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I know I said we were working backwards from newest to oldest, but for the next two I am making an exception to that order. So, without any further delay, let me bring on the ad flyer for THE MACHINE – Bride of Pin-Bot, produced in 1991 by Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

The front side;

The front page of my ad flyer for pinball machine THE MACHINE - Bride of Pin-Bot. Copyright 1991 Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

And the back;

The back page of my ad flyer for pinball machine THE MACHINE - Bride of Pin-Bot. Copyright 1991 Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

Yes, Virginia, there are sequels to pinball machines. In this case, Bride is a follow-up to Williams’ 1986 game PIN-BOT.

Right away the Heavy Metal fan in me is jumping up and down and making little claps. The art put front-and-center on the flyer is absolutely fantastic. It is beautiful, professional looking, and filled with wonderful little details (like the <- NO STEP -> on the Bride’s chest plate). The front page of the flyer grabs your attention with a detailed look at the Bride’s face and upper body (pulled from the full image that appears on the backglass), and how could you not want to know more after getting a gander at her? The “Here comes the Bride!” tagline further pushes one’s curiosity to turn over the flyer and see what’s what.

And man, the back is full of information. Almost too much. But, for now, let’s continue to appreciate the art.

On the back we can see the The Machine’s backglass, which is the full image which was partially used on the flyer’s front. Here we get to see that not only is the Bride still under construction, but she is also an enormous robotic giantess. She dwarfs the construction crews working on her. We also see that her long, smoothly forged leg – the one that’s complete – is even incorporated into how the table displays information. Planets and a space shuttle complete the background and the awesome sci-fi theme.

The sides of the table itself don’t miss any opportunity to grab attention. They’re drawn in a more comic-book style, adding variety to the machine’s artwork. The very front has some planets, a heart around the (start?) button, and a space shuttle. But the side art is the best. On the main body of the table we have a reclined image of the Bride, with her construction complete. She looks awesome. The side of the backglass has basically the same image, but her upstage arm has been added in. It looks like she’s holding a planet as if it was an apple she is about to take a bite from.

Just…so cool.

Now, let’s pause for a moment and appreciate today’s Fantasy Woman of Pinball. The Bride is kick-ass. The flyer itself describes her as, “…a woman of the 90’s. Clever, imaginative, playful – really put together.” Quite a bio. Her Metropolis-inspired bodywork is fused with a “Mack Truck” type of functional aesthetic. And my eyes can’t help but be drawn to her built-in heels. She may not be posed in any positions of power, but I still wouldn’t screw with her (especially not with Pin-Bot watching from the corner). This is, without doubt, her game. She’s everywhere on it; the backglass, the sides, and especially the table itself. She owns it, and it is clear that one doesn’t really own her; she owns you.

Something that completely surprised me, though, is that the table gives you the chance to help build and even transform the Bride!

A large part of the flyer is text (my only strike against the ad, as it has so much type I almost didn’t want to read it – but boy am I glad I did!). What it explains is that through proper ball control you can add/activate her eyes and vocal abilities. And further gameplay will let you switch her from a steel sweetie to a flesh-and-blood woman (or, at least, tranform her head)! Some of these stages of her alteration are pictured on the back of the flyer.

Personally, I know I’m a much bigger fan of human squishy-bits than metal sheets, so getting her to a human state is certainly reason enough for me to play, especially more than once since I am no Pinball Wizard. But, then again, I’m not her husband, Pin-Bot…I wonder what he thinks of such trans-species meddling of his lady.

Which is an especially scary thought since he has his own little corner of the table where he is watching the Bride very intently…

Speaking of the table, it looks crazy! Tracks – plastic and steel – crisscross the playfield. The Bride’s body itself decorates the primary area, with ramps leading to the smaller raised Pin-Bot field in the upper-right. Her transforming head also looks to be a raised arena, while a myriad of bonus-indicators and lights decorate her body. On top of that, the flyer advertises that the first ever “Billion point shot” is on the board.

Certainly something to strive for.

Ultimately, this flyer has made me want to…

Own – Honestly, I could point to a few things which, by themselves, would make me want to have this table in my house. Amazing backglass art? Check. Crazy multi-level playfield with multi-ball bonuses? Check. A sexy gynoid whose construction and metamorphosis the player can effect? Mega check! This flyer is excellent, and tells a great story while providing an amazing view of the machine – I can even see the tiny astronauts still putting the finishing touches on the Bride’s abdominal section in the playfield. The ad does have a lot of text, but it is used to describe a part of the game I would have never understood without the explanation. And it is clear that THE MACHINE – Bride of Pin-Bot deserves every opportunity to have its awesomeness sung. Every single inch of this machine seems to have been given the utmost care and detail, and the flyer does an excellent job of letting that shine through.

I know there are readers who have played this machine, so feel free to include your experiences and any details I missed or got wrong in the comments!

Honestly, I can’t believe that Williams would even consider trying to build another Pin-Bot follow-up after constructing this masterpiece.

Oh, but wait, they did! And we’ll be looking at their marketing for that one next…