You Can Copy A Copy On A…

Part III

a story by Dan Standing

Rini just sat staring at the hand that was extended towards her. She could not believe that she’d been serving Barina Bossom and didn’t recognize her. Rini had never been a particular fan, but this woman across the table from her was a celebrity whose face she did know.

And body.

Her delicate, smooth, red-polished hand was still hanging in the air over the table. Rini put out her own identical arm and hand and grasped. As she did so a small shudder washed through her body, converging at her slick slit. If she thought her previous moistness was high her slit was now working over time.

“I’m…I’m Rini…” she said quietly, taking back her hand. She squirmed in her seat.

“Oh, I’m well aware of who you are. That’s why I’m here.”

Rini almost didn’t hear the response. She wasn’t sure why her eyes suddenly could not resist taking in all of Barina, at least all that was visible above the table. Rini had never been so interested in a woman before. Her round face, complete with plump lips and button nose, was beautiful. She wanted those lips on her nipples, the tongue lapping between her legs. Those breasts were overflowing from a small red tank top. Like Rini’s they practically rested on the table. They were contained in a bra, but the enormous nipples were still creating visible bumps. Visible bumps that certainly must taste wonderful…

Rini shook her head, quickly reorganizing her thoughts.

“Why are you here? What’s happened to me? Why do I look like you? How did I not-”

Rini’s questions were silenced by a wave of Barina’s hand. The waitress put her own hand to a throat that was no longer pushing out air.

“Sorry, I should have phrased that better. We don’t really have much to ‘discuss’ so much as I have much to tell you,” the mysterious woman smiled, one hand casually dragging a finger along the upper curve of her right breast.

Rini, of course, was quiet. And inexplicably jealous of that finger.

“Believe it or not, while I’ve never gone under the knife I didn’t always have a body like this. I was once like you. Well, like you were yesterday. My body was as sexy as a stick and I was so wrapped up in thinking that that was the reason my life was horrible that I never did anything to make it better.”

The silent woman didn’t exactly agree with the summary of her life outlook, but of course could not say anything about it.

“Then, one day, I stumbled across…let’s say a blessing. And suddenly I had a body that I thought was attractive. That everyone would find attractive. And I used this body to get everything I thought I was missing out on. I gained fame by posing nude. I gained fans by acting. And both brought me money. And I thought I was happy.”

Fuck, I’d be happy! That was MY plan… thought Rini. Again her eyes poured over Barina’s body, and part of her wished she could see more of her bare skin. She shook the shocking thought away. She didn’t think of women like this. But there was no denying the growing pool of liquid between her thighs.

“Honestly, though, I never wanted any of that. I just had to get it out of my system. Once that was done I discovered that I’d created a body I couldn’t deny wanting to fuck. It was all I really wanted to do. I bought all sorts of toys and mirrors expecting to spend the rest of my life masturbating to my own reflection. And then, when I went to retire, I discovered my agent had been secretly stealing thousands of dollars from me. So I manipulated the…blessing…to turn her into an exact duplicate of me that I could really enjoy.”

That finally snapped Rini’s attention fully to the story being told.

“But, you know, people talk if you suddenly start showing up places with an insatiably horny identical twin. And since all I really wanted was to be endlessly fucked senseless by me I withdrew from public life.”

No one guessed that was the reason… Rini recalled the rumors that had circulated when Barina Bossom had disappeared from the media spotlight. Now she knew none of them had been true.

“Of course, it’s human nature to want more and to desire a level of unpredictability, so soon Rhea’s reliable tongue wasn’t enough. And that begins the stage of my life which has lead me here. You may speak now, but don’t make me have to silence you again for stupid questions.”

Rini sat a moment, not truly certain she could vocalize if she wanted to. After a moment of thought she asked, “Why are you here?”

