You Can Copy A Copy On A…

Part IV

a story by Dan Standing

Rini spent the entire ride to Barina’s mansion seated on the limo’s floor. She alternated hands inside the folds of Gretchen’s drenched pussy. During this time the rise of Rini’s libido was only matched by her frustration. The writhing duplicate bodies, with sweat and moaning dripping from the bench seat, held Rini’s attention steadfast. She could only watch six arms grope, slide, and grip the entwined flesh, for every time she attempted to get a feel of Barina one of the many hands would slap her away.

That was not acceptable.

Eventually the limo stopped, and Rini was temporarily blinded by the light which bled in through the opened rear door. The driver, Hui, was visible through the open portal. Rini could see the Asian features of her face, and the hat nestled atop her ebony hair. But everything below the neck was what dropped the passenger’s jaw.

Of course Hui had Barina’s body…the same curvy and delicious body Rini and Gretchen sported. But what differed was how it was adorned. Instead of Hui wearing her chauffeur’s outfit, it seemed as if it was painted on…no, tattooed…no…it was simply the tone of her skin. The jacket, the collared shirt, and the tie flowed down her arms and covered her free swinging breasts. A design of gloves covered the backs and palms of her hands, even coloring her nails. A seem of pants followed the lines of her legs, where it stopped at the top of an image of black driver’s boots that rose up halfway along Hui’s calves. Although much of it looked to be real fabric, it was all only an impression across her skin. Big hard nipples pushed up overlapped with the gold circles of buttons. Even the lips of her pussy bore the design of stitching. Rini realized it was enough of a design that in traffic, through tinted windows, it would take a good long look to realize the woman wasn’t clothed.

“We have arrived,” Hui said, paying Rini no attention and speaking directly to the writhing bodies on the seat. With the breeze of fresh air Rini realized how badly the limo’s interior smelled of sex. As Hui got a good wiff of it her body made it clear that she’d badly wanted to be a part of its production.

“Thank you, Hui,” Barina spoke up as she extracted herself from Gretchen. Twenty fingers stretched and attempted to remain on Bossom’s skin as she pulled away. Barina’s bald pussy passed by temptingly close to Rini’s face, but she resisted trying to take a lick for fear of upsetting Barina. Completely naked the woman in charge stepped out of the limo without pause, taking Hui in her arms and pulling her in close for a deep kiss. Even though Rini had just watched a pair of Barina’s bodies pressed tightly together, she could not resist once again watching each melon-sized breast mash against another, as hands gripped at backs and asses. The strange design of Hui’s skin made it all the more exotic, and Rini noted that the driver seemed a few inches taller than her mistress.

Gretchen and Rini exited the limo when summoned. Getting a good look at the driver Rini noticed that Hui’s feet had been reformed to resemble the boots emblazoned across her calves. A thick black heel grew down from the back of her foot, bumping her up three inches. Adding to the strangeness was that she had no discernible toes. They had grown together as a single piece of flesh at the end of each foot to better resemble the look of a boot’s pointed toe.

The next thing Rini took note of was her new home. Surrounded by a stone wall at least twenty feet tall was a large, expansive, mansion. It was shaped like an H, with an enormous pillared entrance before them and three-story wings branching off. Looking down at the black driveway her bare feet stood upon, Rini was surprised to find the material was slightly spongy. Peering behind her Rini could not see where the drive exited the property; it was actually a circle looping back to the building’s entrance. She could discern no break in the wall to indicate a gate. Other than the driveway all that sat outside the building was the greenest grass Rini had ever seen.

“Hui, Gretchen, go inside and enjoy the others,” Barina smiled, and the two women bounded off towards the giant double doors hand-in-hand, “I have to show our newest guest around.”

“Welcome to Bossom Barrows,” Barina smiled at Rini, swinging her arm towards the mansion.

