Last week regular readers Catfish and WeirdArchives mentioned that there are pinball machines out there that feature unusual and fantasy-style females. Since I can’t go around buying pinball machines willy-nilly, and I already had an ad flyer (sent to arcade owners to encourage them to buy new machines) describing one such pinball table, I took their recommendations and went to eBay in search of more flyers.

I quickly discovered there are a ton of ad flyers for pinball machines that use sexy women to get a predominantly-male-customer-base’s interest, and I had to make the rule that “a sexy fantasy costume did not count as a fantasy woman.” My final selections were flyers whose females were more-than-human beyond just having a space-age or sword-and-sorcery outfit.

As the year winds down and gets busy I’ll be posting a series called Fantasy Women of Pinball (and the Arcade). It will be highlighting pinball sales flyers (and one arcade video game) that I have now collected.

As a big fan of pinball I will not just be posting scans of the flyers. I will be reviewing my opinion of the pinball tables based on how well the flyers got me interested. Basically, how well did the flyer do its job? The ads will be swaying my opinion into one of three levels;

The ad has made me want to…

Look – simply by alerting me to the existence of the table I would try to get a look at it in an arcade, but if someone else was playing I wouldn’t care. The lowest of the ranks (since I haven’t spent any quarters).

Play – the ad has portrayed the art and/or table well enough that I am legitimately interested in trying out the table if I saw it. The middle rank, since they’ll get some quarters from me.

Own – the table looks so amazing, and the ad flyer has pitched it so well, I’m sure I’d save money in the long run if I just bought it for myself. The actual table layout and ball play is the overwhelming factor here, but amazing art can make up for a merely acceptable field-of-play design. The highest rank.

Again, let’s note that I’ve never played any of the tables I am reviewing, have done no research on them, and this is purely about looking at the ad flyers themselves and asking, “Did you succeed in your goal of getting me to want to play this pinball game?”

We’ll be going from newest to oldest in production year, so please join me Monday as we begin looking at the Fantasy Women of Pinball (and the Arcade)!