“An excellent question,” Barina smiled, leaning back in her seat, “You see, even though I’ve not been knowingly seen in public for so long many people still write to me. Often more than once. It’s great because it helps me identify women who I should pay a visit to. For example, I have a number of very nice emails from a certain cook who works here talking about a waitress that abuses the patrons and makes his life miserable.”

“Vizio?” Rini asked, turning to look towards the kitchen. It was then she noticed that everything beyond the table had the same fuzziness to it she’d seen cast over Barina earlier.

“Don’t mind the fog, it’s a side effect of the blessing that lets me move about in public when I want. But yes, the poor man had quite a bit to say about you. So I stopped by yesterday to see if it it was all true.”

Rage momentarily boiled up inside Rini’s chest, but then she realized she wouldn’t have such a large chest if it hadn’t been for the conniving cook.

“I guess you know about all the things I did yesterday?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then why….how come I’ve been…blessed?” Rini asked. She could feel her juices had soaked through her skirt and were sticking her to the seat.

“Oh, who said you had?” Barina grinned, leaning over and letting her perky pink pools practically pour onto the table. For a moment Rini’s mind was lost within the cleavage.

“Then…why do I have your body?”

“Oh well, I think we mean two different things by “blessed.” You see, I know that some people are like I was. We’re miserable and mean because we lack what we think we deserve, and when we get that we make the best of it and become a better version of ourselves.”

Rini wasn’t sure how accurate Barina had self-assessed.

“But then there are those like…well, like you. Who, when they get what they feel they deserve they don’t improve, or learn, or realize how they’d been acting. Instead, they spite fuck someone and flick off a bunch of people who have never done anything to her.”

Despite the heat in her loins Rini’s blood ran cold.

“Now, once I’ve found someone and given them my body, there are three possible outcomes. The first is that the person decides they want to go back the way they were. More than a few have chosen that, and their body changes back gradually over the course of a few hours. They never see me again. The second option is that they get to keep the body and live however they like, if they agree to meet me once a month and arrange for some fun that is a true surprise for me.”

After finishing her last sentence Barina’s grin took a sinister turn. Rini was afraid to ask, but she knew she had to; “What’s the third option?”

“Well,” the red-head replied with a look that betrayed the satisfaction she was getting from her little game, “The third option is that the woman gets to keep my body, but she has to come live with me full time, finds me helplessly attractive, dedicates herself to a life of luxury pleasuring me, and accepts a unique purpose that will be based on her specific desires.”

Rini blinked a few times. “Let me guess, I get the third choice?”

“Hey, I’m not a monster! It’s not a choice if you only get one option,” Barina spoke up, looking like she had been wounded from Rini’s words, “You’ve clearly only used my body to seek revenge and be mean, so I revoke the second choice from your selection. But the other two remain. And I need an answer right now; do you want your own body back, or do you accept a life of pleasure and luxury in my estate with my rules?”

Rini almost answered immediately. ‘The first option’ was just milliseconds from leaving her mouth. She’d never put up with someone being the boss of her, why do so now? But a voice of doubt rang up before she could speak; even with full freedom was her old life and body really a better choice?

After all, she’d just fucked someone she hated and guaranteed herself unemployment. Her apartment was a hovel. She spent what little money she had on getting wasted, being a cock tease, and hating…everything! This is where freedom and choice had led her. And choosing the first option meant she’d be going back to even less.

What was so bad about the other choice, anyway? How was it any different than if she’d dedicated herself to being the classic Housewife; home all the time, expected to satisfy the breadwinner, all needs provided for? She was turning down the option to no longer work, deal with rent, or even food shop!

But was it worth…

“I…” Rini spoke up before she could get lost in what was really an endless consideration of pros and cons, “I…choose the last option. I’ll go with you.”

“Excellent!” Barina exclaimed, bouncing up from the table. Rini found her attention glued to the swinging bosom that had given Barina her name. It turned her on even more, and now Rini knew why. As the recluse stood a lycra mini skirt was revealed that matched her top, and tiny red heels adorned her feet. “Come along then, poor Gretchen and Hui have been in the limo for quite a while.”

