I’m not sure what part of the song “Turn Me On” is actually sung by David Guetta. I had long ago picked out Nicki Minaj’s voice from the radio, but I had no idea Mr. Guetta was involved with the song until looking up the music video, on a hunch it would have something worth showcasing here, and it had his name plastered all over it.

Well, Mr. Guetta, for whatever your role, I have to say thank you.

This is a pretty damn sexy music video. I mean, having Ms. Minaj is always a good start. But if you’re a fan of gynoids, mannequins, and even people without genitalia, you’ve got a bit of magic to watch below. Enjoy.

And if that didn’t do it for you, we have a little non-TF bonus. There are a few versions of the Grand Marnier Ski commercial kicking about. This is the French-Canadian version because it has more Bikini Girl moments.

Because, you know, sometimes it’s good to just be about the sexy…