A new TFWatch? Yeah, I actually had time to do one!

So, a couple recent things that caught my eye…

The cover to my copy of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #20

Now, you may look at this cover for WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #20 and say, “Oh, of course! Mystique is in the issue so we’ll have some morphing stuff!” And you would be right. But that is not why I single it out.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, recently the Phoenix Force got (highlight for SPOILER) obliterated by the Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers, which means many people who are supposed to be mutants are suddenly having their X-Genes activated. One of these new mutants is a woman named Iara Dos Santos of Brazil. She is, as Angel phrases it, something of a “wereshark.” She’s having issues controlling her transformation into, and mental mindset of, a half-woman/half-shark creature. Because of that we get plenty of great partial transformation shots, including one where the top of her bikini snaps off after she bulks up (although the mystery of whether or not weresharks have nipples is never answered because Angel is blocking the reader’s view in each panel). So, I guess that counts as a sort of side-effect breast expansion. But fans of aquatic transformations, claws, pointy teeth, and weird eyes have a lot to love about this issue.

And fans of blue-skinned ladies who can shift their form should not be disappointed. Throughout the issue Mystique transforms her arms into tentacles and blunt spiky weapons, grows giant leathery wings from her back, and stretches on finger out as a spike. Certainly a great showing of what she can really do when writers are creative.

The cover to my copy of V Magazine Issue #80 (please note, my scanner is small so I had to stitch two images together and there my be imperfections not actually part of the issue cover itself)

As much as I love Scarlett Johansson (and there is a neat interview with her in the magazine, but it lacks engaging photos), she is not the reason I recommend taking a look at Issue 80 of V Magazine. Inside is a brief and…unique interview with Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the “human Barbie” doll. The interview is a window into how this Russian beauty thinks and approaches the world, and you’ll not likely find another insight into a “living doll” anywhere else. 9 full-page images accompany the interview, the last 8 of which are in black and white. Each is of Ms. Lukyanova in a different outfit, displaying her doll-like features. I especially recommend Image 6, which is a denim bikini which looks almost painted onto her.

Other random items of note in this issue are; the Lady Gaga Fame ad on Page 27, which is a zoomed in version of her fully reclined ad that concentrates on her from the chest up and you can actually see her skin crinkling under the grip of the six tiny men trying to climb her; an image of French Renaissance woman Vanessa Paradis in a black dress that just screams “pillar of beauty” to me; and, for those who need something titillating, on Page 7 there is a Saint Lorent ad where you can see the model’s areola.

Oh, and one point about V Magazine…it is frickin’ tall. And wide. It easily stands over most things in the magazine rack, and if you know that it makes it really easy to find. But, if you need to, it is really hard to subtly carry it anywhere.