“Did your ‘blessing’ get you this as well?” Rini asked, stepping up alongside her mistress. She tried to ‘accidentally’ brush one bloated breast against Barina’s, but the other woman shifted away.

“Not entirely. Much of my own money went towards the original property and structure. But the building has been enhanced. There are 43 women who live here already. You are 44. You should know that right now there are only 4 bedrooms.”

Rini gulped. The thought of sharing any intimate space with anyone other than Barina was unacceptable. She would find a way to be in Barina’s bedroom this night.

“What are the rest of the rooms?”

“Nicely padded…” Barina’s grin stretched even further as she started to approach the mansion. Rini quickly followed after, the pads of her naked feet pressing softly into the material below her with each step.

As they entered the structure warm, moist, heavy air met Rini. She knew that scent. It was the same as the limo, but on an enormous scale. The entrance room was tall, and although the floor looked like marble it had the same soft sponginess as the drive. It was clear that the entire complex had been designed for comfortable sex anywhere, at any time. Four women with Barina’s body were writhing on the floor. Gretchen and Hui were two of them, not having made it more than twenty feet inside the building before making a foursome.

One of the other two women was an exact duplicate of Barina, except for her deep ebony skin. The other had a slightly plumper face with a freckled complexion, and a long hard cock was growing down from the dripping folds of her pussy. Rini realized the woman’s clit had been turned into a giant fleshy phalus. It was mostly inside of Gretchen, their hips pulling back and ramming against each other. Female lubricant was spraying the floor, mostly from the endowed woman’s open and unattanded snatch. Her ass was the only other thing that differed from Barina’s, being much rounder.

“That is Georgina. She didn’t start out with that skintone. The other girl, the one with the phaux dick, is Rael. She had always enjoyed using the strap on, now she has a much more intimate toy. And the best part is-”

“Oh, yes!”Rael suddenly creamed out, Hui’s face also contorting as she orgasmed in synchronization. The cock girl’s hips started bucking much more intensely, and Hui was shaking uncontrollably. The Asian woman’s face was contorted tightly from her orgasm, and she suddenly threw herself off of Rael’s equipment. As she did so thick white creme poured out of them both. As the copulating girls separated both spread Rael’s seed onto Georgina, Gretchen, and the floor. The splashed girls immediately stopped their own play and cried out. Intense orgasms had clearly taken them, and their own fluids sprayed onto the floor.


“Yes,” Barina replied to Rini’s monosyllabic reaction, “Rael’s ass acts as balls, storing up a special white concoction until she bursts. It won’t get you pregnant, but it causes anyone who touches it to have an instant body-dropping orgasm. It lasts for as long as someone is in contact with her seed. Doesn’t work on Rael, of course, or else the poor girl would never eat. I’d watch where you step around here until Brook has a chance to clean things up and wash the other three off. Now, come along.”

Carefully the two women made their way around the four panting women and their mess, leaving them sprawled on the floor as Barina led Rini into the next room. Rini could not deny her interest in Rael’s cock, a lingering aspect of her actual heterosexuality, but she could not keep her eyes off Barina’s swaggering ass as they moved on. Her agreement to Option Three had well effected her sexuality.

The next room was much more of a harem style space. Luxurious silk quilts and pillows covered the expanse from wall to wall. Open doorways led off into what looked like a kitchen, a hallway, and a darkened room Rini couldn’t see far into. Tapestries covered in artistic interpretations of Barina’s body hung from the ceiling and walls.

Five women were spread out across the room. Three of them were lying on their sides in a tempting triangle, each with their head between the thighs of the next. Unlike the four in the previous room who were going at each other at a frantic pace, these three were calmly lapping at each other’s lower lips. Every now and then a coo of satisfaction wafted from them. One seemed like a normal copy of Barina. For the most part the second looked the same, except it was clear that her lower body was covered so tightly by pantyhose they seemed to act as a second skin, blending into the woman’s flesh aorund her hips. The third had the ears and tail of a cat growing from her. She was purring.

