You Can Copy A Copy On A…

Part V

a story by Dan Standing

Rini had no idea how long she’d been on the floor when the first splash of water hit her. It wasn’t enough to wash off Rael’s seed and bring Rini’s loop of orgasms to an end, and that was not its intention. Rini was racked with yet another intense climax as a mop brushed against her – the two events were unrelated. Once the white crust was wiped from the floor all four orgasm-imprisoned women were sprayed down. It took a few minutes, but Rini finally felt her body relax into an afterglow.

Her muscles didn’t know what to do with themselves. Her toes very slowly uncurled and her back settled flat on the floor as Rini took long breaths. She’d almost lost consciousness from the pleasurable prison her body had become. She rested a hand on her forehead and collected her thoughts. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone helping up Hui. This new woman was dressed like a stereotypical French Maid, but as she turned Rini noticed  that instead of carrying around a feather duster grey feathers were actually growing from all over the woman’s hands. Although she did have fingers, they were lost amongst the fluffy feathers that gave the impression that both hands were classic dusters.

Rini did not accept the offer of assistance to stand. She did not want to be indebted to any of these rivals anymore than she had to be. As she stood, wobbly on legs that were not yet ready to hold weight, she saw that Gretchen was still convulsing on the floor. All four hands were playing madly at her breasts and slit, ass bouncing on the floor and hair splayed out around her. Rini could not spot any remaining white and her puzzled unspoken question was answered by Hui;

“She swallowed some.”

It had not occurred to Rini what the results would be if she’d ingested Rael’s seed, and wondered how long the multi-armed woman would remain in the tight embrace of orgasm. This could be a potent tool indeed. She’d have to get a bottle and track down the dick-blessed woman at some point. Rini was about to continue on in her quest to search the house when the cat woman she had earlier seen in the threesome approached her.

“You are the new addition, called Rini?”

“Yes…” she answered, suspicion hanging heavy in her voice.

“Barina wishes you to join her in her quarters.”

A chill ran up Rini’s body as she stepped into the darkened room. Although the darkness was off-putting, the chill came from passing through some sort of invisible field that kept Barina’s quarters separate from those who were not select. Thirty feet away Rini could see light casting in through another doorway and she headed towards it. The darkness parted like a curtain as Rini entered.

The room was opulent. Gold and silver decorations ran everywhere, with silk drapings hanging between them. As her bare foot stepped down onto the red surface Rini found it to be far softer than the rubber-like flooring that ran throughout the rest of the mansion. She had to shift her body to account for the looser footing, and her swinging breasts almost tumbled her face first into the down-like cushioning.

Getting her footing Rini finally looked closely at the center of the room. Barina was lying back between what looked to be two enormous beanbags. Each was a very light brown, and more material was cradling Barina’s entire body. As she approached Rini counted six women, including Barina.

She’d expected more.

One was barely more than breasts and a torso on a long fleshy tail. She had a similar skin tone to Rini, and had no arms or legs. What she did have was a long tail. Pairs of gradually smaller breasts ran from under her top most Barina-sized pair all the way to the tip of her tail, where they were little more than a pair of nipples. They moved her like the stubby legs of some sort of breast caterpillar…a titterpillar? She was completely bald, and her face was buried deep in Barina’s pussy.

Two more women were suckling on their mistress’ breasts. One had long red hair that flowed over her shoulders. And that was almost all she had. Her body ended not far under her arm pits – there was only enough torso for her breasts to hang like pendulums beneath her. Four arms – two situated where they should be and two reversed behind them – held her up like an erotic bar stool.

The woman at Barina’s other breast had a full body, with all her limbs where they should be. But Rini could see an enormous rock-hard cock bouncing up and down across her ass cheeks – she’d grown a penis for a short tail!

Beneath the women suckling Barina were two more women, each flipped around so that 69s between them and the breast-suckers could have been easily started. Their legs wrapped around either Barina or the woman above them. Each was frantically lapping away at the wet slits above them, as fluid dripped down onto their faces. One’s tongue had been reformed to be a large green rubber dildo. The other’s nose was a more natural looking dick, which was jammed inside her pleasuremate’s rear while her mouth tended to the drooling pink lips.

Rini had no idea how Barina could have possibly been aware enough to know someone had entered the room, but the sexually tended woman did open her eyes and beckon her newest girl to approach. As Rini got closer the other women were waved off, and they moved to the side of the unusual bed with visible disappointment. But it wasn’t long before they were in a tight ball of orgy.

As Rini approached she realized there was one woman who hadn’t left Barina’s side; the bed. The closer she got the more she could see that Barina was reclined in an enormous pussy. She was soaked and slicked in bubbling vaginal juices, the labia gently pressed along Barina’s sides with her back and head resting on a massive clit and hood. The giant cushions on either side were actually massive breasts, the nipples resting on the floor. Rini could see no head or limbs. Perhaps this was all this particular girl was now.

