demands suddenly thrown at her.

“Uh…uh…oh! Do you accept the spell I am about to place on you?”

“Yessss…” Cece hissed. It was a good enough response for Dania. She looked down at the paper in her hand and began reading, adding in the names as instructed. Cece began breathing harder and harder as Dania thrust the hair and parchment into the fire, which erupted into a similar fireball as before.

“Oh…I don’t know…if I can hold off…any long – what?”

Dania looked up at her friend as Cece spun around in the chair to face her. She’d removed her hand from her panties, three fingers still slick with her juices. She was staring at her hands with wide eyes.

“What? What is it?” Dania asked.

“You’re not seeing this?”

The blonde had no idea what Cece was on about…until she glanced at the doll. Its hands were no longer solid plastic – Dania could see through them! They were fading away, and as the fingers were completely lost from view the wrists began to fade out as well.

Dania turned her attention back to Cece, who looked especially pleased. It wasn’t clear if the two girls were seeing exactly the same thing, but it was obvious to both that Cece was becoming an almalgam of herself and the doll. The sex toy’s slim hands were stretching into Cece’s fingers, and the girl’s skin tone was lightening but maintaining the darkest of her freckles.

The merging seemed to increase in speed as the process washed up Cece’s arms. Soon her upper limbs were long and thin, and as the changed poured down her shirt it began to rapidly grow her breasts.

“Oh…yes…” Cece grinned, letting her fingers roam back to her panties as her sweater puppies inflated under the shirt from nothing to baseballs. Thick, hard nipples pushed against the material as pounds of perfect breast flesh blossomed behind them. The shirt’s space was quickly filled, forcing Cece’s new tits to bulge out the top of her neck and through the sides. Without any thought on the matter Cece ripped her shirt down the front and threw it from herself. Her bossoms bounced free, each still only the size of cantelopes…but still growing. Her nipples looked like pointing fingers, and they made Dania more uncomfortable.

While Dania’s attention had been on her friend’s breasts she missed the slimming and pouting of her Cece’s face, as well as the blondification of the once-brunette hair. Cece also rocked back and forth with glee as her waist thinned and toned, and her hips flared. She rose up a few inches in the chair as the doll’s ass filled in her own. Cece’s pajama bottoms were woefully undersized for her current dimensions, and a deep canyon cut along her body where the elastic struggled. Without thought for her companion Cece pushed her pants and panties down her long and slim legs, shimmying them off her dainty feet and revealing a very hairless and very wet pussy.

“Oh my GOD!” Cece gasped, her eyes nearly sealed closed. Her arms were shaking as she pulled them away from her body and tightly gripped the chair’s seat. Dania noticed that the doll was completely gone.

“Are you…how do you feel?”

“A-MAZE-ING!” Cece’s eyes popped open. She looked around the room, as if seeing it for the first time. She then looked down at herself, a view that was dominated by breasts that had just settled into their final blimp-like size. The whole experience had been incredible for Cece. Her flesh had simultaneously felt like it was softening and stiffening. The feeling of her body changing, breasts oozing down her chest while her ass lifted her from the chair while her waist broke the laws of physics, was like someone sucking on her entire form! She could have sworn a large tongue had lapped down her arms and legs, and licked her pussy to perfection. She was certainly wet enough down there.

The world also looked slightly different to her. She realized that if a werewolf had a wolf’s heightened senses for hunting, she must have senses keyed in on a fuck doll’s needs. While she could certainly see everything on a certain level like she had before, a fuzzy haze seemed layered over it that did nothing but highlight things she could fill herself with; the bed posts, highlighters on the desk, Dania’s fingers. Cece was wired to notice things that would pleasure her many holes.

She placed her hand to her mouth as she realized she was staring too longingly at Dania’s hands, and Cece recoiled a bit as her fingers brushed her lips. Not from pain, but from an intense pleasant need that cropped up when they got near; her mouth had naturally formed an open pout and she sort of kissed at her digits as they drew close. The idea of pushing them inside her was very nice.

“Mmm…I think I need to stand up…” Cece forced the words through her mouth, which wanted to stay as an O at all times. As she moved she noted that the feeling of her own flesh against her was a little unusual – not quite like rubber pressing against rubber, but similar.

“Do you need help?” Dania asked as her friend pushed herself up. Cece noted airflow between her asscheeks, and into her ass itself, that had never been present before. She could also feel the sticky spring of her juices stretching from her thighs to the puddle she;d left on the chair.

“No, I-” Cece stumbled forward as she tried to stand, and discovered her feet were locked in the position of the doll’s – stretched on her tiptoes. She swung forward, arms and breasts waving wildly, and Dania stepped forward to catch her.

“OooOooOoohh…” Cece moaned as her nipples and breasts pressed against Dania’s body and clothes. There was no mistaking it – her arousal combined with the sudden and rough impact had caused her to orgasm, the evidense of it running down her thighs.

