This morning Amber told me something that always surprises me;

“I’m proud of your work on your websites.”

Given that my websites generally involve me writing about  – and looking at – naked women, you can understand why I’m a bit surprised when I hear that. But as I mulled over her comment in my head I reflected on what, I feel, has been a lot of work.

A lot of work that I’m proud of, as well. Whether it is editing, organizing, researching, coordinating, or writing, I pour a lot of hours into my websites and I am quite happy with what comes of it.

Of course, everyone can see everything that I post here and what Chemiclord and Shipeng bring to EXIERN. What some of you don’t see is what is going on in the membership websites. And while I do try to keep my “pay site” pitching relegated to the right hand column, I just wanted to elaborate a little on some things I especially enjoyed this month, and the people who have made it possible.

The ESCarchive

Recently I’ve had the luck to work with artist Roc Upchurch, who some of you may know as the artist of a comic book series I really like called Vescell. So far he’s done two beautiful pieces of EXIERN‘s Tiffany and Teresa, and I look forward to more chances to make use of his great talent.

Of course, something I am more heavily involved in is my series HELD WITHIN. Drawn by the awesome W. Wondollar, it follows girlfriends Susie and Jenny who start taking revenge on those who have slighted them when Susie accidentally turns Jenny into her own personal vagenie. Since the series is based on a story I wrote, but never published, it saddens me to know it has an end. But I smile when I realized that Strip #33 (posting 12/12/12) is only the end of Chapter 1, with a lot more to go…

I am excited for another project I am working on, but will keep mum on it for now…


Since SFC isn’t tied to anything it needs to support outside itself, I’ve been able to go a little crazier in there with genres and experiments. Breast expansion, multiple limbs, inanitimates, shrinkings, giantess, and a few other things.

Of course, having no ability to draw, when I want to illustrate something I turn to CG work. This has allowed me to work on the comic GAME OF NOME (a TV show where a woman tries to guess which item will let her out of a room and wrong guesses transform her), an illustration in short story GOOD WITCH when two magical women meet to battle, and giantess sequence BIG NONO.

I’d be remiss to not mention my fanboyish excitement to have the master of CG TF comics submitting to SFC: the one and only Drake! A sexy angel has recently been added to the cast of his series 11th HELL, which will see Part 5 posted next week!

Of course, I can’t deny that my first love is hand drawn art. And prolific artists Andrea & Ale have lent their hand to many of my projects!

This month they helped me work in some much needed Mature Content to public domain Golden Age comic THE LAST HIDING PLACE!

This month would have also seen an update to the graphic adaptation of my short story INFLUX, but it ended up on hiatus while I tightened the script. In its place we put up a preview of my adaption of the Greek Myth of MINTHE, which will start posting once INFLUX wraps up.

And finally, one of my most difficult – but also most enjoyable projects – “Protie” Anne! SFC’s spokemodel has gone through quite a lot since she joined the company; she’s been a stone statue, a gleeming golden idol, trapped as a tree, a cat, grown six breasts, and recently shrunk down to six inches! And that is only part of what has happened to her! Writing her experiences, and the growing relationship between her and college intern Maggie, has been very satisfying!


And that all has just been this month!

Alright, well, thanks to everyone for indulging me. Just really needed to look at all of that in one place. Now back to writing CALI GURL PART II