Howdy all,

I love doing reviews, and will continue to do them. I just wanted to get some feedback from people; is there anything I could start (or stop) doing that would make them more helpful? I certainly like the way I do them (summary, verdict, explanation) but would be open to hearing what people think. I can’t guarantee I will make use of a suggestion, but if it can help mold my articles in a positive way I will always consider it!

I would like to stress that I will not include scans of interiors. I do covers and try my best to review the interior material because I want to encourage the purchase of transformation-themed work (both old and new), and I hope these things help someone determine if it is a purchase that is worth it to them. It helps creates a market, and when there’s a market people will sell to it. The bigger the market the more people will produce for it. That means more TF material available for everyone, and I think that’s a good thing.

Anways, thanks for reading!