History & Humantaur

a free form poem by Dan Standing

All four of my smooth, silky legs surround you.
Your thick warm shaft pulses inside my newest pussy,
The one bent when standing; open, inviting.
My beautiful tail teasing it.
Your tongue licks the one I’ve always had,
The one that’s ached for you since our first night.
Then; your dorm room. Us; humping in secret. Giggling.
Hoping not to be heard by a passing RA.
Now; your lab. Us; embraced like never before.
Hoping a coworker doesn’t come by late at night.
Perhaps my ingestion of the nanobots was a mistake.
Perhaps, like the first time, an “innocent accident.”
Mmm…and like the first time, I love it.
My breasts; big bouncy playthings in my hands.
Nanite enhanced; jiggle as my sopping slits quiver in unison.
I gasp.
You grip harder.
We climax.
I climax again.
Now you sleep.
All four of my bare feet stick to the cold tile.
My rear pussy roasts in formerly-filled satsifaction.
My first pussy wants it.
Needs it.
Perhaps you have a male version of what has happened to me.
You do.
You sleep with your mouth open.
I watch with my eyes wide.
Soon neither pussy will be left for wanting.
Then; too loud. Caught by RA. Us; put on probation.
Worth it.
Now; we’ll see.