In the corner were two more women. One was lying still on her back, legs spread, arms splayed to the sides, eyes wide open. It took a moment for Rini to realize she had been turned into a realistic silicone Barina sex doll. The woman next to her was bent over as far as she could go, a long tongue stretching the distance from her mouth to her crotch and lapping at her own pussy.

“You know, I think you’d all have much more fun if you did personal introduction. As you can see, Rini, one’s unique purpose can have quite a range of possibilities.”

Rini continued to stare for a moment before finally speaking up.

“And they’re as horny for you as I am?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then how come they haven’t all jumped up and tackled you? You’d never fight them all off. It’s all I can do to resist your orders.”

“I can’t pleasure them all constantly. So those who are not in my favor have no choice but to sate themselves with each other. By my order. You should be fully under that…change of mind by tomorrow. Now, you’ll have to excuse me. There are a few girls who should have my undivided attention. Feel free to explore any of the other rooms and pleasure whomever you come across.”

Barina’s words were light and flippant, as if mocking Rini and her new situation. She quickly sauntered across the room and into the darkened doorway, which Rini found she could not cross nor see further into. She turned and looked around the room. Her pussy was literally dripping in want…she could hear her fluid tapping onto the floor. She considered approaching one of the mobile nymphomaniacs in the room for some quick licks to her lips, but figured she’d have to pleasure them back.

Her tongue only had a taste for Barina.

Rini squeezed her thighs together and tried to concentrate. She needed to figure out how she could become one of Barina’s favored. Somewhere in this house there had to be some clue. Something to win favor for her, or bring disfavor to the others. She just needed to keep her legs closed and her mind clear. Soon enough she’d be the staple of Barina’s bed, with everyone else lining up to pleasure her sweet slit.

Walking past the moaning threesome Rini figured she’d start in the front room, taking note of everything and everyone she could before pushing further into the rest of the mansion. Every bit of information could be of use. As she entered the entryway Rini saw Gretchen, Hui, and Georgina were still on the floor. And still cumming. Their bodies were covered in Rael’s juices thanks to their unceasing convulsing and rolling around on the floor. But Rael was nowhere to be seen.

Rini started to walk to the side in order to give the sticky mess a wide berth. As she did so she looked down and noticed footprints; Rael’s footprints, from when she’d finally gotten up and left the other three women helpless to their orgasms. Looking over to the trio of quivering bodies Rini grinned for a moment. The vision of Barina’s duplicated forms covered in drying seed and shaking their glorious assets was further inflaming her loins. The contrast between the white stickiness and Georgina’s ebony skintone was especially titilating. But that was not what had set her smiling.

If she could collect some of Rael’s goo it could be a useful way of getting someone out of her way for a time. As she formulating her plot to use this to her advantage Rini could not deny part her desperately wanted to put aside her mission and find release like what Hui, Gretchen, and Georgina were experiencing. But she stayed steadfast, clenching her thighs as best she could, and continued her path around them.

It was then that Rini felt her foot come down on something sticky and damp. She looked down and realized that she’d stepped on a small splatter of cum – some that had perhaps dripped from the tip of Rael’s dick as she left. But that was all the time she had to muse on it, because after that moment the orgasm burst through her.

“Oh…GOD!” Rini cried out as she dropped to the floor, her legs little more than limp noodles thanks to the overwhelming orgasm that gripped her. The climax was so strong no less than a cup of Rini’s own fluids splattered out from her slit, soaking her thighs and creating a puddle across the soft floor. As her body bucked she felt her skin roll into Rael’s footprints and other drips, the spunk sticking to her skin. As her first orgasm finished its peak Rini screamed in defiance and ecstasy as a second took hold. She had things to do, plots to put into motion, but her body would not listen. She was trapped in a loop of mind-shattering pleasure, flopping around gasping like a fish enjoying its own suffocation. And she’d be there until someone finally came and hosed off the four helpless women.

to be continued…