It felt as if Rini hadn’t stood up on her own her body would have done it for her. Her thighs pealed away from the booth seat, rivers of fluid dripping down her thighs. Whether or not anyone could see her Rini was embarrassed by it. She followed Barina out of the diner, eyes locked to her amazing spandex-encased ass. Once outside the busty women turned and went into an alleyway that concealed a long black limo.

Barina opened the door and stuck her head in, saying, “Alright you two, time to get to work. No not that work.” Over the roof of the vehicle Rini heard a door open, and she looked across to see a woman with Asian facial features exit the back of the car. Her body was out of view. As she moved to the front she placed on a chauffeur’s cap.


Rini’s attention was drawn back to Barina, who was outside the vehicle and addressing her.


“Strip. You won’t need that outfit where we’re going. Of course, you can keep on the heels.”

Rini looked around. She loved this body, but she’d never been publicly nude before. Her face flushed at the thought.

“Strip, and you can touch me,” Barina smiled.

At the very thought of placing a hand on Barina’s skin Rini almost let out a little whimper, her knees going weak for a second. She could feel her pussy pulse with a need that Rini could not resist. She practically tore the clothes from her body, discarding them wherever they fell. She stepped forward, hands outreached towards Barina, when the dominant woman shifted a shoulder towards her.

“You my place two fingers on my shoulder.”

Rini stopped. She wanted more. She wanted to grab those breasts, slap that ass, suck on those…

“Do it now or you get nothing.”

The dripping woman quickly put the middle and pointer finger of her right hand on Barina’s shoulder. As skin met a wave of sexual energy ran from fingertips straight to slit, and Rini’s legs practically fell from under her. She almost toppled over, her left hand bracing herself on the limo.

“You better expect to clean that once we get back,” Barina grinned as she disappeared into the vehicle, “Come along now.”

As she got into the limo Rini pushed into her pussy the two digits that had been against Barina’s shoulder. As if on cue Barina added, “None of that until I say.”

Rini would have stopped whether or not she’d been ordered to. Because she could not believe what she saw in the back of the limo.

Another woman with Barina’s body was in the back of the car. This woman’s head had a classically Swedish look to it, with a long blond ponytail coming off either side of her scalp. She was reclined along one section of the limo’s seats, squirming in sexual need. Her thighs were glistening evidence of how horny she was. Her perfect tits rolled and shifted as her body undulated.

This really didn’t surprise Rini. What was shocking was that this woman had four arms, all of which were doing their best to keep her titillated.

Barina had been watching for the reaction, and was grinning.

“This is Gretchen. She was another Option Three taker. When it came time for her unique purpose it was revealed she couldn’t decide whether she liked groping my ass or my tits more and, well, problem solved!”

She’s been…I can be changed more? ran through Rini’s head as she watched Barina become wrapped up in Gretchen’s awaiting limbs, which stripped the top and skirt from her. As the limo started moving both women were moaning and clearly cumming. Rini’s unattended twat couldn’t take it, and she crawled across the floor of the limo. Before she could put a hand on Barina’s leg the woman ordered, “You haven’t earned it yet, Rini. But maybe if you pleasure Gretchen’s pussy you’ll have your chance later.”

Disappointment sank Rini’s heart. She didn’t want to touch some other bitch. Only the real Barina would satisfy her. But she didn’t dare violate Barina’s orders.

She never specified how…Rini thought, snaking her hand through the writhing legs until she found Gretchen’s soaked pussy. Two fingers easily found her clit, while Rini’s thumb teased at the actual entrance of Gretchen’s canal.

Just wait until we get there…Rini plotted, absently squeezing at the multi-armed woman’s pussy, Then I’ll show them all what the new pecking order is. I’ll have them lapping at MY pussy sooner than they realize!

to be continued…