“Cece! Ew!” Dania cried out, pushing her friend away with some force. The weredoll managed to find her footing this time, even through her afterglow, and just stood, legs spread a part for balance, dripping onto the tiled floor.

“I’m…I’m sorry…” Cece gasped, blinking her eyes and gathering her thoughts. The afterglow had been short, and she found herself once again very horny, despite the lack of any stimulation. “Hot and horny” was now her body’s baseline, even right after cumming.

Not being able to properly enjoy an afterglow was a bit dissapointing, but Cece realized she’d probably done it to herself thanks to her pre-spell play.

“I can’t believe that actually worked…” Dania muttered, briefly thinking about what that meant for the spell cast on her. But the thought was pushed out of her head by another more pressing thought, “Oh my God, it smells like a whorehouse in here! You have to get out so I can air everything before Felicia gets back.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right, sorry,” Cece replied, carefully taking a few steps as she learned her balance, her breasts bouncing and swooping while maintaining the unnaturally round shape, “Do you have…do you have something I can wear?”

“I…to fit that?” Dania guffawed, waving her hand at her friend’s new body, with its cartoon tits and badonka-donk ass, “Why didn’t you think of that? What do you think I’m hiding under these clothes?”

“No, I mean…” Cece caught herself staring at things that would feel good shoved in her pussy and…ass? She shook her head and returned her attention to Dania, “I just need to get as far as the Phi house. This body is getting its work-out, I’m not wasting a night! The closet I swiped the doll from had all sorts of clothes that must have been left behind after parties, I can grab something from there after I’ve had my fun, and get back to my own dorm.”

“Well, I have…actually, Felicia keeps meaning to throw out that quilt…”

Dania pointed to a folded sheet on the floor by the end of her bed, and Cece carefully made her way to it. It was then that Dania noticed two things. First was that Cece’s butt cheeks were spread open just enough to reveal a perfectly formed and open O. Second was the trail of sticky drips following after her. Dania placed her hand to her head in frustration.

Cece unfolded the quilt, which was one of those cheep high-school branded ones bought for cold football games. It was well worn, but she was able to fold it around herself.

“How’s that?”

Dania shook her head. Cece’s rock-hard nipples were still able to teepee the fabric, her bare arched feet were obvious, and there were still drips falling past the hem and spattering on the tile.

“If you only need to get as far as the Phi house it could work, if you don’t stop for anything…”

“Great. Dania, thank you, I…” it was then that Cece seemed to notice the mess she had caused, “Oh, shit! Look what I’ve done! Let me help you-”

“No!” Dania spoke up, her serious tone startling them both a little. She really could no longer stand her friend’s exagerated sexuality and nudity, and just wanted her gone, “You can’t risk being here when Felicia comes back. You can buy me lunch tomorrow to make up for it.”

“And tell you ALL about my night!” Cece grinned, bounding over and dissapearing out the door.

“Or just buy me lunch…” Dania muttered, and turned her attention to the state of the dorm.

In the hallway Cece was making good time. Her long legs and arched feet were a boon to her speed. Yes, the quilt was rubbing against her breasts and flapping against her pussy, which was turning a drip of horniness into a progressively stronger flow, but she did not allow that to slow her down. All of her holes wanted a big hot dick in them, and she wasn’t going to stop for anything.

For a moment her mind realized that she had never been this much of a slut, never been this horny, and certainly never intended to change herself beyond being a bit more physically desirable. But if she only had to deal with these extreme changes to her desires three nights a month she was going to make the best of her new situation.

Afterall, it had always been her goal to get laid. Now it was simply something her body needed.

Back in the dorm it really hadn’t taken Dania all that long to clean up. She wiped down the tiled floor, sprayed down Felicia’s chair, put back whatever Cece had moved as she tested her new body, and overall the mess had been mostly superficial. The only remaining reminder that Cece had even been there was her torn clothing in the trash and the red candle, which was still lit on Dania’s desk.

With everything back to normal Dania undressed. The whole experience had been exhausting, and she decided that studying could be done if she got up a little earlier in the morning. Placing her day clothes aside, now standing in nothing more than white panties, she pulled out her red-plaid cotton pajamas. Slipping on the top and bottom she turned to the mirror.

No one except Dania could think she didn’t fill out even these clothes well, but think it she did. She had just seen sexuality incarnate; with that image burned into her brain how else could she judge herself? Mentally she adjusted the image in the mirror across from her bed, perking and swelling her breasts a bit, thinning how the material followed her waist, giving a little bit more shelf to her ass. Even her lips, now, weren’t pouty enough.

A few blinks of her eyes and the altered women in the mirror faded away, leaving Cece looking at herself again. Turning to the candle she wondered if the spell cast on her would truly make her find herself desirable, and doubted it. She wasn’t that lucky.

With that bit of self doubt she blew out the flame, crawled into bed, and forced herself to sleep.

to be continued in PART II