If you’ve ever read one of those “guy wishes for extreme wealth than starts turning women into golden statues” stories, I now know what his dining room probably looks like.

I am a big fan of many of Ms. Minaj’s songs, but this one doesn’t do much for me. However, if this gets your attention;

Found on dailymail.co.uk

…then maybe you’ll want to skip to 1:35 in the music video below. At that point a (shirtless) Rick Ross starts rapping while seated at the end of a long dining room table. While he does this, behind him appears to be a conveyor belt along which frozen golden statues of Nicki Minaj are traveling (of course it is the talented songstress in body paint and gold bikinis). There are a variety of held poses that go by, each one seemingly unique. And many could perfectly represent someone being surprised by a golden transformation.

Unfortunately, full body shots are EXTREMELY brief, and most of what can be seen is only visible over Mr. Ross’ shoulders as he raps. But still, it seems a surprisingly accurate representation of how I think 90% of wish-empowered gold-TF themed stories would probably end.