Stepping softly atop the enormous flap of flesh Rini climbed into the vagina bed with Barina. It was amazingly soft and warm, and held their bodies close. The natural fluids quickly covered Rini’s skin, allowing the two of them to rub and hump against each other with no risk of abrasion.

“You have this one night with me alone,” Barina whispered, running her hand along Rini’s cheek and outlining every curve of the woman’s body down to her flushed and hard clit, “Think well on what you’d like to please me with.”

Mmmmmm… hummed Rini’s mind as tongues, arms, and legs intertwined. She wanted to be in this room all the time, desired by every one of Barina’s lovers. But she had no interest in pleasuring them. They could lick her sweet pussy, but as Barina’s hand gripped and slapped her breasts Rini knew only Barina should be allowed to play with her tits. She didn’t want to lift a single finger for anyone else. Rini steeled herself to this idea as she felt her first orgasm coming. Just an exclusive toy for my Mistress…all others lapping at my pussy…desired…

Rini’s first orgasm rolled instantly into a second, then a third, and a fourth, and finally her mind started to white out and she lost consciousness.

Suddenly her eyes were open. Rini was staring up at the ceiling. She tried to blink or look around but could not – her vision was locked straight up.

What the Hemmmm… She’d tried to speak but could not, and as she became aware of herself she felt the most pleasant feeling running through her. It started at her breasts…no, in them. A full buzzing pulsing pushing at the interior of her core as if trying to escape from her bosom. Although it was an intense erotic warmth, Rini could tell her tits were actually very cold.

She could sense this chill running through her body, escaping out her pussy. She was dripping down there, something glorious – and cold – trickling from her slit. Her back and arms were flat to the floor, but her legs were bent so her ass was raised up. She could sense that her knees were splayed wide from each other, giving anyone looking a very good view of her twat.

But she still couldn’t move.

Why can’t I – OH! Again Rini’s thoughts were interrupted by pleasure, this time it was the sensation of someone licking greedily at her slit. She could feel the tongue lapping away at every drip coming from within her, while something thick and somewhat stiff tapped over her mons and lower belly. She’d orgasmed thrice over before her attendant ceased. Rini could hear the mystery person stand and begin to walk by, and as she passed the reclined woman saw that it was the girl with a dick for a nose.

What is going on? Rini finally got out a complete thought, and as if summoned Barina appeared over her.

“Hello Rini, you’ve certainly done a number on yourself,” she smiled, looking up and down the very form that Rini could not see.

What have you done to me?!

“Oh, I’ve not done anything to you, and yes, I did read your thoughts,” Barina smiled as she paced her way around her immobile toy, certain to keep her big-grinning face in view, “What happened is that last night my blessing looked deep inside you and found what you wanted most. Well, wanted most for me. Now, I don’t know what that is, but you clearly didn’t want to do much around here except get your tits and clit licked. You’re sort of like a big metal frosty machine. Your body has been mostly turned to…stainless steel? Except your breasts. They’re two big glass globes and I can see the glorious green slush moving around inside. And if I do this…”

OHHHH! Exploded in Rini’s head as Barbara bent down and clasped a glass nipple in her mouth. Rini’s teat felt like it was becoming ice cold as it let loose a spurt of slush into Barina’s mouth. The mistress let go and stood up, licking the melting bits of green liquid from her lips.

“…I can have some. Certainly a surprising outcome. And it seems everyone else needs to lick it from between your legs, it won’t release from your breasts for anyone but me. Not that they mind bowing to your steel slit. Isn’t that right, Zetri?”

OH! OH! OH! Once again Rini’s mind was wracked with pleasure as a tongue expertly lapped at her pussy, licking all of the green crystals as they flowed down from her breasts and dripped out her pussy. Almost every lick seemed to crash a climax onto Rini, her brain almost unable to take it. Finally the ministrations stopped and Rini’s mind began to clear again.

“Everyone who has a taste seems to want more, even me. It’s a great energy booster. So, whatever you wanted, I hope this was it, because it truly is it for you. This is your eternity. I’m going to turn off my link to you now, so…enjoy yourself, my little snow cone maker!”

No no no! Rini thought-gasped as Barina walked away. She wanted to move, wanted to jump up and suck on Barina’s breasts. But she couldn’t, nothing would budget. It was terrible, it was torture, it was-

Another tongue – this one feeling long, thick, and rubbery – plowed into Rini’s pussy. Again her thoughts were crushed with orgasms. Long, infuriating ones that would not let her touch anything, gasp, or scream. And it seemed that as soon as one of Barina’s fuck slaves were done lapping at her lower lips another one would arrive before Rini could make heads or tails of herself.

And that’s how it would be. Rini would ever more be a frigid fixture in Barina’s bedroom, with every other woman who wanted an extra burst of energy lapping at her lower lips. And every once in a while Barina herself would drink from her steel woman’s glass tits.

And all would be well.