This ended up being a pretty short review, and for one primary reason; sometimes covers lie. And they don’t always mean to. Sometimes they’re just meant to be a visual interpretation of the interior’s theme. Which is why we sometimes get such beautiful artwork as;

The cover to my copy of Strips #6

Sadly, the interior of Chuck Austen’s STRIPS #6 has nothing to do with tiny women perched on penii. The first page does illustrate a giantess sucking on a tiny man’s cock, but there ends any transformation themed part of this book…unless you count the figurative little dick man with arms and legs stomping on a heart to illustrate the difference of Love vs. Lust. But these images are not really indicative of, or related to, the actual goings on in the issue.

Yeah, the cover may be a bit misleading regarding what Issue #6 literally contains, but figuratively it is spot on. The story is predominantly about a guy and two girls sitting in a dorm room talking about what each one prefers when it comes to sex.

And it is awesome.

If you’ve ever been a young person first off to college during that period when you realize you can talk about whatever you want but still don’t have the courage to act on it, then you’ll immediately recognize the charge that runs through this issue. The main character is Zack, who opens the issue by describing a young man’s obsession with sex. This gives us a great pair of pages primarily filled with breasts and uncensored female nudity, but be aware there is plenty of PHALLUS WARNING in this issue (and even on the back cover). If you have a thing for X-Ray vision nudity there is even a panel for you – whichever gender you prefer.

After those first two pages we spends 95% of the issue with Zack and his lady friends Kenna and Lee, as they lay about what looks to be a dorm room discussing sex and other life events. Mr. Austen expertly writes Kenna’s innocent-sounding – but very directed – flirting.  While Lee is quick to notice Kenna’s intentions Zack, thanks to his ironically and unconsciously repressed hormones, is oblivious. I’d love to delve further into their enjoyable back-and-forth but I couldn’t possibly summarize any of the material in any satisfactory way.

Plus, none of it has to do with the theme of my blog. Which quickly leads us to;

THE FINAL VERDICT: If you only collect comics for transformations or other related material this issue has little to offer you, but if you enjoy beautiful nudity and a sexually charged story featuring amazing art don’t hesitate to pick up STRIPS #6.

Please do not interpret the brevity of this review as a mark against the quality. It is short only because I don’t have any transformation stuff to discuss beyond the cover and the very first page.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t recommend STRIPS #6. Even though the first two pages contain almost all of the book’s nudity I didn’t even realize it. Side boob, underboob, and other bits are teased to the reader as they are teased to Zack. Honestly, I was entranced by the mood Mr. Austen created, and the honest portrayal of conversations the likes of which I can recall having in college. Combine that with amazing and sexy art and great panel layouts and you have a real winner – black-and-white be damned as I had no issue loving and appreciating the layers of thought put into how this comic looks. Some may think the characters are too “cartoony” but I think they perfectly capture the innocent sexuality that this story is dependent on.

I don’t know what more I can say other than that I’m already seeking out other issues from the series. Even if no tiny women are actually crouching on cocks it is still sexy and fun. And sometimes that is all you need.